Must be Insane

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They probably thought he was crazy and they could be right.

He might be at this point. He didn't know.

No one had ever done, much less heard of a major creating his own squadron.

It was against the rules according to the lieutenant who sat at the desk next to him.

Especially one with such trouble makers such as these men.

Commanding officers who followed the book so closely bothered him to no end.

He just had to go against their orders and this was definitely one of those times.

The idea had trouble written all over it.

He had read each pilot's file and was convinced that court-marshaling them was too much.

In his eyes they had done the right thing. Of course he was not the one who should be judging.

But, he was pretty sure he could straighten them out some.

He had given them a choice and hoped they'd take the same one he wanted.

He looked at all of them. Waiting for a response.

It came and it was the one he had desired.

Major Boyington, you are going to have your hands full with these misfits.

Black Sheep was the perfect name for these meatheads. Because that's what they were.

Now all he had to do was con them a base.

Shouldn't be too hard. After all he had gotten this far.