Summary: Kevin and Double D have been dating for a year, but Eddy is jealous. Can this relationship withstand a scheming Eddy or will Eddy get what he thinks is rightfully his?

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Sex, Lies, and Love

Chapter 1

Double D's morning started off pretty normal, he got up and brushed his teeth, found what he was going to wear to school and went down stairs to eat breakfast. For breakfast he decided he was going to have a bowl of Chunky Puffs and sum orange juice. While eating his breakfast, he heard a knock at the door so he got up eager to see who would be knocking, even though he had an idea who it was. As he opened the door to see who it was that was knocking, he was greeted with a kiss from the muscular, handsome, redhead by the name of Kevin, who was leaning against the side of the door. Now Kevin and Double D have been dating for about a year and everybody was fine with it, Nazz even said that they made a cute couple, although it took Eddy a long time to come to terms with their relationship due to the fact he wanted Kevin for himself.

"Good morning babe," said Kevin with a grin on his face, "Are you ready for school yet?"

"Yes, just let me finish my breakfast" said Double D.

"Ok, in the meantime I will try and finish this homework I had left over from last night" said Kevin.

Ten Minutes Later

Now Double D and Kevin were off to school with Kevin having his left arm around Double D's shoulder walking down the street to Peach Creek Junior High. As they reached their destination, they parted ways Double D having already going into the school with Ed and Eddy and Kevin chatting with his teammates about practice yesterday. Upon reaching their lockers Eddy suddenly said "Kevin sure does look handsome today Double D," with a grin that stretched across his face. Now Double D being the one not to start an argument or even question why Eddy was looking at Kevin like that simply replied, "He sure does."

"I'm serious Double D, if you weren't my best friend I would have taken him away from you and have him for myself," said Eddy.

To keep Double D from getting anger at the comment, Ed said "Now Eddy, you know Kevin and Double D are madly in love and wouldn't leave each other for the world and besides you have me so why are you worried about Kevin anyways."

"Can't a guy just give his opinion," said Eddy, but before Ed could offer his response the tardy bell ring signaling that they were late for class.

"Oh would you look at that the bell just rung, I'm afraid I have to get to class or Mrs. Jones is going to get rather upset with me," said Double D, nervously trying to get away from his two friends while they discuss his and Kevin's relationship.

"OK, but don't forget you and Kevin have to come over my house this afternoon for the monster movie marathon," said Ed.

"OK," said Double D, and after saying their goodbyes they each went their separate ways, but unbeknownst to the other two Eddy had a plan that would prove Ed wrong and break Double D and Kevin up once and for all.

I hope you guys and girls enjoy this is my first story so i hope it turned out OK. Chapter two is coming up so you will find what Eddy is really planning to do about Kevin's and Double D's relationship...As always i would love if you all review and any suggestions on how can I improve and what direction this story should go in would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!