Imagine yourself as PK in an important sceneā€¦

They were all here. Pete had gotten all the tribes together to learn the song. He was beaming.

I turned to Doc and signaled for him to begin. All once beautiful music flowed from his hands and out of the piano.

"They are afraid!" I sing in their language. "They are cowards!"

I watch in fascination as the meaning of my words comes to them.

"They are afraid!" One man says quietly, as if he were scared to speak out.

"They are cowards!" Pete joins in.

As our three voices chorus together, I hear more and more voices join in. They mean every word they say: They are afraid and they are cowards. Each individual voice energizes me, it was as if all their love and dreams were in their words and they were cleansing me, purifying me. I now fully understood why Pete had wanted this concert so bad, I saw how much it meant to them.

Suddenly, one man turns to another tribe and pointing his finger he cries:

"They are cowards!"

Abruptly, a fight begins between the two tribes, and the music stops as both Doc and I watched horrified as they began to hit each other.

"Go" Pete didn't speak, he only used his eyes, but I knew what he meant.

"No!" I screamed shoving myself between the two leaders, as is suspected, none of them wanted to hurt me and they slowly moved.

"Only together can we conquer them, we have to work together."

When the music starter playing again, they straightened up and seemed to look at me with new respect.

"Rainmaker" Pete mouthed.

I smiled and rolled my eyes before turning to the tribes. I made a four sharp hand gestures and thene they were all singing. Their voices chorused together and enclosed us in our own little world