By popular demand...I wasn't planning on doing a sequel to this, but many of you kindly requested I write one in which Blaine jumps Kurt's bones. And if you couldn't tell by that last sentence, yes, this is major smut (with a somewhat fluffy ending). Happy reading.

"Tell me again why I'm wearing this," Kurt mumbled down to Blaine as they stepped through the wide-open front door to Noah Puckerman's house, into the party that was already in full swing. "It's forty-five degrees outside. I'm practically naked."

Blaine smirked up at his boyfriend, who was about half a foot taller than him in the stilettos he wore as part of his costume. "Last I checked, you're not the one wearing nothing but skimpy gold shorts." He snapped the waistband of said tiny shorts just a little bit, knowing that if Kurt hadn't climbed on top of him and smothered his entire body with kisses in an attempt to convince him, he wouldn't even be at this party. Especially not dressed as Rocky from the classic musical thriller.

"Oh, don't look sexy." Kurt slapped his boyfriend's ass as if to exemplify this as they pushed through the crowd, turning quite a few heads in the process.

"Speak for yourself...okay, now this wig is really freaking itchy. Mind if I take it off?" Blaine reached up under the horrendously itchy blonde wig to scratch the side of his head as they continued making their way through the crowded front hallway, through the kitchen and into the living room, which was still stuffed with people but to a lesser capacity.

"Only if you promise to take off the rest of your costume later," Kurt said in a sexy whisper, bending his face down close to Blaine's. It was hard to resist the urge to say I told you so - the inevitable itchiness was exactly why Kurt himself had decided to forgo a wig.

Blaine took off the offending wig and reached over to place it on the head of some passed-out drunk McKinley football player who had fallen fast asleep with his face pressed up against the wooden kitchen table, despite the loud white noise surrounding him. The football player snored audibly as Blaine turned back to Kurt with a seductive smile, standing on his tiptoes to wrap his arms around the much-taller-than-usual boy's neck. "I promise," he whispered into Kurt's mouth, Kurt already having begun to attack Blaine's lips with his own. "Only if you do the same."

They stood there for a long time, tongues meeting in a slippery caress as they made out right in the middle of Puck's crowded kitchen. Their relationship had become quite sexual ever since that wonderful experience in the Halloween store dressing room about a week and a half ago. In fact, that day after they'd left the store, they'd gone back to their shared dorm at Dalton, locked the door, and made wild love in Kurt's bed. The same had happened every single night since. Even though neither of them drank, they both planned on getting plenty intoxicated tonight - on each other. All they had to do was find somewhere they could be alone...

Unfortunately, that wasn't going to happen soon, because right as Blaine was starting to rub his now-massive erection against Kurt's thigh, the younger boy gasped a tiny little shriek right into his mouth. Blaine immediately pulled away from the kiss and looked over Kurt's shoulder...right into the deer-in-the-headlights eyes of a tall, skinny, pale girl who was probably supposed to be dressed as Snooki, but didn't really fit the part at all. Her eyes were wide and her right hand was frozen right on Kurt's ass, in the process of giving it a flirtatious squeeze. As she looked back at Blaine, probably trying to figure out who in the hell this lucky-ass guy dressed as Rocky was, her mouth fell open a little bit, but she still didn't move her hand.

Blaine kept his eyes locked on the girl's as he tentatively reached behind Kurt, picking her hand up off his boyfriend's ass, holding it hesitantly between the tips of his thumb and index finger, as if he didn't want to touch it. He placed her hand gently at her side and placed his own hand back on Kurt's ass, rubbing it slowly as she raised one eyebrow.

"Mine," Blaine said firmly and slowly, as if talking to a small child. He stared at her until she nodded, eyes still impossibly wide. Blaine smiled politely at her. "Thanks for understanding," he said, and she backed away slowly as Kurt proceeded to eat Blaine's face off once again.

"Who was that?" Kurt broke the kiss breathlessly as soon as the girl was out of earshot.

Blaine shrugged. "Beats me. I don't know anyone at McKinley except you and New Directions, and she didn't look like any of them." He lowered his voice as his face moved back in, closer to Kurt's. "Although I can't say I blame her. Those fishnets and tiny little shorts do sinful things to that hot ass of yours."

"And your tiny little shorts don't do the same thing?" Kurt asked, then yelped and giggled against Blaine's lips as the dark-haired boy pulled him into another deep kiss.

This kiss didn't last much longer either, because once again, Kurt pulled away in shock as he felt another hand, one that was not Blaine's, on his ass. He gasped a little bit and broke the kiss, turning around just as some jock Kurt had never seen before was lifting his hand off his ass.

"Excuse me?" Kurt narrowed his eyes at the tough-looking kid. "Do I know you?"

"Come find me when your boyfriend's not around." The much-larger boy winked and took a swig from the red plastic cup he held as he turned to head out into the living room.

