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Sakuno's POV

Hi! My name is Sakuno Ryuzaki! I live in a modern city of Tokyo, Japan.


Where I live, the autumn trees are colored in yellow, red, green-yellow, dark pink, yellow, green-yellow-red . (it's winter now but some of the trees are still alive and colourful)


It looks very beautiful when the leaves fall from the trees.


I just love to watch the children when they're play in them, making a long lace of beautiful leaves by connecting each leaf without addition materials as they run, they almost bathe in it as the leaves rain by throwing it up in the blue sky and letting it fall like confetti.


The sun shines in the wide bas blue sky. The smell which I can't withdraw and the temperature is warm at the last days which can be comprised with summer.


I happily walked to school in the warm-ness of my matching jacket, scarf and mittens.


My twin braids danced in the wind as I took each step carefully, hopefully not stumbling or worse falling.


I huffed on my mittens even thought they were already warm but was vain to let the warm air bounce against my mittens to my face letting it become warm as well.


I sighed.


It would have been warmer if I was in school but having the thought running there thus falling and having an aching bottom and wet pants was the last thing I needed.


The warmth of my breath evaporated and I huffed again.


It was February. The Season of Winter.


I frowned as the part of late autumn.


I really don't like it when the sky was totally grey and all leaves have fallen, in this period many people suffer from depression.


It also almost always rains which makes things worse.


The temperature falls and there's almost no sun at all.


It wouldn't be a surprise if someone went crazy over this time. I just wanted to stay snuggled up in my blanket but …


It was a Thursday for your information. A school day.


I glanced at my wrist watch and it read 7:37 a.m. Class started at 8 a.m.


I sighed again.


Looks like I'm running! What a surprise! Like I've ever been on time! I was even born in the wrong month! I was suppose to be born in February but no-o-o-o-o I had to be a month early (Actually just 10 days or so) and have my Birthday on January 14!


But I guess it would have been worse. Imagine if I was born on February 14! Valentines Day! I mean how can I compete with a Romantic Holiday?


Anyway I've decided to run it's better that then freezing my butt off! So 1, 2, -


I looked down to see what I stepped in. And you know what I found? A big gooey clunk of pink bubble gum.


I groaned as took my left boot off and bounced to the nearest bench.


I bounced once more before sitting on the cool wooden bench.


Great! Now my butt is completely frozen. Thank you, Kami! You're a real support (Not really)

I groaned again as I scrapped the gum of with a twig I found.

Why? Of all the days, why now? WHY?

On freaking Valentines' Day ?

Yes it was the day I mostly insulated a minute ago.

Don't get me wrong I love it and all but ….. There is a slight problem with the guy I like...




I've known him for years (3 years to the exact. I'm 16) and he told right before spending our actually Valentines Day. He said it was a waste of time, money and it kills your brain cells about being too concern over silly things.

But I make it for him anyway.

Just a small Bon-bon shaped in a cute heart. Wrapped in a small white box, tied with a silver ribbon and a little tag saying "Happy Valentines' Day, Chocolate Hater. Sakuno Ryuzaki"

True, I never witness him eating it. And he proberly had a "Who can eat the most Chocolates in 1 minute but count me out cause I hate them" Contest with the Regulars but I'm glad I made it for him anyway :]

"There!" I exclaimed. "Finally got that gunk out of my Fav boot!"

As I happily slipped it back on, I admire the warmth it gave me.

"Ahh" I breathe in. Much better.

I glanced at my wrist watch.

"Yikes!" I yelped.

It was 7:49 a.m.! I'm sooo late!

I ran (I stepped around the gum to not get the whole episode started again)

Finally after 3 minutes I made it. And still 8 minutes to spare. I guess I can go to the Tennis Court and give him my chocolate.

As I walked I heard a Ryoma chat with a few of the Regulars.

"Hoi, hoi, O-Chibi looks like your Girlfriend isn't here yet!" teased Eiji.

"Shut up! She is not my Girlfriend!" barked Ryoma.

"Oh, don't be like that! We saw you guys dating that day!" added Momo.

"What the hell? You guys know it was one of Sensei's orders!" yelled Ryoma.

"But Echizen you guys weren't in your normal postures. You were walking side by side. Almost in a date formation" said Fuji.

"We've been friends for God knows how long. Why should I treat her like some pull-along-toy?" answered Ryoma in a husky voice.

P- Pull-along-toy?

"Besides" Ryoma added. "Who would wanna date her?"

Those words truck my heart like lighting.

