Disclaimer: This Time Tomorrow is a song from Tom Sawyer. I don't own Victirious

Jade was having a really bad day. Beck could see that just by looking at her. She seemed jumpy and time seemed to pass by so slow for her. He had to do something. He HAD to fix this situation.

Suddenly he had an idea. It wouldn't fix everything but it would be a start. He knew that nobody was in the blacktop theater. He quickly sent a text to Andre who sent him a text back.

"Jade," he said, "It's 4 o'clock.

"Come with me. There's something I want to show you"

Before she could respond he grabbed her hand. He led her into the blacktop theater where Andre was playing the piano. He climbed up on stage after sitting Jade down.

Andre gave him the thumbs up and he began.

This time tomorrow

We'll have traveled another day

This time tomorrow

We'll be a little further on our way

We will be wiser

We will be older too

This time tomorrow

I will still be loving you

As he said, "I will still be loving you," he came downstairs and swept Jade up in his strong arms. Gently he carried her to the stage and placed her down. In his arms the pain of today melted away. He gazed into her eyes as he sang the next part.

This time tomorrow

No telling how the world will turn

This time tomorrow

Lessons we will have to learn

We will find laughter

We will find teardrops too

This time tomorrow

I will still be loving you

He wrapped his arms around her making her feel like the sadness of the day had been erased. His voice reminded her that no matter what might slow her down and knock her out in life he would always be there to catch her, to not let her fall. She relaxed in his strength. He allowed her to be weak and not to be ashamed of it.

So sleep Jade

Leave your worries

All night

We're not in a hurry


Will let you dream all night

Where does the sun go?

The sun was in his eyes. The love in his voice was as rich as cake. It was moist, tender and delicious. It made her feel safe and not alone.

This time tomorrow

You'll have made this little boy a man

This time tomorrow

Just the way that heaven planned

One thing is certain

No matter what you do

This time tomorrow

I will still be loving you

How did Beck always manage to do that? How did he take the worst day ever and turn it into something beautiful. He was the only one that could cheer her up and the only one that could stop her from falling. Jade loved Beck more then her own life.

"Yes," she sang the last part, "I will still be loving you"