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Inuyasha woke up and looked at Kagome, before looking around his living room. His eyes scanned over all of his sleeping friends who were snuggled together on the various furniture. He noted that it was still early in the morning because the sun still hadn't risen, but the sky was taking on the hues of morning. Yawning, his gaze returned to the sleeping beauty whose arms were wrapped around him and whose face was tucked into his shoulder. She was beautiful. That's all there was to it. Inside and out she was perfect for him. She was his Juliet, and hopefully he, her Romeo. Well, as long as their story wasn't a tragedy in that sense.

She let out a sigh and her eyes opened and she was looking at him. His breath caught in his throat, as she smiled up at him. Is there a word that surpasses beautiful? Bewitching, gorgeous, stunning, alluring…just plain breath-taking. She was breath-taking and she was only in sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"I'm a lucky guy, you know that." he whisper while smirking at her.

"Oh, why's that?" Kagome asked in the same hushed whisper. She slowly sat up and smiled at him.

"Because I have you as a girlfriend." he replied while kissing her tenderly on the lips. She kissed him back with the same tenderness and wrapped her arms around his neck. Inuyasha felt himself harden as Kagome shifted her position and deepened the kiss, unknowingly pushing herself against his member. This couldn't go on in here. He was a hormonal teenage, come on. He couldn't help himself.

Inuyasha broke the kiss, which took incredible effort, and smiled at her disappointed look. He picked her up and walked towards the door, taking silent steps as to not wake anyone up. On his way out the door he grabbed a jacket and had Kagome hold it while he walked around to the back of the house. "Where are we going?" Kagome asked while huddling into the jacket. It was chilly and there was a slight breeze in the early morning air. "You'll see."

Inuyasha said while walking up a small hill. The Takahashi's owned a good deal of land that hadn't had the trees cut down by the city for things like houses or businesses. He walked towards the woods and down a little path that looked like it hadn't been used for sometime. It was still too dark for Kagome to make out things clearly and the little animals weren't even awake yet. An owl hooted somewhere nearby making Kagome jump, and Inuyasha chuckled. "Scaredy cat."

"It just startled me because it was so loud compared to the silence." Kagome retorted. "Besides, I have you, so I have no need to be scared." She leaned her head against his shoulder with a content smile on her face.

"Well, here we are." Inuyasha said while stopping at the base of a huge tree. Its roots were above the ground in some areas, making little cubbies for animals, or where you could sit comfortably and lean against its trunk.

"That's a big tree." Kagome said amazed.

"Yeah. Me and Sesshomaru found it when we were younger, and thought it would be the perfect tree for a tree house. Best part is that it's so high up in the branches that only a demon can get there without the help of a ladder and rope."

Kagome looked up into the branches and saw nothing out of the ordinary. No tree house or branch out of place. Its leaves were…wait…those weren't leaves. They were sakura blossoms. "Oh, wow. That's beautiful."

"Yes, you are." Inuyasha said while holding back a laugh at that lame line. He wanted to see her reaction. Kagome quirked an eyebrow at him and said, "Really? You're using that? Well thank you, handsome." She smiled at him and he broke into laughter causing her to laugh too.

"I wanted to see what your reaction would be!" he laughed some more, but then took on a more serious tone. "But it is the truth all the same. You are beautiful."

Kagome smiled and blushed hoping that he couldn't see. "Thanks Inuyasha."

Without another word, Inuyasha jumped up into a branch of the tree. Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck as he jumped again. The branches got closer together and Inuyasha let Kagome down to stand on a branch with him. "Wait right here for a moment, will ya?" "Mmkay." Kagome nodded while sitting down on the branch so she wouldn't accidentally fall.

Inuyasha disappeared into the branched above and Kagome caught a blossom that fluttered down from where he rustled the branches. She gently studied the blossom and felt the soft texture of it against her thumb and forefinger. 'Why can't life be this soft?' Kagome wondered.

Inuyasha jumped into the tree house that he and Sesshomaru had built when they were kids. (Yes it was completely safe. Unbeknownst to the two boys, Inutaisho had redone their handy work.) He quickly grabbed a broom that was in the corner and swept dust into a corner and used the end of it to eliminate years of cobwebs. He hadn't been in this place forever, but it was the greatest spot to view a sunrise or sunset. He then proceeded to open up a old, ratty suitcase in the corner. He pulled out a old quilt to sit on while they watched and when he deemed it suiting enough for Kagome he jumped down to where he left her moments ago.