"She's clumsy, timid, frail, she shutters a lot, has a horrible sense of direction, confused, weird and …." Ryoma thought for a moment as he paused on his sentence "Oh yeah! Her tennis sucks …"

No! No, no, NO! I do not suck in Tennis I've been improving! You're the one who said it remember?

"… really, really bad" Ryoma ended his sentence.

That was the last straw! That was the last straw! THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!

I walked to him full of anger and sadness and … and … and LOTS OF FURY!

"Ryu-" Ryoma started but then I cut him off.

"So! You think I'm clumsy, timid, frail, shutters a lot, has a horrible sense of direction, confused, weird and MY TENNIS SUCKS?" I said in a breath.

"No, no, you don't understa-"

"You think I don't understand? What am I an ignorant bimbo now? Why not just add that to your dumb list you think of me!" I yelled.


"Oh no! Don't you even think of saying another word, Echizen!" I growled. "Cause now our friendship is over! OVER!"

"Ryu-" Ryoma tried again this time he launched his hand to grab my arm but I shook it off.

"BAKA!" I screamed and threw the stupid bag fill with the Bon-bon I made. "I hope you choke on them!" I yelled and I really mean it.

I stomped my foot angrily on the slushy snowy ground trying hard not to cry. As I ran for the Ladies Room a place Ryoma can't possibly catch me, ha! I locked myself in a stall and began to cry.

Then and there I was sooo mad I did a thing I possibly thought I'd never do. I took out my favorite Hot Pink Marker and scribbled some words I really wanna get out of my system.

I think Ryoma Echizen is a real JERK!

I know he's a pro Tennis Player and Seigaku's Pillar

But that doesn't mean he has to be so ARROGENT!

I mean he always ignores his FANS for crying out loud!

Why should anyone want to respect someone who ignores them and don't bother to remember there name?

The only actual word he ever says is "Mada, mada Dane this" and "Mada, mada Dane that"

Well I say "Mada, mada Dane my ASS!"

I smiled after I re-read what I wrote. And I have no intention of erasing it. Leave it there for the whole world to read. Ryoma Echizen is a JERK!

As I was about to put the cap marker back on, I decided to at least sign it with a fake name. I tapped the maker on my chin for a second or two then scribbled the name down.

-Silver Racket

I had no idea why I wrote that but I thought the name was cool. Maybe someone will eve respond? Who knows and who cares!

I wiped my tears and walked out of the stall. Refreshed and happy :]

A girl with long chestnut hair turned to me and smiled before entering the stall I went it but then stopped.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed.

"What?" I asked. Please don't let her rat me out Kami!

"Look at this graffiti! Didn't you see it?"

"I- I did. Pay no attention to it" I told.

She was silent for a while as she was reading what 'Silver Racket' wrote.

"I think Silver Racket is right!" the girl said.

"Excuse me?" I asked shocked.

"She's totally right! Now that you think about it!"

I smiled at her comment.

"Hey umm…" she started.


"Do you have a marker I can borrow, Sakuno-Chan? I wanna reply Silver Racket"

"Um.. Err… Sure" I said and pulled out a Blue Marker then handed it to her.

"Thanks" she replied and accepted it.

"Um… How do you know my name?"

"Oh" the girl said still facing the scribbled stall. "I'm um… one of the FANS of Echizen. Tomoka always talks about you" she said blushing.

"Ah" I replied.

There was a moment of silence … no sound came from the both of us. Only the squeaky marker sound rubbing with the stall door.

"There!" she said and handed the marker back to me.

"What did you write?" I asked.

"Read for yourself" she said proudly.

I walked over to the stall and read it.

I think your 100% right, Silver-Chan!

I used to be a FAN but not anymore!

I won't care for that Shorty anymore.

Now I have a new person to look up too.

Thanks for guiding me

-Blue Sky

"Whoa!" I whispered. Some guts writting that, also Ryoma wasn't that short. He's grown ... alot. Ryoma's like 10cm taller than me! And this girl is almost my height.

"Sakuno-Chan?" the girl said.


"Shall we go to class?"


"By the way, my name's Umme Kumiko" Umme told me.

"That's such a cute name! Let's go, Umme-Chan!" I chirpped.

"Um!" Umme replied with a nod.

And so we left that graffiti on the bathroom stall, feeling relieved and good!

Take that Ryoma Echizen.


Sakuno-2 Ryoma-0


Yay! Done hope you enjoy! I sacrificed my breakfast for you!