Kurt rolled his eyes. "I've been felt up by random strangers more in the past thirty seconds than ever before in my life." he commented as he turned back to Blaine, his tone as monotonous as if he'd just been talking about the weather.

"I guess nobody's getting the hint?" Blaine suggested, trying unsuccessfully to hide a smile as he grabbed Kurt's hand and tugged him out into the jam-packed living room, where the party was in full swing. "Come on. I don't think it's quite obvious to everyone yet that you're mine."

They pushed past the gyrating bodies that moved to the pulsating beat of the deafening music. Tucked in the corner of the room was a leather sofa that had been pushed out of the way for the party, and it was towards this couch that Blaine was now pulling Kurt. Half the couch was empty; the other half was occupied by Mercedes, who was chatting amiably with Artie, who had parked his wheelchair next to the armrest.

"Hi, Kurt!" Mercedes called over the music as her best friend and his boyfriend approached the couch. When he didn't respond, she figured he must not have heard her, so she tried again. "Kurt! Hey!"

Still no response, and when she looked at Kurt's face, she could see why. Mercedes knew for a fact that Kurt didn't drink - that's just how he rolled - but the expression on his face could only be described in two words: love drunk.

He was staring after Blaine with his eyes wide and an excited smile lighting up his face, similar to how a little kid would probably look on Christmas morning. Blaine, still holding onto Kurt's hand, sat down on the opposite end of the couch from Mercedes and pulled Kurt on top of him. Like, literally on top of him. Kurt was straddling his boyfriend, kneeling with one leg on either side of his waist, pressed chest-to-chest with him as he proceeded to stick his tongue down Blaine's throat.

"Um...hey there, Kurt," Mercedes mumbled, knowing he didn't hear her. Well this was a side of him that probably wasn't seen by many people (save for Blaine). And yet here he was - her scantily-clad gay friend making out with another scantily-clad gay boy about three feet away from her. She frowned and scooted further away from them to give them their space, closer to where Artie was leaning over the armrest.

"I think they want this couch to themselves so they can start getting it on," Artie said simply.

Mercedes glanced back over at the two of them just as Kurt was beginning to grind down against Blaine's hips. "Yeah, good idea," she muttered to the boy in the wheelchair, following him as he rolled himself through the crowd towards the kitchen.

Blaine, still involved in the kiss (and quite frankly, getting really fucking hard) still somehow managed to notice the pressure lifting from the other side of the couch as somebody stood up. He broke away and raised one eyebrow as he looked at Kurt. "Was there someone just sitting here?"

"Who cares." Kurt was still delirious from the previous kiss as he pulled Blaine into another one, and it wasn't long before Blaine realized he didn't.

Still, before long Blaine could feel the weight of another body sitting down on the opposite end of the couch. Make that two other bodies. He half-opened one eye, out of curiosity, to glance over at who it was, and resisted the urge to roll his eyes when he saw that Sam and Quinn had similar ideas to himself and Kurt. Not that Quinn would let things go much further than the point they were at now, but still. Blaine decided he needed to be completely alone with Kurt, right now.

"Come upstairs with me," Blaine growled into Kurt's lips, slowly breaking the kiss. The younger boy smiled and stood up, adjusting his corset that had become slightly askew in the heat of the moment. Blaine stood up as well and took Kurt's hand, this time leading him towards the staircase in the front hallway and up said stairs, finally through the door that led into the very first room on the second floor.

He flipped on the light as he kicked the door shut behind them. They were in a bathroom. Blaine was just about to click the lock shut when, from somewhere behind him, came the hottest sound he'd ever heard.

"Blaine...," The dark-haired boy whirled around and found himself looking at Kurt, who was perched on the sink with a tantalizing expression of lust written all over his face. He tipped his head to one side and gave Blaine a tiny smile. "Come here, would you?"

Blaine did as he was told, stepping as close as possible to the small counter on which Kurt sat. The soprano had something of a wicked glint in his eyes as he wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck and his legs around his waist, scooting forward on the sink so that he was completely against Blaine as much as possible.

"You know...," Kurt said in a low whisper, rubbing one hand down Blaine's naked chest and down towards the waistband of the only article of clothing he wore. "You did promise me something at the beginning of the party."

"I did, didn't I?" Blaine asked, knowing perfectly well that he had, and Kurt nodded. "I should probably keep my word on that promise right about now."

Kurt's voice was even lower as he spoke before pulling Blaine into a heated kiss. "Yes. You should."


There was only one thing on Finn Hudson's mind as he raced through Puck's house in a frenzied panic, and that was this:

Shit, I need to find a bathroom before I explode.

It had been a while since he'd been over at Puck's, so it took him a few moments before he remembered where the nearest bathroom was...he was in the front hallway, close to the stairs. There was a bathroom right at the top of the stairs on the second floor. Awesome. Finn tripped multiple times in his crazy rush to get to the top of the steps. The door was closed, but thankfully there wasn't a line.

