UPDATE: How did this get 45 favorites? 0.0u

Anyway, I said a while ago if this crackfic ever got 20 reviews I'd write a sort of second part to it. So, guess what? I am. Sadly, it'll be a while before I upload something because school is really overwhelming me so, look out for that in the future and I promise it'll be way better than this crazyness! : D

To prove I am writing something though, here is the summary for part two.

Title: The Cold Meeting Secret

"Alright, so you all know that awesome me is dating a cute little hot-head right? Of course you do! Now watch me as I tap some of that at a-!" -smack- "WTH are you telling them? We will do no such thing at a meeting! What if people find out?" "Hah! I say, let them."

Reviews and faves are as awesome as this crack pairing! Thank you! x3