The Journey
Chapter 8- Ferris wheel

Gary( O)- Gary Oak human

Gary (M)- Mienshao

(blah blah blah)- pokemon speech

"blah blah blah"- human speech


Blue and Gary (M) were using two large sticks to support themselves as they crossed the sandy rote 4. Crossing the desert wasn't any fun for both of them. Blue couldn't use illusions on both of them to save energy as they had to face sand storms and some wild pokemon. And a little sandile had dared to bit his tail. When the entry of Nimbasa City came to the view, they hugged each other and started to cry.

"We did ! We did Blue!

"I know! We never going to cross into a desert ever again!"

Blue used his illusions to disguise themselves, that way they entered to the city without any problems. They went to a woody area at rote 5, away from human sight to bath themselves in a river to get rid all the sand on their bodies. Gary sighted in relief as the cold water touched his body.

"Ah…. That was very good." Then Gary(M) looked at Blue. The aura pokemon was starting something in a tree. "Bue?"

The martial artist pokemon went towards Blue and saw what the aura pokemon was starting at. It was a poster in the tree. The poster showed some swanna and a girl dressed in white, she had a short orange hair and blue eyes. " Blue?"

Blue couldn't hear his friend's voice. In his mind he could see the girl in the poster, only younger and holding in her arms a baby blue pokemon he never had seen before. She was also yelling something about a broken bike. Blue was holding his head as he felt a strong headache.

"Blue, don't tell me this girl has also to do with your dreams?" Gary (M) asked. He remembered Blue had a similar reaction when they saw that human named Gary Oak.

Blue's silent was enough answer to him.

"We should look for her." Gary (M) said to his friend

"What? No way Gary. You know we're in this city because I want find clues about my mother."

"Can't we just go there to see what those people have to do with your dreams?"

"My mother comes first!"

"You mental health is also important!"

The next second Blue and Gary (M) start to fight each other. Whenever they had a disagreed about something, they always resolve trough fights ever since they were little. Of course because they used some of their powerful attacks, it attracted attention on some people who were around at the area.

"Hey what's going on there?"

"Wow look, it's a mienshao! But who's that blue pokemon?"

"That's a Lucario! Holy crap, that's a real rare pokemon!"

"Stay away , I will caught both of them!"

That's when Gary ( M) and Blue used their sand attack on the people and start to run off back to the city. They do not wish to be caught by humans.


Clara and N were in the front of pokemon center. Clara thanked N for taking care of her and helping her to cross the desert and getting herself a new friend; a krokorok. N just smiled at her.

"No problem Clara. It was good to have a company of a person who loves pokemon as much as I do." N Smiled.

Clara smiled back. Thought she met this person only a few days ago, she felt she had met him a long time ago. And she even had dreams about a boy with green hair which she was sure it was N as a child. Then, she saw her krokorok and N's holding their hands and looking at each other with passionate eyes and tears in their eyes. N and Clara sweetdrop.

"I think we have a problem here." Clara said to N

"In need. Looks like your female Krokorok and my male krokorok friend have feelings for each other."N said "They are in love."

Clara looked at the couple pokemon. She really do not wish to separate them, but she need her krokorok to beat the gym leader of Nimbasa City since she uses electric type. She closed her eyes as she starts to come up for a solution for this issue.

"Hey N, how long do you plan to stay in the city?"

"Why do you ask?" N Asked curious to Clara.

"You see, I don't want separate these two. They are really in love. How about after my gym battle tomorrow we can released them back to the desert? That way they can be together."

N looked at her surprised. She really was serious on releasing her krokorok just to be with his? N couldn't help but smile. Clara was in need a very especial person. For some reason, he feels comfortable around Clara, as if he was with an old friend all this time. Even his oldest pokemon feel comfortable with her , enough to hug her; something his Darmanitan never does with strangers.

"Clara, in the ending of noon, I want you meet me at the Ferris wheel." N said to Clara.

"Ferris Wheel?" Clara blinked confused.

N nodded to her as he appointed to a ferris wheel that could be seen from the other side of the city. N tells her that ferris wheel is the biggest one of the world and its also know as Unova's Eye. Clara had heard about this ferris wheel, it was that place where her father had asked to her mother to be his wife. She always wanted to go there to the same place her parents were. Clara nooded to N and she tells him she will meet him around of 17:00, at the Ferris wheel. N nodded as he leaves the pokemon center, saying he couldn't wait to ride on the ferriswheel with her. Clara blushes as she wachtes N leaving.

