Chapter 12

It had taken 2 morecounseling sessions but Lisa was finally healed. She was at the point where she could tell the story of what had happened at Mauthausen. She felt that Oliver and Eunice had a right to understand what had happened. She decided to tell them one evening.

"Olivah, Motha, now that I feel better, do you want to know what really happened at Mauthausen?", asked Lisa.

"I don't need to know, but if you feel you need to tell me you can", said Oliver

"I feel the same way dear.", said Eunice

"I vant to tell you vat hapend",said Lisa

Vhen my parents heard that that the Jews had been disappearing, they told me that ve could hide my boyfriend Daniel's family. I vanted to save his life. I never understood vhy people hated Jews. After all Jesus vas one." Ve hid his family and then the Nazi's found them. Vhen they took us avay I cried out for Danniel. Vhen ve got to the camp it vas the last time I saw my parents. The Komandat of the camp said he was looking for a maid. I had never cleaned but what I saw around me looked so awful I thought that my life vould be better as a maid. Vhen he found out that I vas a terrible cook he beat me for the first of many time. I then vas his secretary. Vhen he found out I could sing and play piano, I had to give concerts to the Nazis. Then sometimes he kissed me. Now I'll tell you the vorst. Ve knew that the Americans where soon approaching. I vas unable to vork by then. I vas very weak. He vas mad because of that and that the Americans vere coming. It vas then that he took advantage of me. I vas no longer a virgin. I vas allowed to clean up myself then, so nobody could ever see vaht had happened. The next day you saved my life Olivah.",explained Lisa with tears in her eyes.

"Oh sweatharet I had no idea he did that to you. He had no right to. It was not your fault. Honey, I'm so glad we killed him. No wonder you had PTSD. Everything makes sense now. Why you feared what you feared, why you screamed so in those nightmeres.",said Oliver with tears in his eyes.

"Oh my poor darling. The other night with that dream, that was of when he… Oh my God, no wonder you slapped me.", said Eunice crying

"I just needed to tell you both. I couldn't keep that hidden from you.", said Lisa.

"Lisa, I am so glad you are better and could tell us without those extreme emotions. I'll never forget the day I found you. You were so beautiful, so scared. I fell in love with you the moment you asked me to help you."

Oh Olivah you were like a gift from heaven. Motha you were like a motha from the first day I met you. I'll never forget the friendship you showed me vehn I lived vith you before the vedding."

I was so glad to get to know you dear. When I saw those news reels of the camps and got the letter from Oliver saying that you were going to marry you. I knew you needed motherly love. Anyone who had lived through that hell on earth would. Thank you for letting me come and help you here.",said Eunice putting an arm around Lisa's shoulder.

"Oh motha and Olivah I couldn't have made it though my PTSD without your help and God's",said Lisa

As they went to bed that night everyone prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for the healing.