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Chapter One - Jingled Bells

The middle of December and the first major storm of the season blew into Middleton Colorado. Eighteen inches of snow was dropped in two days. There were the usual problems with street clearance, lots of minor fender benders as drivers made the seasonal change to their driving skills and plenty of kids making last minute Christmas cash by hiring out to shovel a neighbor's driveway.

But not all was bright and cheer in Middleton. Something was going on. It might have been missed or ignored by the civil authorities and all of the adults—

But the teens of Middleton High, the home of the Mad Dogs picked up on it right away.

Speculation ran wild.

For more than three weeks, one of Middleton's most famous residents . . . who just so happened to also be Middleton High's most famous loser was the focus of that speculation, the talk, the gossip. Interest among the high school population was at its peak, the flames fanned even higher by the very actions of the 'person of interest' as well as the unknown and unexplained absence of—

And that was the most madding thing about it. For the 'person of interest' seemed to be utterly normal . . . or at least as normal as any person was whose motto and and acknowledged lifestyle was patterned after the philosophy of 'never be normal'.

He spent his days going to his classes (sleeping through some of them), getting picked on by bullies, falling flat on his face in P.E., gorging his way through lunch period. No sign that anything was different except—

He spent his afternoons in his usual booth at Bueno Nacho, working his way through the menu (aided and abetted by his strange little pet of course) with the ferocity that had unofficially given him the status of 'Lord of the Naco'. But the fact that he was alone in the booth, that his—

And that was the madding part. For as long as anyone had known or at least known of The Loser (which is what he was referred to by many in the school who didn't know his actual name), he had been legend for his wild mood swings and sudden/fearsome 'tantrums of panic and fear'. It was suppose to be a 'fact' among the teens at school that The Losers seemingly often happy-go-lucky periods were the result of a brain which had no real connection with the reality of "High School Life and the Results and Requirements of the Food Chain'.

So the wonder and speculation ran through all members of the student body for the facts of the current situation were known and obvious. The results were not.

The facts of the matter were: (1), that the well known Loser of Middleton High, the one whose name was actually Ron Stoppable, had been, for more than three weeks, alone . . . without his guardian and protector, famed teen troubleshooter Kim Possible.

Fact (2), that this same Ron Stoppable, did not appear in the slightest to be sad, low, glum, down, upset, unhappy, dejected, depressed, miserable, despondent, disheartened,

down-in-the-dumps or even overly aware of his unusual and singular 'aloneness'. He in fact seemed to be quite focused (or whatever passed for that in his case) and cheerful to any who might lower themselves to look or utter a word to him in passing.

The third major fact was that the involved item which was missing from the vicinity of Stoppable was the equally legendary (for other obvious reasons) Kim Possible. That drove the

wonder and speculation into overdrive. Had she had gone off on one of her world saving 'missions' without her 'sidekick', things might be different?

Fact (4), no she had not.

Kim had been at school during the entire period. She had been attending classes regularly (two of which she actually shared with Stoppable which seemed to be the ones he usually managed to stay awake in), doing her cheerleading, participating in the Student Counsel—

But something was wrong there as well. To the wonder of those who worked with her, Kim seemed . . . if it was possible (pardon) . . . stressed . . . preoccupied. There were a few that actually bandied about the term 'worried' but that was immediately shot down in the general discussion.

What was 'known' about that was that Kim had curtailed or postponed all of her extracurricular and afterschool activates. Chaos was resulting from her lack of leadership for the Holiday Toy Drive, the School Decorating Committee, the Middleton Food-for-the-Needy Program. Others had stepped into the void (the Toy Drive had been 'taken over' [although others would say 'hijacked'] by one Bonnie Rockwaller) but everyone knew that none of the events would be as dynamic as they might have been.

That of course left the question of the hour to be, other than why was Ron Stoppable apparently 'okay with his singular aloneness'—?

Just where was Kim Possible disappearing too?

Kim Possible stared at the person standing in front of her as if that person was insane.

No . . . not insane, stark raving mad.

No, not stark raving mad . . . that would only apply to someone like Drakken. This person was even worse! This person was top-of-the-heap-WACKED, more out of touch with reality than any villain or henchman she had ever encountered. This person was—

This person . . . was herself, staring out of the bathroom mirror in front of her.

Kim's freshly showered crimson hair was hanging wet and clinging to the sides of her face which only accented just how pale she was at the very thought of what she was about to—

The seventeen-year-old heroines eyes slammed shut, a lower lip was bitten so hard that it hurt! She felt shivers of—

She was actually . . . no, she couldn't be . . . not her. She was Kim Possible, adventurer, crime fighter, world saver—

She could not be frightened!

But somehow, the butterflies in her stomach the size of Shego's ego did not want to listen.

"Kim?" she heard her mother's call.

She wanted to drop her dripping head into her hands and scream! How had she ever gotten herself into this situation. WHAT HAD SHE BEEN THINKING! Why didn't she just stick to things that she excelled in? Why had she allowed herself to think that she could ever even attempt to do what she was about to—


The "I'm coming," came out a little wild, a little crazy as she slammed her head down into the towel in her hands, working her hair so hard that it hurt

The pain at least helped keep her mind off of what she was about to do.

Or at least attempt . . . and probably FAIL MISERABLY in the process!