Kakuhida: The Spy and The Gang Boss

"K-Kakuzu" I murmured and Kakuzu looked at me and smiled and helped me up.

"Freeze or we will shoot!" The police yelled aiming their guns at Kakuzu. My eyes widened as the rest of the gang watched in fear from their hiding places. I immediately jumped in between Kakuzu and the police. I glared at the police

"Kakuzu run" I said and Kakuzu shook his head

"What about you?" Kakuzu asked and I looked at Kakuzu who was concerned for me.

"Don't worry about me" I said looking back to the police "even if I did lie to you, the only things that were true, was my name, my religion, and my love for you and your gang" I said and Kakuzu had wide eyes. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the car keys and one police man shot one bullet at me, but it missed

"Next time I won't miss, don't move!" he yelled and I glared

"Oh shut the fuck up!" I yelled and gave the keys to Kakuzu

"These are the Keys to my car, take it and the gang and leave to somewhere safe" I said and Kakuzu looked at the keys in his hand before clenching them slightly

"What about your job?" Kakuzu asked and I smirked

"Heh you did catch me at a bad time, I'll tell you later" I said and took a slight step forward

"Shoot!" The police said and shot at me. Kakuzu and the gang had wide eyes and I smirked

"I-Is that all?" I asked the police; blood running down from my mouth and the police were shocked

"Wh-what the hell!" One police man yelled and I started laughing

"I'm immortal because of my loyalty to Jashin Sama" I said and mentally thanked Jashin for saving me and the gang

I felt Kakuzu grab my arm and pulled me away since the police ran away scared. We were walking towards my car. Kakuzu put me in the passenger's side and he drove us to an abandoned building. Once we we're in the building, Tobi hugged me so hard and tight

"Thanks Hidan Sama, for Saving us, thanks so much!" Tobi said and I couldn't breath

"A-all right Tobi! I can't breath!" I said and he let go of me and I took a deep breath.

"S-sorry" Tobi said and we all laughed

"Hidan let's check your wounds" Haku said and checked me "Well it seems like you got hit three times and one in your heart" Haku said and I smirked

"Hidan are you going to be ok?" Kakuzu asked and I smiled and nodded

"Yeah, I'm immortal. The bleeding would stop soon enough, and when a Jashinist is shot by a gun, Jashin makes the bullets disappear" I said and Kakuzu nodded and Haku wrapped my wounds up.

We all sat in a circle, and Kakuzu looked at me shocked

"What about your job again, Hidan?" Kakuzu asked

"Well like I said back there, you did catch me at a bad time when talking to Kisoto. I was going to and did quit the job. He even admitted that he used me, just to catch criminals, he really didn't even care about me" I said "But that's not the reason I quitted, I did so because you and your gang are more important to me" I said and Kakuzu smirked pulling me closer him, and I looked to Zabuza and Haku then to Kakuzu

"And by the way, Gato almost killed Zabuza once some time 2 years ago" I said and Zabuza looked at me shocked and I smiled at him before looking back at Kakuzu, who was smiling

"Sorry sir, but I couldn't let you give up your main customer" Zabuza said

"I already know" Kakuzu said shocking all of us

"What? How?" Zabuza and Haku asked

"Well, I overheard you talking sometime last year about it. Didn't you even notice that I bring him to the back room instead of the main room, like I do the rest of the customers?" Kakuzu asked and we all had wide eyes and nodded, and I smirked

"Thanks though, you are the best friend I ever had" Kakuzu said and Zabuza smirked

"Yeah, same goes for you too" Zabuza said

"But why did you tell, Hidan?" Haku asked and I smirked

"I love you guys so much to let anyone or anything hurt you" I said and the whole room was filled with awws.

I sighed and looked up at Kakuzu

"Kakuzu I'm sorry for everything" I said and Kakuzu smirked and pulled me into a hug.

"It's ok; you have nothing to apologize for. You gave up a lot to save us and I love you" Kakuzu said and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I deepened it by wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him closer. I felt Kakuzu lick at my bottom lip, and I was about to give him entrance when we were interrupted by Deidara tapping our shoulders. We broke apart looking at him

"Ahem… get a room un" Deidara said blushing. Me and Kakuzu looked around to see blushed faces, but Haku was covering Tobi's eyes.

"Tobi wants to see! Let go!" Tobi whined and everyone started laughing.

When night approached, we took my car back to our base and took everything we needed, wanted and are special to us. I took most of the spy equipment that I still had there. We packed everything into my car and everyone got in. Ok, strange, my car still has room in it. I didn't thing it was THAT big. We even have the couches and chairs.

Wee anyways, in a day's worth we found a new and even better base and settled in.

We all sat in the main room and Kakuzu and I were on a couch and he held me close. I smiled and put my head and Kakuzu's chest, and I felt my hair being gently stroked

"I love you Hidan" Kakuzu said and I smiled and snuggled closer to his chest

"I love you too" I said and I looked around at everyone and giggled slightly

"What is it?" Kakuzu asked

"I just figured this out; everyone here, we're like a big family" I said smiling, and everyone smiled

"Yeah we are, but you're my boyfriend; you're actually my official family" Kakuzu said and I smiled and nodded.

Haku left into the kitchen, and a minute later came out with beers and one grape juice (for Tobi), for everyone.

"Cheers! To Hidan and our family!" everyone cheered and clunked our glasses together and drank the liquid down. We were talking about what tomorrow brings, until we heard a faint hiccup. Deidara looked over to Tobi, who was swaying slightly

"Hic, hhhi semmmmmpai~!" Tobi yelled obviously drunk and Deidara glared at Haku

"Haku, I thought you gave him grape juice un" Deidara said and Haku looked at him nervously

"I-I did. I gave him grape juice" Haku said nervously

"Well it can't be; did someone take it by mistake?" Zabuza asked

"No" we all said, but Tobi who was running around crazily drunk.

"Then that means…. Tobi how the hell did you get drunk from drinking grape juice un!" Deidara yelled chasing Tobi around and we all started laughing so hard it was bringing tears to our eyes.

I stopped laughing and grinned. I was happy working with the FBI, but here with Kakuzu and the Kiryoku Gang was so much better.

Months had passed, and I had became number ten on the FBI's most wanted list, but I didn't care as long as I'm with Kakuzu and the people who were more of a family than my real family could ever be.

Life in the Kiryoku Gang was great and life with Kakuzu was and still is the most wonderful thing that happened to me.


I hope you enjoyed, I wrote this about a year to two years ago and decided to post it