Last One Standing.

The year 1983 . . . the year she lost Tali.

It had been a warm evening . . . warmer then usual. She and Tali had been walking along the streets of Tel Aviv, just talking. Tali had noticed someone she didn't like the look off, noticed the bomb strapped to the man's chest and ran into the building he had just entered seconds before it exploded.

Ziva had tried everything to stop her but it was no use. Tali was a strong girl, an excellent fighter, and a stubborn little thing. Once she made up her mind there was no turning back.

Tali had died in the attempt to remove a terrorist from this earth, as Eli had pointed out to a distraught Ziva later that day.

But that information didn't make the pain any better.

She had to do it. It was either her brother or the man that her mother died protecting. Either way Ziva David still had nightmares about it.

That night was still fresh in her mind. Standing at the stairs, gun at the ready, using the precious time do decide who shall live: Leroy Jethro Gibbs or Ari . . . her brother?

Finally she had decided on letting Gibbs live another day. But the moment still haunted her. Had she made the right decision?

Ziva David was the last one standing.