The Journey
By Belletiger

Chapter 1- the death and the life.

Ash and his group were very happy when they got an invitation from Cynthia herself to go to the Sinjoh Ruins. After the Sinnoh pokemon league was over, Ash, Dawn and Brock decided to go to the ruins with Cynthia as their last adventure before the group separate to their own way. They were amazing with how the ancient people of Sinnoh and Jotho did the temple inside of the ruins. But their fun was ruined when J came to the ruins. She wanted revenge on Ash and his friends for ruining her airship and her hunts. She laughs crazily was as she actives bombs she had sat up all the place. The Champion and the young trainers tried to run as the explosion makes the cave to collapse.


Brock coughed as he pushed some rocks off him. He looked around to see if the others were ok.

"Cynthia. Dawn. Ash. Where are you? Are you ok?"

Then, Brock saw Cynthia helping Dawn to be in her feet. Brock noticed that Dawn had broken her leg from the impact of the explotion. Since Brock didn't have any bad injuries he got up as they stared to look for Ash, hoping he was alright. Then, they heard Pikachu crying out, horrified. Brock, Cynthia and Dawn rushed where Pikachu's voice was coming from. When they arrived, they all gasped in pure horror on what they saw: Ash was lying down in the ground, with his right side of his body being crushed by a huge rock.

Pikachu and Dawn were crying as Brock was trying to move the rock out, but without any success. Ash coughed blood as he looked at Brock.

"Brock stop…It's useless….." Ash said weakly.

"Ash, thank god you're conscious." Dawn said refilled to see her friend to be still being alive.

"Don't talk Ash," Cynthia said to the young trainer " Try to save your energy, I already called the rescue."

Ash couldn't help but chucking softly. He knew Cynthia was trying to give some hope for them, but he knew it would be too late for him when the rescue comes there. He couldn't feel his right side anymore and he was getting cold and sleepy, which was a the sign he will not wake up anymore.

"Brock….. please…. tell to my mother I love her very much and… I washed … underwear everyday." Ash said softly, already feeling his life force was leaving his body.

"Don't say this!" Brock snapped, "You will survive from this! You survived from worse situations!

Brock was remembering all the times that Ash putted himself in danger to protect legendary pokemon and also almost dying from a battle between ranging legendary pokemon. A tear rolled down from his left eye as his hand reached to Pikachu as he petted his head.

"I am very sorry….Pikachu."

Ash's eye closed as his body went limp, unable to hear the cries of his pokemon, Brock, Dawn and Cynthia.


A few days later, Ash's body was buried at Pallet Memorial cemetery. Delilah was crying ever since she heard her only child had died. Pallet Town was now in tears when they lost their young trainer. All Ash's pokemon were devasted, but the ones who took harder from his death were Pikachu, bayleaf and Infernape. They never left Ash's tomb, the only moment they leave the tomb was to eat, but they always return to their fallen trainer. Gary- Ash's beast friend and rival tried to convice the pokemon to leave but everything was in vain. With the permission of the priests, Gary did a small house near of the cemetary to protect the pokemon from the weather , that way to make the 3 pokemon being as close as they could to their trainer. Gary swears in the front of Ash's tomb that he would take care of his pokemon, making sure they would be happy as long as he lives.


At the Sinjoh Ruins, Arceus, the creator of the universe saw a soul of a young boy hugging his kneed. The great pokemon could feel the soul's solitude.

"Ash…" Arceus called the soul's name softly.

The young soul looked at up and saw the pokemon before him. More tears were coming out from his eyes, but this time from relief.

"A-Arceus….? Is that really you?" Ash got up as he slowly walked towards to the great pokemon. He hugged one of Arceus' leg and he stared to sob. "I know I am dead but…. but…. I couldn't leave this place for some reason. It was like a barrier is blocking my way out here."

Arceus looked softly to the one who saved him. He knew Ash has a strong heart but he was still a fragile spirit. Being alone for a few days was hard to him, especially dying in a way so brutally.

"Sometimes, when a living being dies in a tragedy way like you did, sometimes the soul is trapped in place where the living had died."Arceus explained this to Ash. "I am very sorry for making you waiting, but I needed to be sure that no one would be here, Ash."

"What do you mean?"

Then, the great pokemon stared to explain that sometimes a human soul can become so especial that Arecus appear before him or her to give them two choices; to reborn as a pokemon or going to the heaven. Ash was now surprised; he didn't know this was possible. Arceus told him that his old human friend, Damos, when he passed away, Arceus asked him if he wanted to reborn as a pokemon or going to the heaven until his soul would go to the circle or reincarnation. Ash blinked surprised as Arceus asked what his choice was. After a moment, Ash came up with his decision.

"I want to reborn, Arecus. I wanna feel life again and maybe to see my friends in my next life."

"I understand, Ash." Arceus nodded to him as Ash's soul was floating to the level of Arceus' head. "Even if you meet your friends in your next life, you will be unable to remember them. When you reincarnate, all your memories of your past life are erased, to have space to the new ones in your new life."

Ash only look at the great pokemon with a soft smile in his lips. He closed his eyes as he placed his hand on his chest.

"Even if I will not remember them, my heart will, because true friendship never dies."

Arceus couldn't help but smile softly to him. Suddenly all his 12 plates appeared around of the great pokemon as they stared to glow. Ash's body stared to glow as he looked at Arceus for the last time before going to his new life.

"So, what kind of pokemon I will reborn?" Ash asked, very curious.

"Oh, that you will know soon." Arceus said to Ash. Ash could swear that Arceus was smirking.

Suddenly Ash was surrended by a pillar of light which blinded Ash. When Ash faded into the light, Arceus sighted softly as he wished good luck to Ash in his new life and he would be always watch him.


In a very fair away land, a love dark pokemon was sleeping peacefully. Them, the dark pokemon opened her eyes when she noticed a light outside of her lair. When she went outside she saw no one was there, except for a blue egg in the front of her. She blinked confused. The mistress of illusion Zoroark was wondering why would anyone leave an egg in the front of her lair? Then the egg glowed and in the place of the egg was a small blue puppy creature. Zoroark recognized the creature; it was a Riolu. The Riolu looked at Zoroark with his big soft red eyes.


Zoroark's eyes widen in surprise when the Riolu called her "mama". Then, she smiled softly to the puppy as she hugged him and nuzzles him in a very caring way. She didn't understand how an egg that had a Riolu was there, but she knew she would be Riolu's mother.

To be continue it

Yeah, finally finished. This fic is in the true a remake of my old fanfiction Memories in another live, but in this version Ash reincarnates into a Riolu and not a suicune like in the old story. And also the story will focus on the region of Unova. I hope you like this fic, Ah, you can suggest which pokemon you want to see in this story, that includes the lengendary one. Please don't forget to send your reviews, I want to know your opinion.