"So, who's the cutie guy?" Bell asked, suddenly appearing behind Clara.

"BELL?" the girl yelped as she quickly turned around.

"Hi Clara! It's good to see you again." Bell said as she hugs her friend. "Now tell me, who's the cutie? Is he your boyfriend?"

"What? N is not my boy friend! Where did you get this idea?" Clara face was all red, being embarrassed and being angry at her childhood friend.

Bell blinked her eyes, confused.

"Your boyfriend's name is Anne?"

"Its not Anne, its N, just N! And he is not my boyfriend!"

"Who's your boyfriend?" a male voice asked behind them.

Suddenly both the girls feel chills in their spines. They turned around and saw their male childhood friend Cheren standing there, with a black aura around him. Clara and Bell sweet drop as they looked a little scared of their childhood friend, especially the dark glare he was giving to them.


At the Musical station, Misty was helping the people to prepare everything for the show that would be held tomorrow. Misty was now 14 years old, she still has a short hair but she doesn't tie it in a small pony tail anymore and she now looked more mature ( think about Misty in the heartgold soulsilver games).

"Miss Waterflower, where should I put these stuffs?" a man that was caring a box asked to Misty.

"You should leave these stuffs at the camarim."

Misty still works as gym leader, but after Ash's death, she went into a depression which she was forced to take medication. Her older sisters became very worried about her, that's when they introduced her to the pokemon musical. Because of the musicals, it helped Misty to go trought her depression and the musical The Swanna princess is the first musical she was wrote and it will be the first time the play will be shown at Unova.

"Miss Waterflower?" a secretary woman called her "you have a visitor."

"A visitor?"Misty blinked surprised. She does not know anyone in Unova. "Who?"

Then, her eyes widen in surprise when she saw Gary standing in the door way. Gary (O) only smiled softly to her as he walked towards her.


"Hey Misty." Gary (O) said, greeting her. "It's been a while. I didn't see you since….."

"…..Since Ash's funeral….."Misty whispered. Her eyes were hidden by her locks. She didn't want show him sadness in her eyes.

Gary (O) scratched the back of his neck, not knowing what to do. Ash was always a sensitive subject for both of them since he was their closer friend. Gary (O) didn't know Misty that well, but he always knew she had a crush on his childhood friend. And of course, Ash always was clueless about the girl's feelings for him. He thought the best to avoid talking to her about the guy he meet that looked like very much their deceased friend for her sake.

"Would you like to drink something?"


Blue was starting at the musical building , after being dragged by Gary, he finally decided to see the girl of the poster himself since she was involved with his dreams. Both Blue and Gary were in their human disguise.

"So, shall we enter?" Asked Gary ( M) to Blue.

"Why are you so interested on my dreams, Gary?"Blue as he looked at his childhood friend. "They are just dream, nothing more"

Gary( M) sighted as he looked at Blue with serious eye. Gary ( M) tells that he believes that Blue's dream were more than dreams, but memories. Memories of his past life. Blue looked confused as Gary(M) tells him that he mentioned his dreams to Flora, before she went to the Dream Site, and the dream eater pokemon told him that Blue dreams could be memories of his past life. Blue only looked at his friend with a blank face.

"That was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard." Muttered Blue to his friend.

"well, If it's ridiculous, so why did you run off when that dude from the daycare called you Ash?"

Now Blue was quiet as he didn't know what to say. True to be told, he felt he knew that human from the daycare but he was too afraid to find out. In the same way he was also afraid to see this girl with orange hair. Gary ( M) only looked at Blue with sympathy, saying whatever they will find out the meaning behind of Blue dreams, he will be always by his side, no matter what. Blue only smiled to his friend, thanking him for supporting him.


Blue blinked as he turned around and saw Gary (O) and Misty at the entrance of the Musical building. Misty's eyes were widen in surprise as she saw Blue. Except for his red eyes, he was identical to Ash.

"You both are from before, aren't you?" Gary(O) Asked, as he recognized Blue and Gary (M)'s human forms from that day at daycare.

"Y-Yeah, we are. I am Blue and this is my friend, Gary."


