"I can't believe I just said that. Oh my God! What have I done? Should I tell him never mind? No that would be stupid I just told him to kiss me! Oh what should I do? I really want to kiss him he's so cute." Serena's brain ran a million miles a second as she continued to freak out about what she just told Darien.

"You want me to kiss you?" Darien whispered and his warm breath tickled her face. "God even his breath turns me on!" Serena couldn't think all she could do was feel and right now she felt like her body was on fire she was practically shaking from anticipation.

"Yes." She whispered.

Darien smiled softly and touched the side of her neck. His eyes kept contact with hers as his lips descended onto hers and the fire that was glowing softly in their bodies ignited with a fury of passion and desire. Quickly Darien parted Serena's lips with his tongue and dived into her warm cavern causing Serena's heart to stop for a moment. Serena had been kissed before but never like this; she could tell that Darien was an experienced kisser. The way he was so soft yet firm with her had her thighs slick with her juices that flowed freely. Serena buried her fingers into Darien's soft hair and moaned as his hands found home on her waist. The sound of Serena's moan caused Darien's manhood to harden more and it strained against his pants desperately seeking what he felt only Serena could give him now.

Darien couldn't believe such a young girl could cause him to feel like this; she was just so beautiful and her taste drove him mad with desire. He could tell by the hesitant way she kissed him that she was not experienced with matters of the opposite sex yet she sparked a fire in him no other grown woman had been able to do. It was the way she was so innocent yet confident as she played with his hair that sent shivers down his spine. Everything about her turned him on and he could tell that if he let his go any further he would end up having her in the back of his car in front of her house. But Darien knew he couldn't do that to her; he knew that if he was going to have her he would do it the right way.

Serena was consumed by the feelings Darien had set upon her body and she found herself wanting to be taken by him and she didn't care that she was in front of her house and her parents could be home any minute and she didn't care that she was a virgin and would lose it in the back seat of a car of a man she just met two hours ago. All Serena cared about were the feelings that consumed her body. As quickly as Serena decided she wanted to go all the way she felt Darien begin to pull away. Serena whimpered softly but slowly released her hold on him.

As they pulled away, Serena blinked quickly a few times feeling herself snap out of a trancelike state and blushed lightly. Darien smiled and gently swept the hair from her face and gave her one more gentle kiss. "You should get inside." He didn't say it cruelly in fact his voice held no hint of harshness and was instead filled with deep longing and unfortunately for Serena a hint of practicality.

"But I-"Serena began to protest when she felt Darien's finger pressed against her lips.

"Shhhh. I know trust me I know exactly how you feel Serena and believe me I do not want to let you leave this car. In fact I want to take you right here right now but you deserve better than that and we did just meet today and if you're feeling the way I feel at all then you should want this to play out the right way and not rush into anything that we may later regret."

His eyes were so hypnotic the way they held her gaze; Serena felt herself falling deeper into his eyes as he spoke mentions of passion and longing with them. "God he's different than any man I've ever met."

"So Darien what do we do now then?" She hated to ask for she knew she must have sounded so naïve and inexperienced but she needed to know exactly what was going on. It wasn't like she did this sort of thing all the time in fact she never did anything like this at all! Hell she had barely had a boyfriend and she was a senior in high school. Serena wasn't interested in guys trying to take advantage of her and she had found healthy outlets for her attention over the years. No matter how she may feel about Darien there was no way she was going to turn her into one of those hopeless bimbos she associated herself with at school; she was better than that.

"Depends Serena; do you want to see me again?"

"Yes!" Serena practically yelled at him and her outburst caused a subtle flush to enter her cheeks.

"Don't be shy Serena I'm just as anxious to see you again after today." Darien caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. "And to answer your question we are going to let you go into our house and you are going to continue your day as normal. If you do want to continue this…affair between us then you may give me your number so that I will be able to call you tonight. I guess we can just take it from there."

"Oh ok." Serena didn't know what to say. One moment Darien was about to take her right then and there and the next he is talking about calling her calmly like he were talking about the weather. "He's so mature." Even though it caused Serena physical yet emotional pain to remove herself from his presence Serena admired his strength and maturity; it made her want to prove herself to him to prove to him that even though she was young she could handle anything that went on with them.

"So I'll call you tonight?" Darien asked.

Serena smiled and took his phone. After entering her number she returned it back into his hands and looked into his eyes.

"I'll talk to you tonight Serena don't worry we will be seeing each other soon."

Darien leaned over and kissed her once more allowing his lips to linger on hers as he swept his tongue across her bottom lip swiftly before pulling away.

"Goodbye Darien." Serena quickly rushed out of the car and onto her front porch desperately trying to avoid the rain.

"No goodbyes Serena only see you later." Darien whispered to himself as he watched the blonde beauty enter to house and shut the door behind her. "What have I gotten myself into?" Darien smiled to himself as he drove off.