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Shizuo wants to marry Izaya, and tries to propose to him, ring and all [make it possible for them to get married somehow XD] but he doesn't know how to say it properly since he gets all nervous but still tries every scenario out there, to corny romantic to plain idiotic but EPICALLY FAILS HARD every time and Izaya is totally oblivious to his intentions [even unintentionally trolling his proposals a few times 8D].
Angry!frustrated!Shizuo & Oblivious!Izaya-who gets mad at himself for not knowing at the end.-

Bonus points if Shizuo finally proposes while throwing something at Izaya in his rage and frustration, right in the middle of Ikebukuro [with half the city and the whole cast there] and in his excitement Izaya practically jumps him right there and then xD

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There comes a time in every relationship when dating just doesn't suffice anymore. For Heiwajima Shizuo, it was three and half years into his relationship. He took his relationship painfully slow as he was blissfully content with what he had, and was reluctant to move forward.

His partner, Orihara Izaya, however, was one to disagree. He liked life fast and liked the thrill and rush of what the world could throw at him. For Shizuo's sake, he calmed down, and slowed his pace for his significant other (thought not too slow because then the relationship would just be boring). It took a while to settle down, but eventually, Izaya liked the slowness and the long period of dating. They had fun, and there were no binding commitments to ruin it.

However, Shizuo was not one to back down from anything, especially three and a half years later. It was Shinra, really, who made the suggestion. He and Celty were already married and still madly in love. He showed Shizuo one of their leftover wedding magazines where a research showed that the average couple gets engaged in two years, eleven months and eight days.

"Shizuo-kun! You're already seven months and thirteen days overdue!" Shinra exclaimed, reading the article out loud. "And did you know that the woman usually wants to get married two years, seven months and twenty-four days into her relationship? I know that you're not really the romantic type, but you're not going to forget, are you?"

"It's actually seven month and fourteen days and Izaya and I are the farthest thing from normal," Shizuo retorted. "Besides, Izaya doesn't want to get married. He's too wild to be tied down."

Shinra raised an eyebrow at the statement and then asked, "Did Izaya tell you that himself?"

"Well, no," the blond hastily answered, "but can you really imagine us getting married?"

The scientist looked at him thoughtfully and then nodded. "Yes, I can. And I'm sure that he wants you to propose to him," he said firmly. "You've been dating an awfully long time. Isn't marriage the next step?"

Shizuo sighed, muttered, "Shit," and then went to ask Celty to help him buy a ring.

Celty was kind enough to take him ring shopping the next day. Shizuo was completely lost on how to pick out the perfect ring and stared blankly at rows of delicate diamond rings until Celty pulled him away from it and led him towards the men's rings.

Lucky for Izaya that Celty was shopping with Shizuo, otherwise he'd end up with an ugly gaudy ring three sizes too big. Shizuo finally decided on a relatively simple ring considering that Izaya was actually quite down-to-earth when it came to accessories.

"Ring size?" the merchant asked when Shizuo was placing his order for a carved men's ring with white and yellow gold inset with a diamond so he didn't appear cheap. Shizuo paled and he inwardly cringed as Celty face-palmed. The merchant smiled warmly and suggested that he come back after finding out his boyfriend's ring size.

Who would have thought that proposing would be so difficult? Izaya possessed only two rings which he wore just about all the time and they were on his index finger which is probably a different size than his ring finger? Celty looked up ways for Shizuo to secretly find out his ring size and suggested that he steal one of Izaya's rings.

He cleverly attempted to stalk his boyfriend in the shower, but Izaya slammed the bathroom door in his face, locking it behind him and added something about much-needed privacy. Certainly Izaya didn't sleep with his rings on? Wrong, he did. He curled up into a little ball at night, making it even harder for Shizuo to try and pry it off his finger. Even better? Izaya was a light sleeper.

Desperate, he confided into Shinra who kindly slipped Izaya some sleeping pills so Shizuo could at least get the ring. Now that he was practically comatose, Shizuo pulled the ring from his boyfriend's hand, or at least he tried to. Considering what awful luck Shizuo had, it would make sense that the ring would get stuck on Izaya's finger. In his rage, he probably would have broken the smaller man's hand so Shizuo opted to use lube to get the ring off. Humiliating, yes, but at least Shizuo had the ring in his possession.

He feigned innocence the next morning when Izaya overslept and in his disarray, Izaya didn't even notice the missing ring. He had thrown on his coat and ran off to his office to meet an important client. After work, Shizuo met up with Celty and they returned to the ring shop to order Izaya's ring. The merchant inspected the index ring, made an estimate and placed the order.

One month later, (now eight months and fourteen days overdue) Shizuo had the ring box safely stored away in his pocket. He knew that proposing shouldn't have been that hard, but why was he so flustered and nervous all of a sudden? It was just Izaya, just the stupid louse. It wasn't like he'd get rejected or anything, right?

Shinra was right. It certainly was time to move to the next step and Shizuo had already gotten the ring shopping out of the way.

Now, all he had to do was ask.