Idea mainly came from Rocky Horror Glee. I'm not trying to take anything away from Chris Colfer, because he was a fantastic Riff Raff, but once the mental images for this story came into my head, they wouldn't go away until I put it down on paper (and by "put it down on paper" I mean "typed it into a Word document and uploaded it here for your reading pleasure.")

Explicit slash. I don't own Glee, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Rocky Horror, blah, blah, blah.


"Really, now." Kurt grabbed one of the polyester sleeves of the costume on the rack in front of him and made a face. "A Twister game costume? You might as well buy the game and wrap the game sheet around yourself. Either way, you'd still look ridiculous."

Blaine had to laugh a little bit at his boyfriend's annoyance at the fact that he couldn't find anything to wear to Puck's annual Halloween bash in this store. "It's Halloween, Kurt," he chuckled. "You're supposed to look ridiculous. Do you think anybody would really wear this crap every day?" he asked, gesturing to the heinous selections of clothing on the racks surrounding them.

Kurt shuddered at the thought of that; Blaine laughed again and took the soprano's hand. "Come on. Maybe they have some better stuff in the back."

"They'd better," Kurt mumbled as he allowed himself to be dragged to the back of the store. He was starting to lose hope, and if he didn't find a costume soon, he was about to just forget the whole thing. It wasn't going to be that fun of a party, after all...most likely just the typical high school party, but populated by students dressed as Playboy bunnies and Jersey Shore cast members. Yawn.

But if he left the store now, there was no other choice but going back to his house to work on the huge pile of homework that had been sitting on his desk all weekend. Walking around a tacky costume store hand-in-hand with his boyfriend as they perused the gaudy merchandise? Definitely preferable.

"Hey, didn't you guys do Rocky Horror at McKinley?" Blaine wondered out loud as they began to pass a display of costumes featuring characters from the classic musical thriller.

Kurt smiled at the memory. "Yeah, we did," he mused, letting go of Blaine's hand and wandering back over towards the display. After looking over the selections for a few seconds, he frowned. "They don't have him, though..."

"They don't have who?" Blaine came over and wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist from behind, resting his chin on his boyfriend's shoulder as he, too, looked at the costumes.

"Riff Raff. I played him," Kurt explained. He reached out to flip through the costumes near the back of display and pursed his lips. "Nope. They don't have any, maybe they sold out or something."

"You should try one of these on anyway, just for the heck of it...," Kurt could feel Blaine's cheek turning up into a wicked smirk as he spoke, and he had to wonder what, exactly, the older boy had in mind - but it didn't take him long to figure out what was on Blaine's mind. For the first time, he took a good look at the costume that was hanging up directly in front of him - an exact replica of Tim Curry's classic Frank N. Furter getup.

Kurt's eyes went wide as he realized what Blaine must have in mind. "No. Absolutely not," he said, shaking his head so fervently that Blaine flinched away from him.

Blaine didn't say anything at first, just reached out and grabbed the costume off the rack. "Please?" he asked with the widest eyes and biggest pout that would disesteem a baby Basset hound faster than Kurt could say Donatella Versace. He held the costume out towards Kurt, not letting those wide puppy-dog eyes break his boyfriend's gaze.

Kurt rolled his eyes as he turned around, standing on his tiptoes to playfully bite Blaine's still-pouting bottom lip. "You know I can't resist you," he murmured into his boyfriend's mouth as he kissed him.

"So you'll do it?" Blaine was probably more excited about this than necessary, he knew, but he didn't care. And when Kurt simply nodded, he transferred the costume he was still holding into the soprano's hands. Kurt shot Blaine a wink over his shoulder as he stepped into the dressing room, not giving the older boy time to react to his sexiness before he shut the door to the tiny stall behind himself.

Once inside the changing room, Kurt quickly stripped down out of his Dalton uniform - he and Blaine had come here right from school - and changed into the leather corset, black briefs with garter straps, and fishnet stockings as quickly as possible. Dangling around the hanger was a pair of stiletto heels not unlike those traditionally worn by the transvestite in the show, so Kurt sighed and put those on as well. And of course, whoever had put this costume together just had to be thorough, because they'd also thought to include a tube of dark lipstick in a little plastic baggie that was clipped to the hanger as well. Kurt put on the lipstick and snapped on the black fingerless gloves before neatly folding up his school uniform. The whole time he was getting ready, he made a point not to look at his reflection in the tall mirror, knowing that the sight of himself in such a getup might send him into an irreversible shock. Finally, he took a deep breath and pulled open the door to step back out into the store.

