A Greenvale Christmas

Disclaimer: All characters, locations, and goofy movie references belong to their respective owners. I claim nothing.
Warnings: York being York. Grotesque murder story. Spoilers for one side mission and maybe for the ending in the author's note on the last chapter. Kinda York x Emily, but not really. In an AU world where the investigation was later in the year, because seeing Greenvale in Christmas time would have been awesome.

"Quite a show of festivities for a town in the midst of murder, isn't it, Zach?"

The small town glittered with Christmas lights, holly and mistletoe hung loyally over every door. It was quiet – for most were inside their houses, enjoying a nice familiar Christmas Eve ham.

Yet it would just so happen three particular people didn't have a family to share processed meat products with. A shame for sure, but it would come to be that they would all decide to awkwardly stray to the same place – the police station. And thus would begin Greenvale's own Extremely Awkward Christmas Tale.

"That's a…quite festive suit, Agent Morgan."

The man turned, adorned in a Christmas tree green suit, his undershirt a very vibrant red. What was most attention-grabbing was his tie – a cheery display of tangled Christmas lights. It wouldn't have been overtly distracting, if not for the fact it lit up, the rainbow display of lights causing York's face stoic face to look like a bag of skittles every few seconds.

"As an agent of the FBI, I pride myself on being ready for anything, Emily." A finger was lifted in her direction, shaken to indicate the man's point.

The blond sighed, hands on her hips. "Which I suppose includes light-up ties?" An intake of air, indicating she'd be getting an answer to that question, before she politely cut York off with a roll of her eyes. "That was a hypothetical question, Agent York…Why are you here, anyway? Shouldn't you be at your hotel?"

"Well, Polly left with Kaysen to visit Isaac and Isaiah. So the hotel was empty. I decided to come here and continue looking into the case."

"On Christmas?" The Deputy Sheriff repeated in disbelief.

"I could say the same of you, Emily. Why are you here?"

"Well-I-I was looking for you!" She snapped, "I thought you might be all alone, so I was going to invite you over for dinner- " Emily did her best to ignore the pained look that crossed York's face – "But you weren't at the hotel, so I thought to check here…I was being considerate, unlike some people."

"That was quite considerate – thank you, Emily." It was calm and polite, but York didn't seem particularly moved by the sentiment, nor aware to the implication of her last sentence. "Would you like to help Zach and I do some paper work?" He offered.

The blond scoffed – "What a kind offer for you to make, Agent York! Sure, why not!" She threw up her hands in exasperation, before rushing past the man into the police station.

"Even in the colder months Emily is as feisty as ever, Zach." The agent remarked, pulling the fingers away from his temple before calmly following the girl.


"That sounds fine, Emily. I'll take some, thank you." The carton was grabbed from her hands, and, under the blonds' wide and slightly unbelieving gaze, poured into a mug with York's coffee.

A few months earlier she might have gawked and asked why he would do such an insane thing, but now she just shook her head, sighing as she took the beverage away. As she walked over to the small fridge in the lunchroom, York poured over the files strewn in front of him, coffee/eggnog concoction in hand as he appeared utterly focused.

Emily on the other hand plopped down in her seat, cheek on fist as she leaned against the table, left hand bringing a Santa-shaped cookie to her mouth. The huff she released raised green eyes for a moment before they flicked back down to the pictures scattered about the table.

"You know, that cookie reminds me…There was a serial killer once –" The redressed snack froze against her lips, blue eyes staring at the agent in a kind of wary attention – "He would take all his victim's organs and use them as Christmas decorations – quite creative too, wasn't he, Zach? The small and large intestines were tinsel and lights, of course, while things like eyes and kidneys were tree ornaments. Then he would stuff gift boxes in his gutted victims' stomachs and dress them in Santa suits, leaving the corpses for us to find –"

A hand was brought to her mouth, face a little green as the Santa cookie clinked back onto its patter, pushed away with the rest of the festively shaped deserts.

"-In the presents under his tree we found all the other vital organs, like livers, hearts, lungs… One box contained the movie Hannibal, ironically enough – Anthony Hopkins is an amazing actor though, don't you think, Zach-"

A door slam somewhere in the police station.

Emily sat up, "Did you hear that?"

"Perhaps it's Santa Claus, come to grace the police officers of Greenvale with gifts."

"Funny, Agent Morgan." The blond said wiping her palms on the red sweater she wore. "Come on, we better go see who it is."

Author's note: Guten Tag, meine Lieblings. So I wrote this entire story in like 20 minutes (which is why it's so crappy), under the influence of Christmas music. You may notice that it's very bare and bones - now, normally I seek to describe every little detail as poetically as possible when writing. Yet with this story, I didn't think it fit, so it's a very simple, mostly-dialogue kinda thing, because I feel that anyone who's ever played DP doesn't need to me to elaborate on character reactions. I don't know about you guys, but even I, who has to constantly go back to watch scenes from video games when reading fanfic because I can't remember what a location looks like, or what a character sounds like, remembers every aspect of Greenvale and can picture York, Emily and George's reactions perfectly in my head. They are quite remember-able characters, aren't they, Zach? And this fic is split up into chapter's just because I think that makes it easier to read, as they're small, humorous scenes, much like in the game. But mostly because having a chaptered fic makes me feel cool. And happy holidays, everyone!