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For those wondering, here are the (canon) backgrounds of the main characters:

Sakumo Hatake: Kakashi's father; the White Fang of the Leaf

Kushina Uzumaki: Naruto's Mother; Ninetails jinchuuriki

Minato Namakazi: Naruto's Father; the Fourth Hokage

Mikoto Uchiha: Sasuke's Mother

Dan: Tsunade's lover

Kaen Nara: Original character; member of the Nara clan.

Taki Yamashita: Original character

Chapter 1: School's Out

Kaen analyzed the distance again, gauging the flight path for at least the fourth time. Cocking his wrist back, he waited—holding his breathe until the perfect moment. The door sliding open gave him his opportunity. As the red-haired kunoichi in front of him turned at the sound, Kaen's arm extended, sending his projectile speeding towards her.

The small brush swept elegantly across Kushina's throat—leaving a thin black line in its wake.

"WHAT THE HELL! WHO DID THAT?", Kushina's chair hit the floor as she stood, sweeping the room with murder in her eyes. Halfway into the room, Dan considered whether it was too late to convince Sarutobi that he had fallen ill and couldn't teach his class.

'BULLSEYE! Now, stage two!'

Carefully schooling his features into his best 'I don't give a shit' face, Kaen braced himself. Meeting Kushina's blazing eyes he felt a smile start to pull at the corner of his mouth. Fighting against the urge, he managed to barely get out the line he had prepared before he was forced to hide his face.

"I told Minato it wouldn't be that funny."

At the sound of his name, the blond-haired shinobi seated next to Kaen turned—and met Kushina's fist.

"What the hell is your problem Namikaze!"

Kaen was having trouble stifling his laughter as the red-haired demon picked up a shocked and very confused Minato by the collar.

"Wha—", another punch sent Minato sprawling on the floor. Kaen reaffirmed his mental note to never get on Kushina's bad side—it was downright dangerous.

As Kushina advanced slowly towards the still stunned Minato, Dan gave up on the possibility of skipping class, instead entering the room and slamming the door behind him quite a bit louder than necessary.

"Uzumaki, I assume you have a good reason for striking one of your classmates?", Dan did his best to sound angry with the hot-headed girl.

"I do! Look what he did!", Kushina proudly raised her chin and displayed the black line across her throat.

"I noticed that mark Ms. Uzumaki. I was wondering whether you had a good reason for striking Minato.", Dan made his way to the desk in the front of the room and dropped his bag beside it. Pulling a few papers out, he raised his eyes to meet Kushina's.

"I already told you! He did it!", Kushina met her sensei's eyes, sending him a glare that actually scared Dan—until, of course, he realized the source was a twelve-year-old girl.

"And how do you know he did it, Kushina?", Dan began messaging his temples—it was going to be a long day.

"Because Kaen said he did!"

Sitting next to a now recovered Minato, Kaen tried very, very hard to hide from his bestfriend's glare, while shifting his body into position for a quick exit. Sensei was taking this conversation onto very dangerous ground.

"And what, Kushina, makes you think you should trust another shinobi? Isn't deception one of a shinobi's most fundamental skills?" Kaen slid his chair back ever so slightly, calculating whether he would be able to make it to the window before Kushina could catch him.

Dan let out a smile as the meaning of his words sunk in and understanding dawned on Kushina's features. He had little doubt that Kaen would pay for his prank, but he would save him for now—he owed the soon to be pummeled boy that much.

Besides, it was one of the better pranks this week.

"Everyone to your seats. Class started five minutes ago, and I have a special treat for all of you at the end of class."

The next hour of class was typical; Dan stood in the front lecturing on anything and everything—he was the best teacher in the academy, Sakumo had no doubt of that. Nonetheless, the table was looking wonderfully comfortable at the moment; maybe he would only take a short nap today. Sakumo lowered his head onto the table in front of him, letting out a sigh of contentment at the cool feeling of the wood against his cheek.

"HATAKE! Today is a short class! You can stay awake for the last fifteen minutes!"

Sakumo vaguely registered Dan yelling at him in the background; it didn't really matter. He had one of the best scores in the class—who cared if he fell asleep every once in a while? Pleased with his reasoning, Sakumo nestled his head a little further into the comfort of his folded arms.

"BAKA! Wake up!"

Taki followed her whisper with a sharp elbow to her friend's side. Turning, Sakumo frowned at the source of the disturbance.

"What? I was enjoying my nap…"

"He just said we were getting out of class in FIFTEEN MINUTES! He's cutting class by TWO HOURS!"

Sure enough, a perusal of the class showed a large number of smiles and a few still celebrating the news.

"Sweet, but I can still sleep for fifteen more minutes."

Next to him, the brown-haired Taki face-faulted.

"Baka! Don't you think there might be a reason we're getting out of a class early? You know, seeing how IT'S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!"

Sakumo grimaced as another elbow made contact with his now sensitive ribs.

In the front of the classroom, Dan let out an obviously fake cough. "If you're all finished now", Dan's eyes swept across his class, spending extra time on Taki and Sakumo. The latter whinced as another elbow made contact with his abused ribs. "I'm happy to announce that you've all graduated from the academy! Better yet," , Dan flourished a piece of paper covered in writing, "I even have your teams. Each of your jounin instructors has chosen a meeting place, so after I call your name, meet your teammates and proceed to your designated area."

With a sigh, Dan noted that, for the first time that year, everyone in the class was paying attention to him. It really wasn't fair.

"Team One: Shukaku Nara, Choza Akimichi, and Inoichi Yamanaka. Meet at…really?...the BBQ restaurant near training ground 2…"

With every team that was listed, Minato and Kaen leaned further forward in their seats, waiting for their names.

"Team Seven: Minato Namikaze,"

Minato stopped breathing, meeting Kaen's hopeful gaze with his own.

"Kaen Nara"

The loud crack of a high-five split the room. Despite the smile tugging at his lips, Dan pressed forward.

" and Mikoto Uchiha. You'll be meeting—"

"WHAAT? Why do we have to be with her?"

Beside Kaen, Minato turned a bright shade of red and did his best to pretend he didn't know the boy next to him. Ignoring Kaen and the death glare being directed at the back of his head by Mikoto, Dan pushed forward.

"at Training ground 3. Team Eight: Sakumo Hatake, Kushina Uzumaki, and Taki Yamashita. You'll be meeting at training ground 3 as well. That's all! Today was your last day of class at the academy, from now on you'll be training under your respective jounin instructors! Congratulations!"

With a loud cheer, the classroom erupted into chaos as students rushed for the door.

"Wait! You'll get your headbands tomorrow morning! The ceremony is tomorrow morn…."

Dan found himself staring at a very empty classroom.

'I hope no one tells the Hokage I cut class short today…'