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A/N: Story inspired by Naruto Shippuden episode 189. Rookie nine are all eighteen.

Chapter 1: Be Your What?

Sasuke Uchiha had to best his brother in everything. If Itachi went on an S-ranked suicide mission, Sasuke would be right behind him; demanding one. If Itachi volunteered to help an old lady across the street, he would help five. You get the point. So when his older brother introduced Keiko to the family, Sasuke felt that creeping inferiority. Keiko was a part of the clan, a few years younger than the Uchiha brothers and a distant cousin. She bore a remarkable resemblance to Mikoto Uchiha, except her eyes were pale blue; known for her beauty and kindness towards others not to mention jounin ranked.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you Mikoto-san…. Fugaku-san," The young woman bowed respectfully.

Mikoto smiled warmly, "As I am glad to finally meet you, Keiko-chan."

Keiko smiled back and happily snuggled closer to Itachi.

Sasuke bristled at the moment they shared. Spinning on his heel, he stormed out of the complex.

"Where are you going Sasuke?" Mikoto called after him, but he was already gone.

Sakura opened the door to find an unexpected visitor.

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she addressed the intruder. "Sasuke-kun? What are you doing here?"

The male stormed past into her apartment. Sakura mumbled sarcastically, "Come on in." While closing the door.

She watched as Sasuke clenched and unclenched his fists, obviously having an inner battle.

"That Itachi…" He groused.

Sakura raised an eyebrow while lifting a mug of steaming coffee up to her lips.

Sasuke turned and faced her sharply, "Be my girlfriend." It wasn't a request, but an outright demand.

Green eyes widened, the coffee splashing on her shirt.

"Dammit!" She hissed while fanning her top.

He didn't help, but stared waiting for an answer.

Sakura placed down the empty mug on the counter and crossed her arms.

"You don't even like me," She pointed out.

When she was a kid, it was Sasuke-kun all the time. If he'd asked her to marry him when they were thirteen, she would have said yes in a heart beat. Now, she wasn't so sure. Once Team 7 became jounin, they got separated and placed on solo missions or different team divisions. Sasuke went on to become a top ranked ANBU, Naruto was studying under his father to become the next Hokage, and Sakura who was left to her own devices. Thankfully she met Tsunade and learned medical ninjutsu and became much stronger.

"Hn." He answered.

"What is this all about anyway?" Sakura sighed, slightly irritated at his reply. Seriously, one word answers? She'd have better luck talking to a debilitated hamster.

"My brother has a girlfriend."

Ah! Sakura smirked.

"And you are jealous?"

Sasuke glared, "No! I just don't like him beating me… in anything."

Always opportunistic, Sakura then said, "What's in it for me?"

A perplexed look washed over the normally stoic face.

"You expect me to just do your bidding?" A red flush crept up her neck.

She mentally calmed herself down by counting to ten.

"I'll take you on a date." Sasuke blushed slightly while looking away.

"And you'll take all my C and D rank missions for a whole month should they come up."

She knew menial tasks for this Uchiha would be akin to pulling out his own eyes.

Sakura hid a smile as he had yet another inner battle before relenting.


"And I get to pick when, where, and time the date will be held."

Sasuke went to rebuttal but was silenced with a glare. Leave it up to him and it would be training or some mission as a date.

"Deal?" She stuck her hand out.


A/N: I know it's short, it's the only thing my brain could come up with starting out.