He landed lightly on the branch and was still amazed at the simplicity of her beauty. Clad only in his black jacket (which he purposefully grabbed by the way) and red sweat pants, tenderly caressing a sakura blossom, she would put any model to shame. She looked over at him and smiled before standing up carefully and walking over to him. He wrapped his arms around her in a loving hug and then said "Ready?" She nodded her head and he gave her a boost up to the next branch through the pink blanket of blossoms. When she said okay he jumped up next to her and then said "After you."

She smiled and climbed up the ladder that went to a door that was unevenly cut. Inuyasha seemed to read her mind because he said "We were just kids when we made this. No judging." She laughed and opened the door before climbing into the little tree house. She stood up and looked around at all the miscellaneous objects, and Inuyasha followed her in through the door.

He watched her as she walked over to the quilt in front of the window. She looked towards him and raised her eye brows at him before plopping down and staring out at the horizon that was beginning to lighten up.

Kagome could feel his golden eyes watching her every move, and it made her shiver with an unknown emotion. She looked back behind her where Inuyasha was still standing. Still staring at her. She patted the quilt, motioning for him to come sit by her. Why was he being so distant now? Did she do something wrong?

Inuyasha smelled the concern rolling off of her and quickly filled the vacant spot next to her. "What's wrong?" she asked quietly, while grabbing his hand in hers and leaning her head on his shoulder.

'She's worried about me and I didn't even do anything to signal that something was wrong.' Inuyasha kissed her lips once before leaning his head on hers. "Nothing is wrong Kagome. Everything is perfect."

It was the truth too. He'd never been happier. The only problem was that Inuyasha wasn't sure what to do now that he brought her here. There was indeed a reason he had brought her here, to the most private place he knew, but now that he was here he didn't know if it was a good idea. What would Kagome think of him if he even attempted anything? They've only known each other for about two and a half weeks, not to mention they'd only been going out for two days. This wasn't a good idea at all.

It was still considerably dark and Kagome was feeling…something. It was similar to butterflies in her stomach and it was enough to make her breathing shaky. Sitting here with Inuyasha, alone and in the dark was having an effect on her and she couldn't tell if it was good or bad, but she felt like it was good. She sighed before looking up at Inuyasha's face. He was staring out the window and looked down at her when he noticed she was studying him. They locked eyes and they both leaned forward and kissed each other, this time experimentally.

Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck and sat on his lap, never breaking the kiss. Inuyasha leaned back on one elbow supporting them both while his other arm wrapped around Kagome's lower back pulling her closer to him. Her mouth parted slightly too catch her breath and Inuyasha took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into her mouth, exploring every inch of her soft, warm mouth as they battled for dominance, Inuyasha winning quickly.

Kagome pulled away a fraction of an inch to breathe and trailed butterfly kisses along his jaw. She leaned on him harder, pushing him slowly to the floor while her slender fingers slid through his hair, up to the velvety ears on top of his head. She stroked them, earning a pleasurable growl from Inuyasha, that she muffled by capturing his lips again.

Inuyasha slid his hands under her jacket and shirt, running his hands up her soft back, before flipping them over so that he was hovering over her. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes half lidded as she smiled up at him lovingly. He smiled back before dipping his head down and seizing her perfect lips.

Inuyasha relaxed more and his body pressed down on Kagome's alerting her to something hard against her thigh. Her eyes widened as she realized what it was and Inuyasha saw her expression and realized what had happened. 'Crap. She definitely doesn't want this.' Inuyasha thought, slightly hurt. He began to pull away but was stopped by Kagome pulling him back to her.

"It's okay Inuyasha." Kagome whispered. "It's okay." she repeated before pulling his lips back to hers in a heated kiss. Kagome reached for the zipper of the jacket she was wearing and unzipped it with the help of an eager Inuyasha who tossed the jacket somewhere into the shadows. The chilly air made Kagome shiver, but she quickly forgot about the cold as Inuyasha's body covered hers and he gently nibbled her earlobe making her moan.

