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Defenders of Light

Chapter 1

While looking out into the portal of the ship, Anakin watched as the stars zoomed by and let loose a sigh. He placed his elbow onto the patted seat of the armrest and used it to prop up his head. He then looked over at his Master and saw that he looked like he was half-asleep, but he had no doubt that Obi-Wan was probably mediating.

"Master, why can't I flying?"

Obi-Wan sternly turned his head and gazed down at his Padawn. He was sloughed down in his seat in boredom and giving him a beseeching look like a puppy. He was about 13 and had been his apprentice for about 4 years. His hair was short in the traditional Padawan style and braid, but as always Anakin was headstrong and brash. He wasn't an ideal apprentice, but Obi-Wan felt the young man was coming along gradually.

"No, Ani you're still being punished for almost getting us killed by space pirates."

Anakin leaned over his seat and whined, "Oh, but Obi-Wan that was nearly a week ago. You still can't be mad at me over that? And we got away alright."

"Perhaps, Padawan but that is not he point. The fact remains that you ought to be listening next time I give you an order. And frankly I do not wish to discuss this matter with you again. We are on a new assignment and we should to be mindful of our new task."

The Padawan frowned and leaned back into his seat and straightened up in the chair. He folded his arms into his sleeve and said, "Right, so what's the new mission, Master?"

Obi-Wan raised his brow at Ani's abrupt change of attitude. He supposed he didn't want to discuss the matter either. He was such a moody young man sometimes. It must be hormones. The Jedi Master instead picked up a data-pad that he had been reading on his lap and showed it to Anakin and said, "Here, Ani. Our mission is to give the Yumore ship additional security against a possible theft. They apparently had some issue with some old enemy from beyond the Outer Rim."

Intrigued, Ani said, "Beyond the Rim? I didn't know there were being beyond the Outer Rim. What are they trying to steal?"

Obi-Wan touched the data-pad and showed his apprentice an image of a large sparkling gem. The stone was almost clear like glass, but it was glowing and gave off a soft pink light. "This crystal is what the thieves are after. The Yumore call it the Harth. They consider it a sacred item and they're transporting it back to their home world at Yorb Temple."

Puzzled, Ani gazed at the crystal and said, "So, we have to guard this thing? Who's the thief?"

"I'm not sure, Padawan but I have a feeling they are very dangerous if the Yumore have requested Jedi assistance. The Yumore have adequate technology to fend off intruders so whoever is after the crystal must be a very serious threat in order to give them such a scare."

Anakin huffed and said, "Well, I think we can handle a simple thief, Master. This mission doesn't seem hard at all."

Though, Obi-Wan grew weary. He felt something strange in the Force that was telling him otherwise. Pensively, he stroked his beard and wondered what it could be. Anakin had been right to assume that the mission appeared very straightforward, but experience had taught him that plans rarely work the way you think. Unforeseen complications always popped up unexpectedly and derail the best laid plans. Yet he couldn't ignore that the Force was forewarning him of something more. It wasn't a dangerous feeling he felt. It was more like a presence was about to make itself known like a rippling in a pond that was about to grow still.

Obi-Wan then saw that they were approaching the Yumore ship and began to move the controls to hail them. He gave Anakin a glance and said, "Regardless of the danger, Padawan. I want you to be cautious. I feel that we may get more than we bargain for."


Location: Yumore ship

The Yumore ship was very large. It was almost like a floating skyscraper in space. Though the design inside was in a word—plain. The walls were all earth tone and all the corridors and rooms looked identical and neatly arranged. It was like the Yumore were obsessed with order. However, the Yumore themselves were also plain. They were humoid with dark cream color skin, large dark eyes and long vibrant red hair grew from their head like a flame. They also appeared to like to dress in white robes and all of the being sort of looked like short priests.

"We are happy to have you aboard, Master Jedi. I will be your attendant, Hee Voo. I am also the ship's Head Administrator. I handle all the affairs the Captain finds tedious."

Obi-Wan and Anakin looked around the hall to map their way as they followed Mr. Voo though it was hard since everything looked so similar. Obi-Wan had never dealt with the Yumore before. They were typically a reclusive race and preferred to keep to themselves. This sort of hospitality was very odd.

"We are pleased to meet you, Mr. Voo. I am Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and this is my Padawan, Anakin Skywalker. Could you tell us where we are going? And whom you suspect is after your crystal? You made no meant of the being in your report."

Dismissively, Hee Voo waved his four fingered hand and replied, "We are going to where the crystal is being held so you two can do your jobs. We Yumore do not like to waste time. And as for the thief, we do not know who they are, but they are dangerous."

Anakin narrowed his brow and asked, "Dangerous? How?"

The alien-man let loose a weird growl that displayed his agitation and said, "This is our third attempt to transport the stone. We have already lost two other vessels to those thieves and each time there were no survivors."

