Beck's Little Sister

"Beck has a little sister?" "Well yeah, shes the little freshman right there"

Just a story about Beck's little sister and his relationship with Jade and his Friends.

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No ones point of view

"Beck!" Reeni screamed from her room, calling for her brother who had regrettably been taking very long in his new RV. "Were gonna be late!" Beck sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror, she was just very nervous for her first day of Hollywood Arts, "And stop staring at yourself in the mirror!"

Reeni walked into her brothers RV and pulled his hair until he yelped from pain, she smirked in victory as she walked out the door as Beck followed.

"School doesnt start for 20 minutes Reeni, just calm down!" he said while rubbing his scalp and frowning.

"Yes but we don't want to risk it! What kind of freshman is late on their first day?" She stuck out her tongue at him and laughed.

Beck took it into consideration and looked at his little sister. She was about 5'3" with dark red hair and dark brown eyes. Although he was a junior and she was a freshman, she still was very short for her age.

He smiled and walked towards his car. Everyone was excited to see Reeni go to Hollywood arts. They had all only met her once, and loved her as much as they loved Beck.

"We have to pick up Jade first." Beck stated, starting the car. Reeni gave him a look that said 'kill me now'. She never liked Jade.

As he Backed out of the driveway he made sure he didnt knock over any of Reeni's sculptures that for some reason sat in the driveway. She had been discovered to go to Hollywood Arts from her art, but had always wanted to be an Actress and a Dancer. She also liked to play the violin.

As they drove into Jade's driveway, Reeni smirked as she saw Jade trip and almost spill her morning coffee.

"Hey Beck, and you." Sarcasm dripping form the word you. "Get out of my seat, NOW." Reeni pretended not to hear and stuck her earphones in her ear and turned up the volume all the way on her PearPod. Jade sighed and sat in the backseat glaring and Reeni from behind.

"Ahh.. My girls." Beck smiled as he backed out of the driveway.

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