She quickly set to work on unzipping his jeans and sliding them off to reveal his black boxers that didn't do much to shield his hardened erection. Inuyasha removed his shirt, revealing his perfectly sculpted body. Without hesitation Kagome started to passionately kiss him once more, while Inuyasha set to work sliding her sweatpants off and lifting her shirt over her head, leaving her in her bra and underwear.

She shivered again as Inuyasha ran a clawed finger over her bare stomach and laughed lightly. "That tickled, you know." Inuyasha only smirked before crushing her with his body against the quilt. Her skin burned feverishly where it touched his bare skin and she once again grabbed one of his ears and set to work rubbing it. Inuyasha's growl of approval echoed through the tree house before he gently took her bottom lip in between his teeth. His hands trailed lightly up her back making their way to her bra strap where he fumbled with the hook, and after a few failed attempts unhooked it, sliding it off of her.

Inuyasha sat back a few inches and took in her soft, perfect looking breasts. Kagome began to squirm under his scrutinizing gaze and blushed profusely, beginning to cover herself with her arms. She was stopped by Inuyasha grabbing her wrists in his hands. "Stop. You're beautiful Kagome." She looked away with a smile on her face and a blush that spread down her neck.

Inuyasha chuckled and then covered her mouth with his again while taking one of her breasts in her hand and squeezing it, earning a moan from Kagome. He trailed kisses down her throat and to her soft breasts, where his mouth closed over her left nipple rolling it between his front teeth before sucking on it causing Kagome's eyes to flutter in ecstasy. Moaning, she slid her hands down into his boxers and gently, but firmly wrapped her fingers around his shaft. This was the first time she had ever gone this far with touching a guy and she wasn't quite sure what to do. She was surprised by how velvety his skin was under her hand, yet it was hard underneath. Inuyasha moaned and pushed further into her soft hands, and buried his face into the juncture of her neck and shoulder. He nipped at the soft skin there, gently sucking at the pulse point.

She slowly began to move her hand up and down his shaft and Inuyasha moaned louder and bit her neck with more pressure than he just had. Kagome moaned as his teeth skimmed over her neck and she was encouraged in her actions by his sounds of pleasure. She gently blew on one of his ears, before she inched her way down his body towards her working hands. She gave his muscled stomach tender kisses as she worked her way further and further. She met her beloved hanyou's wide eyes as he watched her descend towards his pulsing erection and she smiled tenderly at him. She moved her hands from him and tentatively licked the tip of it, earning a hiss of pleasure from Inuyasha as his head lolled back in bliss. Gaining confidence, Kagome slowly began to place him into her mouth and started to gently suck on him. She heard him moan and wasn't prepared for his hips to thrust, causing him to go deeper into her mouth and tried to hold back a gag as he hit the back of her throat. Her eyes watered and she felt him pull out quickly while rapidly apologizing. "Kagome, I'm sorry! I just could stop myself, what you were doing…it just felt so amazing. I didn't mean to gag you. We can quit. I'm sorry."

Kagome quickly shook her head and said, "No, no. It's fine, Inuyasha. I promise! You didn't do anything wrong." She smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the lips. Inuyasha kissed back and his hands greedily roamed her body. He began to tug on her black panties and slowly slid his hand into them earning a moan from Kagome as her breathing picked up in excitement. His fingers ran through her black curls and he gently rubbed his pointer finger between her moist folds, causing her to moan into his mouth that continued to ravage hers. She pressed her hips against his finger urging him to continue his ministrations, to which he gladly complied. His fingers were slick with how wet she was and he slowly pressed one digit in and felt her inner walls clamp around him. She was so tight and amazing feeling as he slowly pulled his finger out and pushed it back in. Kagome's moans grew more needy and she bit Inuyasha's lip hungrily when he rubbed her clit with his thumb before adding another finger to the single digit in her. She could feel something in her stomach tighten as he continued and she began to beg for more. "Inu…yasha, please," she mewled longingly. Encouraged by her pleading, Inuyasha pushed her onto her back and slid down her body where he nipped at her inner thighs before working his way up to where his fingers still pumped into her. He looked up into her eyes and all he saw was love and longing. Without warning he licked her clit causing her to cry out in ecstasy. Her legs wrapped around his shoulders and her thighs locked his head into place as he shoved his tongue into her. He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer, so that he could have better access to her and all the while Kagome's head was thrashing around in pleasure she'd never known existed. Her juices were devoured by Inuyasha's lapping tongue as she reached her climax for the first time and screamed out his name. Her panting echoed through the cozy tree house as she ran her hands through his hair. She pulled him up to her face and kissed him. She could taste herself on his lips and tongue and this ignited some primal excitement inside of her. She noticed that Inuyasha's erection was harder than earlier and she brushed her fingers along it and watched as it twitched in response and looked up to see Inuyasha with his eyes closed and his breathing ragged. She wanted to make him feel as good as she had, but at the same time she wanted more. She placed her hand on his cheek and rubbed her thumb along his soft cheek.