Shocked, Anakin gave his Master a look, but Obi-Wan silently nodded his head in understanding. He did not want to discuss anything in front of their host. Instead, he asked him some more questions.

"Mr. Voo, how long does the ship need in order to reach its destination at Yorb Temple?"

"The journey will take two days. It will make three stops out of hyperdrive in order to change course. You will be provided with a room near the crystal's chamber so that sensors and your skills will be protecting it at all times."

"Tell me, what sort of protection is there besides ourselves?"

"Oh, the most advance Master Kenobi. It is guarded with lasers that are triggered by motion sensors and the stone itself is encased in a clear vacuum chamber made of moltrite. The door is reinforced titanium with star-core steel."

Anakin asked the Administrator, "What is star-core steel?"

"It's a type of metal with a unique composition. It isn't normally found in the Core. In fact, it is considered rare because it is hard to create, but it's very strong and is usually used to build spaceships."

Though, after Mr. Voo answered Anakin's question, he lead the two on without another word until they came to a larger entrance way with a huge door. The Administrator then spotted short and pointed to a room near the door and said, "This will be your room." He then pulled out a communicator from his belt and handed it to Obi-Wan. "And this is so you can contact me or the Captain. But, if you have any domestic needs you can use the in-room communicator to contact the staff. They will provide you with room service. Good day gentlemen."

The Administrator swiftly turned after he delivered them to their destination that he didn't even care that Obi-Wan and Anakin gave him a courteous bow as he left. The Yumore were a very rude people indeed, but Obi-Wan wasn't going to create a fuss over the man's lack of manners. The Administrator was actually more polite than he anticipated.

Obi-Wan gave his Padawan a smile and said, "Come on, Ani. Let's get ourselves situated. Then, we can go guard that treasure."

"Master, don't you think Hee Voo was being kind of mysterious? I mean, how can you have two ships get attacked with no survivors and still not know anything about the enemy? It doesn't make any sense."

Obi-Wan rubbed his beard and gave then casually strolled through the door to their quarters and sat down on a lovely earth tone sofa and said, "Hmmm, well Ani there isn't anything we can do about Mr. Voo's secretiveness, but I do agree that he is hiding something. However it doesn't change our mission. You must keep in mind our objective and have patience."

Anakin grumble and picked at some fruit in a bowl. It was the only thing in the whole ship that had any color. Tentatively he bit into the apple-like fruit and leaned over the counter and said, "Yeah, but I hate waiting, Master. I wish that thief would show up already."

Amused, Obi-Wan smiled and then closed his gray-blue eyes in mediation and replied, "Patience is a virtue, Ani and I believe it is one you ought to try and cultivate."


Meanwhile, in the darkness of space a small lone ship cut through the cosmos in reach of the Yumore ship. The small fighter was working in low power and was maintaining its stealth mode as it came near its target. And silently the little vessel attached itself onto the Yumore ship's haul just as it was preparing to set it's second course change into hyperdrive.

Quietly, the pilot inside the fighter ship smiled. The Yumore were stupid to think that their primitive technology could stand a chance against her. The cloak on her ship was far more superior and with haste she used a strong acidic gel to eat away the other ship's skin like a ripe fruit and jumped in. The corridor was devoid of personal as her sensors detected, but she also knew from her reports that sensors were the Yumore specialty. However, sensor can be deceived.

The pilot reached for a blaster looking device on her belt and closed one eye as she took aim for the security sensor and pulled the trigger in order to send her virus into the ships's system through it's transmitter. It was a faulty design on the maker's part, but she wasn't going to complain. It just made her job that much easier.

And when the task was done, she gathered up her gear and headed down the corridor. The locator device she had was all she needed in order to find her target once and for all.

Though as she rounded a corner to the elevators she bumped into a crewman pushing a supply cart. Stunned, the Yumore crewman shouted and tried to reach for his communicator, but wordlessly the thief pulled out a knife and slit the man's throat and cover his mouth with her hand. She then dumped his body onto the ground without care and raced towards the elevators as quickly as she could. It was only a matter of time before she was found out.


Abruptly, Obi-Wan opened his eyes and felt a disturbance in the Force occur somewhere abroad the ship. It wasn't hard to tell with so little activity going about the vessel, but he got the distinct feeling that their visitor had finally arrived.


"Yes, I feel it too Master. I don't think this thief is an ordinary being."

"Nor I, Padawan."

Obi-Wan then rose and opened the door to look outside the corridor. He saw the same dull mud color walls and floor and wondered where the intruder might be. Though honestly it didn't matter. Mr. Voo had been very prudent in placing their room so close to the treasure. The thief would have to cross their path before entering the crystal chamber.

"Come on, Anakin. Let us greet our visitor."