Blaine had turned around and was flipping absentmindedly through the rest of the costumes on the Rocky Horror display, so his back was to the dressing rooms when Kurt emerged. He smiled to himself when he heard the quiet creak of the door opening and turned around just in time to see the first fishnetted-and-stilletoed leg step out the door.

" god."

Blaine hadn't even realized he'd spoken these words out loud until after Kurt had stepped into his full view with a beautiful smile curling at the corners of his lips - which, by the way, were painted dark with some lipstick that Blaine hadn't even noticed was included with the costume. Or lack of costume, Blaine realized happily as he was well aware of the fact that Kurt was wearing next to nothing. It was the least amount of clothes he'd seen his boyfriend in since they started dating two and a half months ago, and right now Blaine found himself wanting to get Kurt out of his minimal attire and just ravish him right then and there.

Kurt stepped closer to Blaine so he could wrap his arms around his boyfriend's neck. "Happy now?" he murmured, leaning down to brush his lips against the older boy's neck - something that was harder than he'd thought it would be, considering he was a full six inches taller than Blaine in these ridiculous heels. Kurt was extremely thankful that the small store was empty, save for himself, Blaine, and the lone cashier at the front, who couldn't see them behind the multitude of costume racks and was only there to get paid, anyway, he didn't care what the hell the customers did as long as they bought something.

"Dressing," Blaine gasped as Kurt sunk his teeth into his neck. He'd somehow managed to get completely hard in the thirty seconds it had been since Kurt reappeared in this glorious outfit. He'd have to take care of that somehow...and what better way to do so than with the beautiful boy himself there to help out?

Kurt smiled and slipped away from Blaine just enough so that his boyfriend could place both hands on his ass - which looked fucking fantastic in the leather briefs, by the way - and push him gently but forcefully back into the tiny room from which he'd just emerged. This time, Blaine stepped into the room with him, shutting and locking the door behind the two of them before turning his attention to Kurt.

The second they were completely alone, Blaine reached up and captured Kurt's dark lips in a passionate kiss, a kiss that soon turned into Kurt sucking on Blaine's tongue, which was as far down the soprano's throat as it would go. Blaine writhed against Kurt, trying to bring himself even closer - their bodies were pressed right up against each other's, but this still wasn't close enough for Blaine. After a while, he couldn't breathe, so he reluctantly broke the kiss, but Kurt kept on going. His lips didn't leave Blaine's skin; he kept on kissing down the edge of his jaw, over the length of his neck. His fingers reached up to unknot Blaine's school uniform tie and toss it carelessly aside; they continued working at the top few buttons of his shirt, undoing those so his lips could reach the top of his chest.

"My god, fucking hot," Blaine gasped as Kurt continued undoing more buttons and kissing more skin, getting further and further down Blaine's chest as he did so. His own fingers reached down to tangle themselves around a few locks of Kurt's hair. "I want to..."

Kurt smiled as he stood back up straight, having unbuttoned the last button and kissed all the way down Blaine's chest to his stomach. "What do you want?" he murmured, sliding Blaine's school blazer off his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor behind him.

Blaine was about to reply, but the verbal response he'd been about to emit was replaced at the last second by a tiny sound of pleasure from somewhere in the back of his throat. Kurt had hooked one long, almost-bare leg around Blaine's waist and was bending the leg that still remained on the ground, so that the massive erection that was tenting the front of those tiny leather briefs was rubbing against Blaine's thigh. All of a sudden, it was very clear to Blaine what he wanted.

"I want your cock," he panted as Kurt continued rubbing himself against his thigh, looking down to watch the beautiful friction happen. "Look how fucking huge you are...fucking want it, dammit, Kurt."

"What do you want to do with it?" Kurt whispered teasingly, his lips brushing the side of Blaine's face as he spoke. As the words left his mouth, he drew a long lick up Blaine's cheek towards his temple, causing the other boy to arch against him even more.

"Wanna touch it..." There was more that Blaine wanted to do, but he figured this would be a good place to start - plus, he lost a little bit of coherency as Kurt started to take his next action.

"Oh." Kurt pulled completely away from Blaine, who made a tiny sound of protest but didn't say a word. He smirked; the lipstick he'd applied was now smeared around his mouth in the sexiest way possible. And before Blaine knew what was happening, Kurt was taking himself out of the leather briefs and lazily trailing the fingertips of one hand up the entire length. "Like this?"

