"Wow, Shuichi is really immature" Ryuichi said after Shuichi begged to borrow Kumagoro to show Yuki, for who knows what reason.
Touma, who has overheard Ryuichi, entered the room...
"Like you should talk. You're more immature than Shuichi is and he is 12 years younger than you" Touma said
"Nani?" Ryuichi said in a chibi voice Touma sighed
"See, you act immature all the time, also what is the sad part is that you are 31 years old" Touma explained
Ryuichi started to pout, but then started laughing and running around the room pretending he was a plane flying. To Ryuichi immaturity is a good thing, because it means you can be a kid longer.
"I love being Immature!~ Woo Hoo!~" Ryuichi said making "Immaturity can be a good thing" He finished making Tohma shake his head and sigh
"Immaturity is good right, Kumagoro?" Ryuichi said looking around for Kumagoro, and remembered Shuichi has it and starts crying sitting down
"Wahhhh" Touma was shocked
"What is it Ryuichi?" he asked concerned
"Shuichi has Kumagoro... Wahhh"
"Ryuichi misses Kumagoro and Shuichi"
Touma is sighing placing his hand on his head
"And to think I was concerned about him crying, I should have known" Touma looked at Ryuichi
"Ryuichi, you know immaturity can be a bad thing too"
Ryuichi wasn't listening and was waiting for Shuichi and Kumagoro to come back, like a dog does, watches the streets from a window and Touma sighed again.
'Also TOO much immaturity can lead to THAT' Touma thought pointing to Ryuichi.

I've been looking through my computer for stories and found this XD

It's short and cute, I just absolutely enjoy Ryuichi~ XD