KakuHida: The Spy and the Gang Boss

"Hidan do you know the mission?"

"Yes. To catch Kakuzu, the boss of the Kiryoku Gang, I have to disguise myself as one of his men and infiltrate his layer" I said emotionless. I was a spy for the FBI to catch the top most wanted people in Japan. Kakuzu was third on the list. I stared at my boss, Kisoto, who looked at me nervously

"Hidan, remember this, be careful and don't get caught. Kakuzu will kill you" Kisoto and I shook my head

"No he won't, I'm immortal" I said and he glared at me and I smirked

"Hidan this is serious. He could hurt you to the point of no recovery" Kisoto said and I sighed

"Yeah I know, but I'm good at keeping my cover" I said and my boss nodded

"That's why we chose you. We gave Kakuzu your information; mostly fake though. Your name and how you're immortal are the only things that are true. We put in that you were in a very weak gang called Kybashi Gang, and that you left them so you could find a bigger and more powerful gang to be in. Kakuzu is meeting you tomorrow at this destination" Kisoto said handing me a piece of paper with the directions to the destination, which was an abandoned park. I looked at Kisoto and nodded. I really never feared anything. I did catch 3 of the most wanted people already. I walked to the door and opened it

"Be careful" I heard Kisoto say and I just raised my hand slightly and left. I walked to the parking lot and got into my car and sighed before taking off. I got to the destination in under a few minutes. I sighed getting out of my red sports car convertible, and leaned against it. I was thinking about so many things, about the mission, Kiryoku gang, etc.

"Are you Hidan?"

By hearing that, I was broke out of thought and I turned around to see a man I known to be Kakuzu, who is walking up to me. I stared at him stunned. Sure I have heard about Kakuzu, but never saw what he looked like. I suddenly froze from an overwhelming feeling I felt overcoming my body. I didn't know what this feeling is, but I just put it as nervousness.

"Well?" Kakuzu asked getting a little annoyed and I looked at him

"Oh… Yes I am" I said and Kakuzu nodded

"Ok, you know who I am right?" Kakuzu asked and I nodded

"Yes, Kakuzu" I said and Kakuzu sighed

"Since you're new, I'll let you off with a warning. But you have to call me only by Boss or Sir, got it?" Kakuzu said, hating when people say his name, and I nodded

"Yes Sir" I said. I have to admit it, I hated calling Kakuzu that, but I couldn't jeopardize the mission. I noticed that Kakuzu looked at my car

"So this your ride?" Kakuzu asked and I looked from him to my car, smiling and nodded. I then noticed a confused look was on Kakuzu's face.

"How did you pay for it? If you were in the Kybashi Gang?" Kakuzu asked and I looked at him. I couldn't tell the truth that's for sure.

"I uh…stole it" I said, but the truth was that Kisoto gave it to me for catching Itachi. Itachi went insane, killing his family, and then killing his boyfriend, then his friends and dozens of innocent people. Doing that made Itachi the seventh most wanted person in Japan.

"It could make a great get away car" Kakuzu said smiling getting me out of thought

"We never had one before" Kakuzu said excitedly and I smiled warmly at him and I don't know why. Even that same feeling came over again. That feeling can't possibly be nervousness now, so what could it be?

"Hidan, let's go back to my gang's hide out. I have something important to do before it gets to late" Kakuzu said

"Ok, Ka—Sir" I said blushing slightly. I couldn't believe it. I always obeyed what people tell me. But this, I have no clue why I almost and wanted to say Kakuzu's name; it's like I have no sell-control over it. I looked at Kakuzu, who was getting in the passenger side of my car. I mentally sighed in relief that he didn't catch me almost saying his name and I got in the driver's side and I started it. With Kakuzu's directions, I started driving to the Kiryoku Gang's base. Where my mission as a Kiryoku gang member begins.

I have written this a while ago and posted it on my acount: ObitoUchiha50