Yet, once out in the hall they hear the ding of the elevator door opening and cautiously Obi-Wan pulled his lightsaber from his side just on case. Though unexpectedly a smoke bomb was hurled in their direction and in a flash a being dress completely in black came running pass them and straight towards the large reinforced door. Obi-Wan could not see the thief because they were wearing a mask, but something in the Force told him that it was a woman. He had no idea what she had planned once she reached the door, but quickly he reached for his communicator and contacted Hee Voo.

"Administrator, the thief is here."

"You mustn't let her get the crystal, Master Jedi. Do not allow her to succeed."

"I will do what I must, Kenobi over and out."

"Master!" shouted Anakin. "Look!"

Obi-Wan watched in amazement as the she-thief pulled two daggers from her belt and thrusted them into the two large doors. Then, remarkable she began to manipulate the Force to pry them open. The masked figure stood confidently with her back turned towards them and gesturing with her hands, she move the bolted doors like Master Yoda would move a boulder out of a path.

However, once open she quickly raced to run inside and Obi-Wan took his chance and followed her within, but Anakin wasn't so lucky. The power on the daggers disappeared when she was gone and he discovered that he was locked out.

"Master!" shouted the Padawan, but it was too late. He was trapped on the other side. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan watched as the thief almost got taken out by a laser beam from the security system. Though she was not deterred. Instead, she pulled out a device that overloaded all the lasers as it hit it and the chamber was suddenly filled with smoke again from the blast. Emergency fire extinguishers then consumed the room and visibility was almost gone.

"Who are you? What do you want with the crystal?"

Obi-Wan then paced the chamber and waited for the vents to clear the air, but surprisingly again he saw that the thief had ignored him and was now using a sword to break into the vacuum chamber.

"No! You can't possible break the vacuum with that."

The thief paused and looked up at him and said, "Watch me." And with a swing from an impossibly ordinary looking sword the vacuum chamber suddenly shattered like glass and in a brilliant bust of pink light the chamber was bath in a warm glow. Obi-Wan immediately felt the vibrations from the stone penetrate him from the inside out. He realized then that this was not just a holy stone, it was obviously a source of energy.

"Who are you? Why are you stealing the Yumore crystal?"

"Yumore! Ha! Don't make me laugh. Those filthy thieves took it from my vessel at Shalandra nearly 5 years ago. This is Clan property, Priest not some trinket."

"Regardless, I cannot permit you to leave. If what you saw is true then you ought to bring it up with the law, not deal with this like a criminal."

"I don't answer to your people's laws."

The she-thief than used her sword to attack Obi-Wan and he quickly ignited his lightsaber and was prepared to burn through her blade, but astoundingly it did not break. Instead, the two clashed weapons in a battle of light and steel and Obi-Wan saw that her sword also had a stone at the base. It was resonating the Force like a beacon and as the sparks flew from their contact he realized that the metal was star-core as well.

"Force! Who are you?" he asked as their battle drew them close.

Obi-Wan had to admit that she was good. She was probably even better than she seemed, but as they struggled for the upper hand doors opened unexpectedly and Anakin appeared with over a dozen Yumore guards and Administrator Voo.

Hee Voo laughed at the she-thief and said, "Give it up, General. Give us back the sacred stone."

She violent shoved Obi-Wan away from her and tumbled over to pick up the crystal she had stashed inside her bag and said, "No, the crystal belongs to the Clan. It belongs aboard the Questa, not your greedy little hands. And you have been warned before, Hee Voo. If you cross the Clan than you cross me."

"How stubborn of you, General but you can't defeat the Jedi. The stone belongs to the Yorb Temple. Why don't you surrender now and we might spare your life?"

"I'm not afraid to die, you worm. Your threats mean nothing to me. For I am a warrior and I do not know defeat."

Amused, the Administrator said, "We shall see about that, General. Men take aim and open fire."

"No!" shouted Obi-Wan. He then approached the thief and grabbed her arm and said, "Administrator, I will take this woman into my custody. She will be judged by a court and punished for her crimes justly."

The warrior-woman was surprised and she tilted her head at him curiously. "My, how civil of you, Jedi. You're so gentlemanly."

"Jedi are keepers of the peace, Miss."

He then reached up and pulled the mask off her head and saw that she was shockingly very young. She also appeared very human. In fact, Obi-Wan could not see much difference between her and any other ordinary human being. The only alien thing about her was that she had red irises that reflected the light like an animal. Though as he touched her, he felt an odd sensation electrify his skin like a bolt of lightening. A wave of pure Force energy traveled up and down his spine that he shuttered against the feeling. He realized that for some strange reason this woman was able to bend the Force like a magnet. It was breathtaking. However, he saw that he wasn't the only one who had been affected by their touch.

The she-warrior in response gasped and refused to meet his eyes. Dangerously, she hissed, "Don't touch me" and yanked her hand free from his and shoved him away. "I don't need your violation!"

Stunned, Obi-Wan stuttered, "V-Violation? Miss, I would never—"

"Silence!" she roared. She then pulled another gadget from her belt and blinded the entire room with a flare.




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