Inuyasha was struggling to hold back his beast, but after hearing and tasting Kagome, he was failing. He didn't want to go further than she wanted and if he lost control he feared the worst would happen. His erection was to the point of painful due to the need to be released, and the girl he loved was sitting in front of him and looking at him with the same love. He felt her hand caress his face and he opened his eyes to look into hers. He heard her gasp lightly and knew that as he began to lose the battle with his inner self, his appearance began to change.

Kagome stared into Inuyasha's red eyes as he stared into her sapphire depths. "Inuyasha, your eyes. Are you okay?" Inuyasha was startled that she was asking if he was okay instead of shying away. This fearless behavior furthered his loss of control and he found himself pressing her against the quilt beneath them. 'No, you must stop this!' he argued with his demon. 'We shall have what is ours.' retorted his demon longingly.

Kagome stared up at him the entire time and watched as he appeared to have a battle with himself. What was happening? "Inuyasha, what's wrong?" she asked worriedly. "Did I hurt you earlier?"

"No!" Inuyasha shouted surprised that she would even think that. "It's not like that at all." Kagome was startled by his sudden outburst, but decided to ask, "Then what is it?"

"We-I mean I…I just need you so bad Kagome, but I don't want to force you into this or rush things. After all, things are rough for you right now" he looked down with sadness and Kagome smiled at him.

"Oh, Inuyasha. You aren't forcing me into anything. I-I love you and I wouldn't want my first time to be with anyone else." Kagome then pulled in down to her and passionately kissed him and encouraged him to come closer. She felt his erection pulse against her thighs and he slowly pressed against her entrance. The feeling of him pressing against her made her eager for more and she squirmed anxiously as his hardness began to penetrate her. "Kagome, are you sure?" he asked one last time while looking deep into her eyes. "Yes, Inuyasha." she kissed him again and he slowly filled her until he reached her virginal barrier where he stopped and warned, "This might hurt." She nodded and buried her face into his neck before he quickly broke though. She let out a small cry as her virginity was taken, but the pain subsided quickly. She slowly began to wiggle around and she could feel Inuyasha inside of her and he felt wonderful. Feeling Kagome begin to move, Inuyasha slowly pulled out and pushed back into her while gaining speed. With each thrust he would slam into her harder. Kagome cried out in pure pleasure that made her toes curl and she met each one of his thrusts with one of her own. She felt like she couldn't get him far enough in and she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper into her. Her nails scratched at his back, leaving red trails in their wake, but neither one cared.

Inuyasha felt his demon taking over as Kagome's tight walls clamped around him as she orgasmed. She was so fucking tight and he felt like he was in heaven as he slammed into her. He could hear her pleasured mewls and moans and before he could stop himself he had sank his fangs into the junction of her neck and shoulder in instinct. He had claimed what was his and marked her with a temporary mark. He lapped up the bloody that welled from the puncture wounds and kissed her lips hungrily and with one final thrust he came into her with a pleased grunt. They both lay there in each other's arms, panting and sweating. Inuyasha pulled out of Kagome slowly and watched as she smiled at him. He smiled back and wrapped her into his embrace before pulling the quilt over them.

"Inuyasha?" he looked over at Kagome, who had her head on his chest. "Yes, Kagome?"

"I love you." she blushed up at him and snuggled closer. He felt a rush of happiness and warmth overwhelm him and he squeezed her closer. "I love you too, Kagome."