Hi everyone! Ahem, yes hello to all of you. Okay … sorry I'm a little jumpy. But the point is, this is an Author's Note. Yes, I'm writing this to tell you; Sorry but I just can't update in any of my stories anymore

I know, I'm a quitter. I've quitted on a lot of my stories but it's not that I want to quit, no. I'm just super busy now! I haven't updated in a year for some of my stories and some for 6 months. And the reason is, last year I had a major big exam! Yes, here in Malaysia, there are main super-important exams. One; UPSR for Elementary kids at the age of 12, two; PMR for Middle School teens at the age of 15 which I had to take last year, three; SPM for High School teens at the age of 17 and STPM is for teens at the age of 18 then they graduate to college or university.

That's the reason I didn't update last year but this year, it's because I moved. I'm in a new place living in a new house going to a new school which I have zero friends and hate the stupid schedule of it because one subject is one period so I have to bring almost 7 texts book everyday with the exercise books and note books along with it! It's really heavy! There are no lockers here, we just have to lugged it everywhere, changing classes, going up and down the stairs! I swear, I'm going to break my back!

But that's enough of me ranting, so yeah. That's one of the reasons I can't update this year. There's just so much homework! I mean one subject for one period then tomorrow I have the same class again! Geez, I wish I could just leave my textbook behind but no, we have homework from all the teachers then tomorrow we have to bring it!

Reason two, no wait, three, I have a part-time-job. I hate it. I don't want to work until I graduate because I want to study hard and become a doctor and even if I had to work which I do I at least get to pick what part-time job I want but no, my Dad's all like "You live under my roof so you have to work at our family restaurant (it's not really a restaurant but I can't tell you what it is so let's just call it a restaurant) It feeds you! So you have to work!". I have to agree but I obviously hate it. I have to work while he watches TV all day. Really he does, my mom provides us. He just rants like some boss but he's actually just a lazy guy living under the roof of our house. And when say our, I mean my mom and I. We come here because the family business got expended but then he just shoos my mom and I to work while he looks at the screen 24-7. Great dad, you really know how to support your family and appreciate us when you scold us and throw stuff around cause we did our best at it! (Sarcasm)

Well, you can see how sucky my life is. No friends, force to work, living with a lazy guy, etc. I am in a lot of stress! My face is like a pizza! Pepperoni just popping everywhere! So that's the reason … I never want to reveal this much but … I just don't want you guys to pester me, no offense. If you think I'm a bitch now, I'm not offended. Life's just full of that, they just gesture you without even knowing you.

Also maybe a lot of you are going to say "Good riddance cause your grammar and spelling sucks!", yes I admit, I was horrible but I'm improving! I started by own book so I could at least keep my dream job as I strive hard to become a doctor or something with high paying job (through studies and not something like those people who just give away their dignity) so I could support me and my mom then move out of here I work hard for my dreams, okay. Seriously, I never wanted to tell you guys this and I laid off a lot of times thinking I could update but I can't! I'm lucky if I could update my own book once a month! So here are my reasons. Sorry guys. Life just isn't fair. And for some of you who like my stories though I dunno why you would since I suck but am trying my best, thanks. Your reviews were the highlight of my life

Yours truly,

Crazy For Mac-A-Damian-Nutz!

P.S : I had a lot of ideas and if some of you want, you can visit my profile and read about it. You can take over my stories, correct some spelling and grammar problems here and there then it's yours. And I can send you some details but first you have to PM me. I'll try my best to drop in and check on you

P.P.S : Okay, this message is done.