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Bad Memories

Lisa Douglas did not want to move to this farm that her husband Oliver had just gotten. She loved her Park Avenue penthouse, parties and friends. She loved shopping and the excitement of Time Square. She also appreciated the arts so much. What she liked best about living in New York City was being close to her mother-in law. She had been like a mother to Lisa since the day she met her, shortly after Lisa had lost her mother. So she had decided to have her over and talk about her feelings about moving

"Lisa, darling, I can't believe that son of mine has actually bought a farm in the middle of nowhere. You can move in with me dear", Eunice Douglas offered.

"Oh I can't! I love him too much. I wanted to tell you why I don't want to move. It's not just because I've always lived in the city. It has to do with my past", explained Lisa.

"Oh, how far back in your past dear? ", asked Eunice

"The really bad part, the place Oliver rescued me from", replied Lisa.

"Oh my goodness, you mean that c- camp", Eunice stuttered. Her face was turning pale.

Lisa and her family had been one of the courageous Gentiles who had hidden a Jewish neighbor family during the Holocaust and had been arrested and taken to a concentration camp. It was there that Oliver had met her when his troop had liberated the camp.

"Yes, mother, I do", said Lisa with tears in her eyes.

"Why though, you go to my summer home, that's in the country."

"Ester says that ever since she's seen wire fences in the country it tends to remind her of the camp", explained Lisa

"Oh, well do you want to tell Oliver about it dear"? Asked Eunice.

"Oh no", I won't unless things get bad. I've had some friends say they have what is like something called shell shock"

"Oh my, even 20 years later"? Asked Eunice.

"Yes, but mother could we to Central Park now? I don't want think about those bad times anymore. I haven't been outside today yet."

"Oh of course dear, it's perfect weather for a carriage ride through Central Park", replied Eunice.

Lisa smiled knowing that she was truly blessed to have a second "mother". She couldn't replace the mother she had lost, but she deserved to be called Mother. She hoped "Mother "would be able to visit her and Oliver in their new home.