So Yeah, I uh haven't posted in awhile. Like for freaking ever. I know and those of you reading MBS are probably ready to gut me and hang me by the rafter by my ear lobes and I'm really sorry about that. I just can't seem to get a flow going on the nest chapter. I've started it like five times. Any way here's the prologue of:

Sharingan Warrior

Chapter one: Gifts of Friendship

"YOU BASTARD!" screamed Naruto as he knelt over Sasuke's limp body. The figure in the mirror said nothing as Naruto swore his death and more. Ominous red chakra began to flow through Naruto's body. The boy Haku felt the sudden increase of chakra and flung three of his needles at the young boy. The three needle found berth deep in Naruto's right eye. Naruto screamed out in pain, clutching at his eye. Fighting through his pain, Naruto wrenched the needles free. Blood flowed from his eye and down his face. Haku was a bit taken aback the boy could still move. He was about to attack again when he felt a great surge of Charka. He gasp and halted his attack. Zabuza was in trouble. He flet the fight, allowing his crystal ice mirrors jutsu to collapse. Completely disregarding his fleeing, Naruto rushed to Sasuke's side.

"Sasuke," He said. "Sasuke!" the young Uchiha's eyes slowly opened his newly discovered Sharing an shining bright.

"Naruto," he said "I'm going to die aren't I?" Naruto shook his head violently.

"No, you can't die," He said pulling Sasuke's head into his arms and lap. "You have to restore the Uchiha clam, you have to kill that guy, I'll help, we can do it together just don't die."

"It's too late Naruto," Stammered Sasuke "I can't feel my body I can hardly breath, he hit my lung. It's full of blood. Naruto, I'm so sorry. I was so cruel. I was threatened by your quick growth but some good came of that. We made each other better. We were good for one another. But now I must leave you. I'm sorry I can't help you anymore. We could have been great friends. " Sasuke's Sharingan Eyes came into focus, focusing on Naruto's closed right eye. "He hit your eye." Naruto nodded.

"I don't think I'm going to be able to use it ever again Sasuke," he said. A small smile played on Sasuke's lips.

"Maybe I can help you one last time." he said "Here." He slow placed two fingers over his right Sharingan, the completed Eye. Then with his left hand he made a "C" over Naruto's Right Eye, opening the wounded eye and touching the white his eye with his thumb and index finger. "Naruto, don't give up on your dream become Hokage. Take my Sharingan Let my eye show you the path you must take. Naruto we'll always be together. We'll always be friends. TRANFER JUTSU!"

Naruto heard himself scream as pained lanced through his eye again. It felt like he had the needle in it again, only this time they'd been heated cherry red. The pain was unbearable and as soon as in began to lessen, Naruto collapsed next to his dead friend.


The Chakra pulsed in his hand, Lightning Blade. Named as such when he used it to cut a bolt of lightning in half. He glared at Zabuza, who was in the jaws of several of his ninja hounds.

"I won't let you kill Tazuna, he's a good man with a good purpose." Kakashi said. "Your purpose however, ends here." that said he rushed at Zabuza, the Chidori sparkling in his hand. The flash caused by the Attack hitting flesh blind his for a slight moment before quickly vanishing. His eyes widened as he saw his victim. It was not Zabuza but instead the boy Haku. Kakashi's eyes turned to where the boy had been. His two male student lay lifeless. He wrenched his hand free of the corpse and leapt away. Zabuza was about to attack again when he heard a small chuckle. Kakashi looked to his left as Zabuza looked to his right. There stood Gato. Surrounded be fifty men.

"Well this isn't going as planned" Said Gato. "the idea was for you two to kill each ther off. But you're both alive. Zabuza sorry but I can't have you on the payroll any more you're too expensive." Zabuza let out a small chuckle.

"Well Kakashi," he said "Our battle seems to be over, now that I'm no long in Gato's employment we have no quarrel."

"Guess you're right," said Kakashi.

"However, the hounds of your have rendered my arms completely useless." He said " and I have to make Gato pay for betraying me. Mind if I borrow your Kunai?" he asked as he torn his mask off with his teeth.

"Sure," said Kakashi and tossed one of his Kunai to the Demon of the Mist. Zabuza caught the knife in his mouth and took of racing after Gato his limp arms trailing behind him. Gato let out a small gasp before turning and fleeing into the ranks of his men. Zabuza followed him cutting his way through them until he reached the other end. There he drove the Kunai into Gato's chest, yanked it out and the slashed him acrossed the throat. Gato's body flew of the bridge and into the Sea. As soon as Gato's body hit the water a countless number of blade sunk into Zabuza's back. Zabuza turned and stumbled out of the mob where he fell next to Haku. And died staring the boy he loved like a son, in the eyes.

Kakashi turned to the mob and watched as they came to terms with what had just happened. He knew the as soon as the realized the just lost their meal tikel they would resort to more drastic measure's, like raiding the village. They turn grumbling amongst themselves and started to advance on Kakashi. Just as they came close, an arrow sunk into the bridge. Kakashi turned and saw that the entire village had come to defend their home and leading the pack was Irani. Kakashi smiled under his mask.

"Naruto. You've done it." He turned and faced the Mobsters with the villager at his back. Seeing that they were out numbered the thugs quickly turned and left. Letting out a sigh Kakashi pulled his head band over his left eye. It was over. He didn't know how right he was.

"SASUKE! NARUTO!" came Sakura's distraught voice echo in he's ears. Kakashi turned and ran to his students.

"Sakura," he said and she turned and latched onto the front of his vest, Kakashi checked Sasuke first. Needles covered his body including some in his left lung. He check for a pulse. The last of the Uchiha was dead. Then he turned to Naruto, He was covered in needles as well but when he check for a pulse, he found one. It was faint but defiantly there. It was then he noticed Naruto's right eye had blood coming from it. Fearing the worst Kakashi slowing opened the boy right eyelid. What he found caused his breath to catch in his throat. There, in the right eye of Naruto Uzumaki was a level two Sharingan.


So that's that. I choose the right eye for two reasons.

1: Kakashi's Sharingan is in the left and I didn't want to copy it.

2: Because in the fight with Haku in the show and manga, that is the eye that is level two, the left is only level one.

I know this chapter is short I just want to get the back story to why Naruto has Sharingan now. Please Review, this is new ground as far as I know (I could be wrong) no onw has tried this. If you hate it, tell me. If you love it, tell me. If you have any idea's for improvement I'm all ears. Oh and if anyone can come up with a suitable replacement for Sasuke, let me know because I'm wracking my brain but still now dice. I thought maybe Sai, but he's way too advanced to be on a Genin team.