"Who is he?"
"That's Quinn, the group's leader."
"Who's the lad?"
"That's Jared."

"Is he your son, Quinn?"

"Is he your father, Jared."

That was mostly the same questions I heard from the newcomers every time they saw Quinn and Jared when they were together greeting them.

After a year of killing most of the dragons in the area, more and more people felt safe of coming out of their hiding place. I felt grateful for that. Earth was returning to be what it once was.

"You're not going!"
I heard Quinn's stern voice once more as he entered our chambers followed by one angry looking Jared.
They kept fighting, knowing I was looking at them. I could remember the first time I myself asked Quinn if Jared was his son. The spoken answer was no, yet what I see is a yes.

As Quinn's "girl" I've been able to see beyond what many see. I've seen Quinn's proud face whenever Jared stands up as a group's leader, much like Quinn is. I've seen his worried eyes whenever Jared has to go out of the fort, doesn't matter if he's with him. I've seen the frustration every time he fights with the young teenager. I've seen him going at night and slightly brushing away a lock of hair from Jared's sleeping face. I've seen his overprotective reaction towards this boy. I've seen him act like a father to this boy, a boy he's been raising for more than ten years now, his boy.

As Quinn's "girl" I've also observed Jared's reaction. I've seen Jared's admiration whenever Quinn speaks with one of the group. I've seen Jared's annoyed face when Quinn looks at him with worried eyes. I've seen the rebellion, a son's rebellion, every time Quinn stops him from doing something. I've seen him get closer to the man whenever there's pain or discomfort. I've seen his smile when Quinn brushes away his hair as he fakes sleep. I've seen him act like a son would.

Quinn is Jared's dad as much as Jared is Quinn's son. Everyone talks of them as such, except for the both of them.

It's unspoken and whenever I've told Quinn he is Jared's father, he turns and looks at me, pleading with his eyes for me to stop, pain evident on those blue orbs. Whenever I've hinted at Jared such a thing, he glances at me with wishful thinking.

Despite how close I've become to them both, almost-yet not quite- fulfilling the mother and wife role, I have yet to discover the reason, and so far, I've become to believe it'll forever be unspoken.