He knocked once on the door just to check. "Anybody in there?"

Nobody verbally responded - at least, not as far as he could hear. It was quieter up here, but his ears were still ringing from having spent much of his time in the center of the party in the living room where the music was loudest. Finn shrugged and reached for the doorknob.

He was just in the process of pulling the door open when he heard a cry of "God, Hummel, so fucking tight!" from inside the bathroom. Finn had the sudden feeling of his stomach dropping into his feet, but it was too late. A fraction of a nanosecond later, he was standing in the doorway and looking in at a very naked Blaine, standing in front of the sink and thrusting into a very naked Kurt, who was sitting on the edge of the counter.

"Mmmm, I love the way you feel inside me," Kurt moaned, then made some incredibly sexy-sounding noise that would have reduced a porn star to tears of shame. He was wearing nothing but the silver stilettos he'd donned as part of his costume; his legs were wrapped around Blaine's waist, pulling him deep inside.

"Didn't need to know that...," Finn mumbled, beginning to step away from the door and give the boys some privacy. He made a mental note not to touch this sink the next time he came over to Puck's. Maybe it would be better just to not go in this bathroom at all.

The sound of another voice snapped Kurt somewhat out of Blaine Land and he turned to look at his stepbrother. "Oh, hello FinnAHHHMYGODBLAINE." The dark-haired boy either hadn't noticed Finn's interruption, or was pretending not to notice. He kept thrusting into Kurt, pounding harder and harder.

"Do you mind...oh, Blaine, yes! us...ohhhh...some...privacy?" Then, to Blaine, "Oh, yes, you know just where to get me...oh god yes!"

Finn, having just seen way more of his stepbrother and the boyfriend of said brother than he'd ever wanted to, rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably and muttered something that sounded like, "Scarred for life," under his breath as he backed away slowly. In his stupor, he'd forgotten to shut the door.

Kurt, choosing to pretend the awkward intrusion had never happened, unwound one leg from around Blaine's waist and kicked the door shut, using the tip of his shoe to click the lock into place. "Yes, oh god, Blaine, harder. Harder," he purred, and Blaine complied. He rolled his hips against Kurt's before pulling out and slamming back in again, eliciting a long moan from the soprano. Kurt was a dirty, dirty boy who liked it as rough as possible, Blaine thought happily as he continued violating him, and that was really fucking hot.

"You little slut," he murmured, wrapping his hand around Kurt's length, smearing precum all over the head with his thumb. He laughed a throaty giggle as he continued. "You dirty little whore. You like this, don't you?"

Kurt pouted as Blaine's hands continued to work him. "I'm your dirty little whore."

Blaine smiled and gave Kurt a small kiss that was quite chaste, considering what the rest of their bodies were doing. "And you know I'm a slut for you, too," he murmured, breaking the tiny kiss just slightly. "Now are you going to come for me?"

Kurt shrugged, although he sure as hell knew he was just about to that point. "Maybe if you tell me to...," he trailed off.

Blaine bit Kurt's bottom lip and growled, "Come, Kurt."

And of course, Kurt did as he was told - as if he could resist anything that sexy boy told him to do. Blaine's name fell from his lips in some combination of a moan and a scream as he reached his climax. As usual, watching Kurt hit this point was too overwhelming for Blaine, and it wasn't long before he followed suit, screaming Kurt's name as he came inside him.

He collapsed against Kurt's chest, sweaty skin on sweaty skin as they inhaled the scent of each other, trying to catch their breaths. Blaine felt immobile for the longest time; when he finally remembered how to move his arms and legs, he gently pulled out of Kurt and reached over for a washcloth that sat on the other side of the sink. Wetting it down, he gently wiped the two of them off and leaned his forehead against Kurt's, looking into his beautiful eyes that always seemed to change colors - right now, they were something like a bluish-gray.

"You're so beautiful, Kurt," Blaine whispered, taking the other boy's chin in his hand and pulling his face up. "Inside and out. I hope you know that."

Kurt smiled - Blaine noticed, as usual, the way his right eye squinted just a little bit more than his left as his lips curved upwards. "I could say the same for you," he said softly, taking Blaine's hand and bringing it to his chest, over his heart which was just starting to slow down and beat at a pace that could be considered normal.

Blaine probably would have melted right then and there if it were physically possible. Instead, he leaned in closer to Kurt and kissed him gently. There was nothing sexual at all about this - in fact, if they had been wearing clothes, it would have been completely innocent. All the while, he kept his hand over Kurt's heart, feeling it beat into his palm. He smiled to himself, knowing that this beautiful boy's heart was the best gift he ever could have asked for. And Kurt didn't even know it. He would never know just how lucky Blaine was because of him, because Blaine would never be able to put it into words. All that mattered was that he had his Kurt. That was the most important thing in the world to him right now.

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