Defenders of Light

Author's Note:

I'm sorry for not keeping up the story, but I think I'll have to let it go. I'm just not into it anymore. I think I'm near the end of my rope with Star Wars fanfics. However, thank you all for reading and writing me encouraging reviews. I love knowing that my work is being enjoyed and appreciated.

-Miss Ink


Though, if you're dying to know how the plot turned out then I've written it all out as a summary below:

After Obi-Wan forewarned his wife, Lady Thrice not to leave she told him she didn't have a choice and left. As a warrior she has to help her Master, Lord Blackswan defeat Count Dooku because he has been hunting him. Her comrade, Lady Nina tried to kill Count Dooku on her own, but failed and so the two teamed up to take him down.

They met the Count on a Separatist stronghold deep in the heart of the enemy territory and dueled. Count Dooku was no match for the two ladies and was about to die, but General Gervious saved him. Instead, Thrice gets mortally wounded and dies just like Obi-Wan feared.

Later on, Lord Blackswan gets kidnapped at last by Count Dooku and Gervious. They take him to Sidious and he delivers him to Queen Aveon. The Queen gives Sidious Blackswan's place in her Count and has her scientist give Sidious a new younger body. Sidious is greatly pleased, but later starts to plan to overthrow the Queen after stealing her technology. He tells the Queen that he wants to wait a while before he is cloned younger so he can contiune to pretend to be just plain old Palpatine. Blackswan is executed. Meanwhile, Nina crash lands on Coruscant and tells Obi-Wan that his wife is dead. He is devastated, but vows to kill the Sith.

(Time laps – 10 years)

Then, after a few years we learn that the Clone Wars is happening (stormtroopers and droids). Jinn is a teen and Anakin is just finished his Jedi training. Obi-Wan got his revenge and had killed Count Dooku and General Gervious. (He is a lot tougher than he used to be). Anakin then tells Obi-Wan that he might quit being a Jedi because he is in love with Padme. The news saddens Obi-Wan because he always believed Anakin to be the Chosen One, but tells him he understands because he loved his wife, Thrice dearly.

Though things begin to fall apart when Sidious is named Supreme Chancellor and he names himself Emperor and the stormtroopers rebel (like in the movie). It looks like the end for the Jedi and shockingly Obi-Wan learns that Darth Sidious' new apprentice is none other than Anakin's clone, Darth Vader.

Obi-Wan, Anakin, Jinn and Padme join forces to build the Rebel Forces to put a stop to the Evil Empire. He then learns that Nina is now in charge to the Clan. She explains that the Queen is backing Sidious and that her home world had been attacked and is now under the Queen's control. However, Obi-Wan discovers that his late wife had been cloned before the Clan home was taken over, but she doesn't remember him.

Obi-Wan is sad that his wife's double doesn't know him because he was so happy to see her. He doesn't know how to act around her and she senses that he is bothered by her presence. Obi-Wan debates if he should give her his wife's old memories stored in the data-chip she gave him. He talks it over with her and to his surprise she agrees. She tells him that she knows that Jinn is their son and wants to remember him. Thrice's memories are stored by Nina and the couple reunite at long last.

Together with the Clan and the Rebel Forces they attack the new and improved Darth Sidious. Anakin fights Vader who wants Padme for himself and Obi-Wan and Thrice team up to take down Sidious. Jinn surprisingly helps Anakin kill Vader, but Sidious manages to get away injured.

Sidious runs back to the Queen asks her to help him crush the Rebels and the Clan. The Queen refuses and tells him he is weak. Sidious gets angry and tells her she is no longer Queen. It turns out Sidious managed to turn some of her Court against her. He kills her and names himself their new leader. He has her DNA burned so she can never been re-cloned. Yet, to his surprise the Rebels have followed him thanks to the Clan. They fight and Sidious looks like he is about to win and kill Thrice again, but unexpectedly he gets stabbed in the back by Anakin (disguised as Vader).

The Dark Lord is finally destroyed and the good guys return to Corusant to rebuild the Republic and the Jedi Temple.

The End.