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The next day, Destiny learned that Tony was joining her dad and Ziva on their trip back to DC. Destiny was so excited to hear the news. Abby told her that they wouldn't be in until later that afternoon. Destiny asked if she could stay in the bullpen and Abby granted her that. Destiny was sitting at her father's desk reading and listening to her iPod.

She felt a presence near her and looked up to see Tony and Ziva standing there. The iPod and book were quickly forgotten as she leapt into Tony's arms.

"I missed you!" she exclaimed.

"I missed you too kid," said Tony, "So, how's life been?"

Destiny looked at him and formulated a good answer, "It was okay. Better now that you're here and that Ziva and Daddy are back."

At that moment Gibbs walked back into the bullpen as Destiny was set on her feet. Abby came running in and hugged Tony tightly. When she asked if he was there to stay Destiny listened intently.

The moment the words 'transfer effective immediately' left Tony's mouth she felt her heart lift and hugged Tony again squealing. She noticed her dad looking up. She looked up and caught Vance's eye. She mouthed 'thank you' and Vance nodded to her. She smiled.

Life felt more complete again. The team was back together and her heart never felt better.

The End or is it?

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