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Seeley Booth leant back into his office chair with a sigh, staring down at the seemingly over bearing pile of dossiers and paperwork with pure hatred and disgust. He was absolutely exhausted, it had felt like an eternity since he had started this paperwork this morning but he still wasn't finished.

As the agent rested his hands behind his head and exhaled harshly, closing his eyes as he rested further back into the comfy cushioned chair. Booth knew that if it wasn't for this stupid paperwork he would be doing something useful and relaxing like sitting at home on the couch with an ice cold beer watching television, or even better spending time with his partner and girlfriend of only two months, Temperance Brennan.

The thought of the anthropologist made him smile as he delved further into his fantasy, imagining curling up on the couch with one arm around the anthropologist as they sat and watched television together. She would probably argue that they should watch something educational rather than football but he would retort that it was perfectly fine to watch these kinds of shows, silencing her with a soft kiss.

Seeley felt like she was really there, her perfect pale skin and beautiful cerulean blue eyes that made him melt every time he stared into them. He could almost smell her honey and vanilla body wash and even as Booth sniffed the air, he swore he could smell her, faintly but it was definitely his Bones.

Slowly opening his eyes the agent stared wide eyed at the one and only Temperance Brennan perched on his desk, a devilish smile spread across her face while one leg was crossed over the other. The piles of paperwork that had littered his desk were now scattered all over the floor but that didn't matter now as he watched her hands carefully undo her blouse, adding it to the pile of mess before her bra followed.

"Bones what are you…" Booth started, unable to speak as he stared at her wide-eyed before staring at the floor.

"Shh Booth." Brennan husked, pulling Booth closer to the desk by his tie and affectively pulling him towards the desk. "Don't worry about the paperwork."

Her lips crashed down onto his and the agent cupped her face in his hands as he pulled her down onto his lap, the anthropologist's hands made their way to his hair, nails digging into his scalp.

Booth could taste the sweet taste of strawberry on her lips, wondering if she had applied it earlier or whether she had tasted like that all day but he realized how delicious she was and how badly he wanted to eat her up.

Brennan was the first to pull away, her lips swollen and eyes darkened to a shade of indigo in her arousal. Her lips tipped upwards as her smile grew at his obvious confused look.

"How did you even get in here?" Booth questioned, still a little breathless and breathing heavily by the anthropologist who was squirming on his lap, obviously as aroused as he was by the sudden intrusion.

"It was quite easy since there were barely any agents. You had your eyes closed and seemed like you were sleeping so I snuck in, closed the blinds and locked the doors." She explained easily, waving a hand to the side offhandedly. "Then I decided to surprise you and you didn't hear a thing. I thought you'd be bored doing paperwork all night."

"You're a savior Bones." The agent murmured as she nipped lightly as his neck, pressing soft kisses before nibbling at the point behind his ear that tore a growl from his throat.

"Plus why do paperwork all night when you could do me?" Brennan pulled back, raising an eyebrow and a grin rising on her face. One hand was already undoing his pristine work shirt, running her hands along his bare chest.

The slender fingers which usually worked with bones all day now traced along the defined muscles of his chest, her lips sought out every inch of hot skin she could find, nibbling lightly. Booth let out a ragged breath; trying to control himself but feeling his body melt under her touches.

The agent closed his eyes, losing himself in every sense that was his partner. The scent of her was obvious in the air; the smell of her was like a drug, a wonderful intoxicating drug.

The sound of her gasping caught his attention, eyes springing open in surprise as he felt her tight, warm walls surrounding him. Booth wondered when his pants had gone, hands running up her waist to capture her nipples between thumb and forefingers, twisting them lightly and eliciting a rough moan from his companion.

She continued to rock back and forth on his cock, her hands secured on his shoulders as she lifted herself up and down alternating her movements. Brennan leant forward onto his chest as Booth thrust up onto her, panting softly against his neck. Her walls were slowly clenching around him, signaling that her impending orgasm would be arriving very soon.

Moving his hands from her breasts he moved them around to her waist, pumping up against her and hitting her clit perfectly with each thrust until she cried out in pleasure. Booth found his own cry join her own as he released into her while her walls clenched around him, milking him dry.

The couple sat there in the euphoria of their orgasms before she smiled, pressing her lips to his and capturing them in a kiss, muttering a soft 'I love you' against his lips.

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