Chapter Eight – The Hallelujah Joyus

Of course, the encore was the Hallelujah Chorus. Freed at last from her fears, Kim had gone into it with an energy and enthusiasm that threatened to combust her. She was aware of her own voice soaring in tandem with her mother's and Liz's. She was singing! Singing in the way she had always dreamed.

The Chorus ended. Kim, flushed with excitement and enthusiasm tried to keep from bouncing on her toes as she stood with her hands in the proper position waiting for the applause to die. She felt good, she felt—

The lights went down again. Kim felt herself start—what was going on? The Choir should be turning to walk off stage.

Kim felt pressure against both of her shoulders. It—

It was her Mom and Liz, gently urging her forward with their shoulders against hers as the close spots came up. Mystified, Kim allowed herself to be pushed up closer to the audience. A glance over the side showed the rest of the choir moving off stage.

"Mom—" she whispered out of the side of her mouth, "what's going on?"

"Relax," came the reply, sounding like an order. It was followed by, "enjoy."

Kim blinked. Enjoy—enjoy what?"

Then Anne Possible's mouth came open and out came—

"Silent Night."

Kim was stunned. What was her mom—

Then Liz countered from Kim's other side.

"Holly Night."

Kim realized—

They were expecting her to sing the next phrase . . . it was the high note, the very phrase that her voice had broken on in the elementary school pageant. She COULDN'T

She received from both sides, gentle but firm thumps to her shoulders—

"All is Calm!" It took Kim a split moment to realize—that was her voice! Hitting the high notes!

All three women blended on "All is Bright!

It continued round robin, each woman taking a phrase then combining on the forth. As she was the third phrase, all of Kim's solo lines where the high notes! In this way, the three women made their way through the first verse. By the end, Kim was still mystified but going along with whatever her Mom and Liz (along with the Music Director and the tech crew at least) had in mind.

Kim's surprise continued as Anne went into the second verse. This time, she sang the entire first phrase- Silent Night, Holy Night, Liz, the entire second-Shepherd's quake at the sight. So Kim's was-Glories Stream from Heaven Above. Anne took the fourth phrase-Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia even as Kim felt a hand on her forearm. She glanced at Liz who's eyes met hers and with a nod of her head that Kim had gotten to know during all the intensive training—

Christ the Savior is Born! All three in harmony with Kim carrying the lyric, Anne and Liz going to the minor. They finished the verse in this way.

All three of them sang the third verse in harmony, Liz rising a full octave above Kim and Anne, effortlessly carrying the notes.

Kim had become lost in the music. Inside of her, there was a bittersweet feeling. Bitter for she now acknowledge it had been her own insecurities that had kept her from knowing this feeling for so long. Sweet because only now could she truly feel the love and support from those who had been trying to help her make this moment in her life happen. They went into the forth verse, that being the first verse repeated—

And Kim was almost the entire first line into it when she realized—

That she was all by herself. Her Mom and Liz had dropped out.

She was singing it solo.

And the high note was coming up.

The High Note—

On the inside, Kim found nothing but a smile.

For as she hit that high note dead on—

The wound, long raw and ignored, the gaping hole inside of her which had long been covered with a tarp of denial, the crushed ego that only a completely embarrassed and totally mortified ten-year old girl who had never before failed could know—

The memory of that moment, the moment when that old wound healed and closed would be cherished for the rest of her life.

Kim finished. Respectful applause broke out.

The house lights came up.

And only now could Kim really see the incredible grin that was on a certain boys face.

In the choir room, Ron grabbed Kim bodily around the waist to swing her up and twirl her around—

Knocking over a bunch of bottles of cider on an adjacent table by accident. Fortunately, they were unopened and the floor was carpeted.

Kim's face was still flushed with excitement. She was in that incredible position where she was both wired to the max and yet exhausted from the emotional drain. Her memories of the rest of the evening, of the time when she stood with her family and friends was a little blurry in the days ahead but there were clear memories that she would keep with her for the rest of her life.

Time was passing, other members of the choir were poking their heads into the group to give their congratulations or say their goodnights, Rufus was yawning his head off, the twins were scowling fiercely because Jean Stoppable had a hold of the both of them so they couldn't sneak off to cause mischief—


Kim turned her head at the sound of her mother's voice. Anne nodded in a direction 'over there'. Kim looked towards the direction.

To see the Music Director carefully guiding someone who looked to be old and frail through the crowd toward them. The person was using a walker and had their hat covered head down to watch the movement of their feet.

Respectful always of her elders, Kim guessed that the Director was bringing one of the elderly matrons of the church back at their request. Considering the steps up to reach the choir room, it must have been quite a trip. As the Director actually brought the woman into Kim's group, the woman's head came up into view.

Kim stared for the longest moment. That face looks very familiar to me.


Kim froze. Kim knew that voice! How could she ever forget—

A voice that had sung like an angel.

"Mrs. Fletcher?" Kim asked, as shocked and stunned as if Shego had walked up to her asking politely to share the recipes for Grandma Possible's Christmas cookies.

Mrs. Fletcher looked down at the walker in front of her. "Please forgive this monstrosity Kimberly. I just had surgery to fix the hip I broke playing beach volleyball with my granddaughter from Florida U." The elder woman gave a wicked smile. "We placed into the semi-finals before that little misfortune occurred."

The elder woman then reached out to touch Kim's cheek. Now that Kim had gotten a good look, it was clear that despite the walker, Mrs. Fletcher looked very good for her age. But any questions died in Kim's throat. She stood speechless, for once in her life not being able to come up with something to say.

Mrs. Fletcher said it for her. "It was simply lovely my dear. Well worth coming all the way from Florida to hear. I am so glad that you're mother was able to arrange for me to attend."

Kim gave her mom a shocked look. Anne simply looked back with her 'Mom always knows best' smile on her face.

Kim looked back to the 'angel' before her. "Mrs. Fletcher—" she tried to start—

But the emotions of the moment were too intense. Kim reached up to carefully grasp and squeeze the hand holding her cheek, trying to convey through her touch what she was unable to say with her voice. The tears were again flowing from her eyes.

Again, Mrs. Fletcher beat her too it.

"I always knew that someday you would realize your dream Kimberly." The old woman then cocked her head to the side. "But what took you so long?"

Kim . . . just couldn't say anything.

Ron could . . . as he always did when Kim needed someone to lean on. In fact he wrapped one arm around his KP even as he said—

"She just had to wait for her Christmas Angel to be in the audience Mrs. Fletcher." He then raised his eyebrow at her. "So what took you so long?"

The old woman grinned—

And a moment later, the entire group dissolved into laughter.

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