another oneshot questionnaire XD

this time... we have JASPER:D okay. so i know i haven't been uploading anything on my other stories lately, mainly cus i'm out of ideas. people, please. if you just put me on your author/story alert, you're pretty much useless and putting me on ur alert list doesn't make me write faster, so please, review. and no, i don't want reviews that are vague. if i get 30 reviews on this fanfic, i'd write a new chapter for every fanfic i have. Each review must be at least 200 words. so people.. START REVIEWING XD


Q. first word that comes to your mind when i saw ALICE.


Q. favpastime?

A: worshipping alice with my tongue or my cock, or being submissive to her. basically anything that makea my darling happy.

Q. favourite food?

A: Alice's pussyjuice.


A: I'm not partial to any colours.

Q. Last tEXT. to who and what did you write?

A: to esme : Esme i think you might have to get a new coffee table, Alice and I kinda... broke it.

Q: instruments?

A: well.. i used to play the violin back in the old days before i was turned, now.. i literally forgot everything * sheepish smile*

Q: favourite book?

A: the chronicles of narnia. I read them to alice a while back, she loved it, so naturally i love it too

Q: Last song you listened to on your ipod?

A: i dunno, my ipod's with alice. So is my wallet, my credit cards, my heart, my soul, my everything, their all hers.

Q: What's your religion?

A: it's called "Alice-ism". I worship her everynight, or rather, whenever she demands of my attention.

Q: Look to your left, what do you see?

A: my eyes are only for alice, so... i see nothing.

Q: you seem enamoured by her...

A: yes, i'm her slave.

Q: favourite harry potter pairing?

A: i'd say ... william weasley and fleur, bill has scars too, like me, and he's in love, so.. it pretty much corresponds. though fleur will never be as perfect as my alice.

Q: last tanning session?


Q: technology catastrophies?

A: yes.. we're too cold for the iphone/ipad touch screens to click, so alice and i had to tweak the systems a lil.

Q:what do you like to see alice wear?

A: corsets, dresses, or just nothing at all, either way it's fine.

Q: what are you doing right now?

A: right now? my cock is deep inside alice's perfect vagina while i rub her clit and answer your stupid questions.

Q: worst singer ever?


Q: who are you closest to.. besides alice.. in the family?

A: well.. it has to be carlisle, he understand why i'm quiet and he respects that, unlike emmett who will occasionally install cameras in my room and watch me and alice do... *stuff*

Q: What subject are you good at?

A: Study of the female anatomy. my awesome wife gives me lots of hands on activities, and lots of opportunities to touch her.

Q: what's your fetish?

A: BDSM, D/s, CBT, electrotorture, prostate milking, as long as alice wants it, then it is in my duty to satisfy her.

FASTBALL TIME. name the first thing that pops into your mind when i say the following names.


Marcus : In need of a haircut

Caius: Has attitude problems


Jane: another blond idiot like rose

Garrett: No opinions

Zafrina: ELECTRIFYING * pun intended*

Tanya: whore

Esme: martyr

Carlisle: has an odd sense of humour

Alice: OMG SHE'S PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL, FLAWLESS, my love, my heart, my trust, my hope, my faith, my religion, everything.

Q: thank you for your time, you may continue with your... activities.

A: okay.

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