At the park , Misty, Gary(O) and the two disguised pokemon were in a snack bar near of Ferris wheel. Gary(O) showed a picture of Ash and his pokemon from the Orange league's hall of fame. Blue only looked at the photo with some pain in his heart. He knew those pokemon in the photo. Gary (M) was surprise that

"This is Ash, our friend."Gary(O) said. The two pokemon could see the human had sadness in his voice. "He passed away 4 years ago."

The two pokemon were quieted. From what they could see, this Ash person was a very especial friend to them. Blue still couldn't take his eyes off from the photo. For some reason he missed those pokemon, especially the small yellow mouse pokemon, thought never met any of them. Then, an image go trough his head, where he was caring the Pikachu in his arms, saying everything will be alright.

"You don't need answer if you don't want to but..." Blue bitted his lips. "… did you friend pass away?"

Now Gary ( M) was now surprised. Why he wanted to know about the human's death? Gary (O) bitted his lip as Misty was about to cry as the memories of the funeral played in her mind.

"He died when a rock crushed the right side of his body." Gary ( O) answered.

Blue eyes widen in pure shock. It was just like in his dream. With himself under a huge rock and surrounded by unknown people and a mysterious yellow pokemon. Could he be that deceased human? He refused to believe he was a human in the past life.

Meanwhile in the other table, Bell and Cheren were eating their snack. Bell couldn't help but to sweetdrop. Cheren was in a terrible bad mood ever since he heard Clara had a date with this N character.

"Cheren, cool off, will ya? Its just a date." Bell said to her childhood friend.

"I can't." Cheren said. "Since we were little I was always there for Clara, protecting her from lechers. And now she being attracted to a weird one."

Bell sighted. Since they were children, Cheren had always a sister complex towards Clara , especially after Clara's mother's death and she had to move with her father to some unknown place before she returning to the town, with an ugly scar on her back and having no memory how she did get it. Clara's Father, Dr. White, always were afraid on letting Clara go in her pokemon because of what happened to her, making Clara catatonic for almost an year before she returned to her old self with their help and Clara's aunt and cousin Hilbert Black.

"Actually, I am happy for Clara meeting a guy."Bell had comment. She smiled as she looked at the ferries wheel through the window of the snack bar. "Clara always was afraid having a relationship because of the ugly scar on her back."

Cheren didn't say anything. He was just quiet as he drank his soda. For Clara's sake he hopes that weirdo guy do not hurt her heart.


At the Ferris wheel, N's zorua was resting on Clara's lap, as she was petting her. N Smiled as he saw his Zorua was trusting Clara. He could see Clara was especial. As they were in the top, N decided to tell her who he really was.

"Clara.. I have to tell you something. I'm sure you won't be okay about it though.." he said with that mysterious voice of his.

"W-what is it?" she asked little confused. Zorua looked at her master with a serious look in her eyes. He will tell her who he was?

"I am the king of Team Plasma." he confirmed with a sure, proud and noble tone.

Clara's eye widen in pure shock as her jaw dropped. She didn't expected this from him.

"Requested by Ghetis, we aim to save Pokémon together. The number of Pokémon all over the world? How many are there, I wonder?"

Clara didn't really know what to reply to what he said, so she just kept quiet as Zorua went to her master's arm. N turned his gaze to me and smiled.

"Our time's over. Let's get out." he muttered and right on cue, the doors opened.

When we got out, Team Plasma grunts started scurrying our way.

"Lord N?" shouted the male grunt

"Are you safe?" shouted the female one

"Did this brat hurt you!" Clara glared at this one, ready to throw Dewoot on him,

N just smiled to his henchmen, telling them to calm down that he was alright. He just got lost on his way to Nimbasa and Clara was gentle enough to company him until they had arrived to the city. Then, N turned to attention to Clara

"Clara, I have a question to you. You love pokemon as much as I do. Do you want to join Team plasma?"

Needless to say that Clara and the Plasma grunt were shocked at N's question. Especially Clara since she view Team Plasma as troublemakers and they do more harm than helping pokemon. The male grunt glared at her.

"But sir. That brat…"

The male grunt's were wide, his mouth falling open in an attempted to speak. Though the only thing that came out of the man's mouth was a trail of blood that he coughed at Clara.

What really surprised the people in there was the claw that was protruding from the man's chest, a dark insctoid pokemon was standing behind the grunt. Clara took a step back as she recognized the creature. The pokemon's eyes were showing fury and hate. All Clara could do was cry in horror.

To be continue.

Genesetic attack, there will be a character death and a kidnapping.

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