"Kurt, fuck." Blaine knew he probably could have come just at the mere sight of Kurt touching himself; it took every single remaining ounce of his willpower to tell himself not to do so just yet. "Yes, like that."

With his free hand, Kurt reached up and tugged down the strapless black corset just enough to expose the top of his chest. "I do this all the time," he explained languidly as he rubbed his own nipples to hardness. "I like it. Do you?"

Blaine could only stagger backwards and sit on the small bench in the corner of the room as he watched Kurt. The hand around his cock had wrapped around the length and was pumping slowly - Blaine couldn't take his eyes off of it, that hand sliding up and down, up and down that fucking huge cock.

"You do like that." Kurt giggled quietly as he noticed how distracted Blaine was. He fluttered his eyelashes, giving off a look of pure innocence, when they both knew that innocence was his antithesis at the moment. "What else do you want to do to me?"

"I wanna taste you," Blaine responded deliriously as Kurt stepped closer to where he was sitting on the edge of the bench. "Wanna put your whole cock down my throat...I was right, you're big for such a little boy."

Kurt smiled dreamily, still deliberately stroking himself as he wandered back away from Blaine, towards the door of the tiny room. "You know, I wonder if anyone else came into the store," he mused. "Wonder if they can hear what we're up to in here."

"We would have heard if someone came in...that little bell on the door jingles whenever someone opens it," Blaine explained, then shook his head. "Why the hell do I even care? Now get your hot ass over here so I can fucking suck you off."

"I like it when you say dirty things to me," Kurt said with the tiniest, most seductive smile as he stepped closer to Blaine. The older boy was still sitting, so as Kurt approached him, that pretty cock of his was right at eye level. Blaine couldn't restrain himself any longer; he reached out and grabbed Kurt's hips, pulling his boyfriend even closer towards him, and took the entire length right into his mouth.

"Blaine...oh," Kurt moaned quietly but sexily as he felt himself in the warmth of his boyfriend's mouth. His fingers clutched in Blaine's hair, holding the other boy against him - not that Blaine minded at all. Kurt tasted better than Blaine had ever dreamed he would, and he was so big, he filled his entire mouth...

"Fuck, Blaine. God, yes. Yes. Don't stop, ohhhhh...," Kurt babbled as Blaine hummed around his cock. He felt the other boy's tongue swirling around the head, and he knew it wasn't going to be much longer before he came.

Blaine had to try his hardest to hold back a smile as he kept doing what he was doing. He sucked teasingly on the tip of Kurt's length for a little while, thoroughly enjoying all the hot little noises Kurt was making as he did so, before taking the entire thing in his mouth again. He knew Kurt was going to come any time now, and although he knew he would have loved to keep him in his mouth for much longer, he also decided that they probably had better get out of the dressing room before the cashier at the front of the store realized how long they'd been in there together.

"Come for me," he mumbled, his mouth full of Kurt.

Kurt did as he was told, choking back a scream as he released into Blaine's throat. Blaine swallowed him eagerly, immediately discovering how much he loved Kurt's taste. As he swallowed the last drop and Kurt's fingers tightened in his hair, supporting himself so as not to fall over from the intensity of what had just happened, he slid his mouth off of Kurt's spent length and stood up to take his boyfriend in his arms.

"And how'd you like that?" Kurt whispered with a smile as Blaine leaned his forehead against Kurt's own.

Blaine licked his lips before closing the small distance between his mouth and Kurt's. "Delicious," he whispered into the kiss; Kurt could taste himself on Blaine's lips.

"We should get going...there are more things I want to do that wouldn't be appropriate in here." Blaine winked as he re-buttoned his shirt and slipped his blazer back on over his shoulders.

"Like what we just did was appropriate." Kurt laughed as he looped Blaine's tie around his neck and fastened it for him. Then, since he couldn't exactly leave the store in the clothes he was wearing, he stripped out of them slowly, simply for Blaine's benefit, and changed back into his school uniform. Looking in the mirror, he wiped his lips with the back of his hand to get rid of the rest of the dark lipstick that remained, then put the entire costume back on the hanger and opened the door that led back out into The Real World.

Everything was exactly as they'd left it. The store was still void of customers besides themselves, and as Kurt peered warily around the costume racks, he could see the cashier falling asleep at the register, his iPod headphones plugged into his ears just as they'd been earlier.

"Wait, where are you going?" Blaine called after Kurt, who was striding towards the cashier's counter at the front of the store with the previously-unwanted costume still in his hands.

"To check out." Kurt shrugged as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I found a costume for Puck's party."

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