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Warning: This chapter contains a lot of St. James. This chapter goes into his friendship with Rachel and how he helps her realize who she wants. And...more foolish schemes for Rachel. Tisk Tisk. But yeah, this chapter will take patience so please don't give up and exit out. Bear thorugh it, it'll be worth it.


















Her world tilted once more when she met Jesse St. James.

And while at first she found him slightly charming - if not a slightly arrogant prick - she readily ignored the obvious admiration ringing in his eyes.

The admiration stunned her at first. He had come over to her while she was searching through Lionel Richie's extensive collection and not only pressed forward to insult her performance at Sectionals, but also her teammates as well. And while Rachel knew she was talented, she had never once compared her singing abilities to the legendary Barbara Streisand. Because in her mind nobody compared to the great Streisand. So it was a slap in the face to Rachel when the boy compared them and rated her performance poorly. And while the boy was most certainly handsome, she was not going to take that kind of criticism from anybody. Especially a boy whose knowledge was probably no where near as close to hers when it came to the likes of Broadway. So when she opened her mouth to defend her performance and tell the boy to take a hike, which she felt that familiar monster begin to take its place inside her chest, he opened his mouth.

"...So even though you can't compare, you ARE quite talented."

And then she was swept away.

Not quite in the way you would think, though.

Honestly, she had enough drama going on in her life without adding another potential suitor into the mix.

But he was so charming, and he wasn't afraid to give her an honest opinion that didn't spurn out of jealousy or anger. And his extensive knowledge of music and his status of the leading male of Vocal Adrenaline only confirmed the bond in her mind. But she made it very clear to him that she was looking for a friend and nothing more. He had looked slightly disappointed, but he nodded in understanding.

And since then, they had become as inseperable as two people could who went to opposing schools twenty miles away from each other.

He was a nice distraction from all of the drama that had cemented into her life. And the fact that he gave her a few pointers when it came to vocal training that not even she knew was a bonus.

But there were several times that she sensed an undertone of ulterior motives coming from the boy.

With all that had happened in the last month, it was safe to say that she was now a professional at reading people when it came to ulterior motives. And Jesse certainly had them. But for what, she didn't know. She knew it was nothing sexual or romantic, because he had been suprisingly respectful when she stated that she wasn't looking for anybody. So it was a mystery she was trying to figure out. She had been so distracted since Jesse came into her life that she barely even noticed what was going on at school anymore. So she was suprised when she walked into school one day, and for the first time payed attention and didn't try to solve the mystery of Jesse St. James. She was actually suprised by the changes that had taken place when she had been distracted with her first ever real friend. Of course, if she had payed attention to her surroundings, she wouldn't have been dragged into yet another scheme.

Rachel just relaxed into her chair as they all waited for Mr. Schue to arrive.

And for the first time since meeting Jesse three weeks back, she actually payed attention to the people that surrounded her.

She was completely stunned, if not a little unsettled at what she saw.

Santana and Brittany were finally sitting together again, their pinkies interlocked and their shoulders brushing. The smaller of the two was whispering into the other's ear with a smirk, and the other was smiling quite happily. When Santana turned to look in Rachel's direction the smirked dropped just the slightest fraction, before reappearing as she turned away and settled her head on Brittany's shoulder. Rachel was honestly glad that the two seemed to have reconciled and the latina's attention was diverted away from her. Because she had felt guilt overwhelm her everytime Brittany would frown sadly at Santana when she was talking or staring at Rachel.

Well, Santana apparently wasn't the only one who moved on. Rachel had felt her eyes widen when she had taken in Quinn and Puck's close proximity. The mohawked boy looked smug, though genuinely happy, when he wrapped his arm around the blonde's shoulder and she didn't pull away. In fact, she leaned against his shoulder. The brunette could only stare disbelievingly at the two. When the hell at that happened? If Quinn was with Puck, then what had gone down with Finn? She turned her head to Finn's direction, who was currently sitting next to Kurt and muttering something to the boy. He looked a little depressed, with his arms crossed and his face set into a frown. Rachel honestly didn't know what was going on. But that small thrill returned to her stomach when she looked at Finn and realized that this could be her chance. Because although he was angry at her for what she did to Quinn, the said blonde was now in Puck's arms and Finn had apparently lost his friend to defend.

So the brunette had sat back in her chair with a contemplative look on her face.

A small part of her still wanted to attempt to pursue Finn once more.

But a slightly larger part of her remembered the boy's words.

She looked back at Quinn and Puck. The boy was laughing about something or the other with Mike, who was gesturing just as emphatically as Puck. Quinn just looked bored as her head remained on Puck's shoulder, her still slightly sad hazel eyes scourging over the room. The brunette felt her breath hitch when their eyes captured each other's. Rachel felt something twist in her stomach when Quinn's eyes glanced away quickly, burrowing into Noah's arms.

Rachel felt that monster in her chest rumble softly, and she felt her jaw clench as she faced forward.

After that day, she felt herself fall into another whirlwind.

She felt as if her body was being torn into seperate little pieces of every emotion.

That monster in her chest was burning and demanding that she do something because she was Rachel Berry, dammit, and she didn't just give up and fall down.

But give up on what she didn't exactly know.

Was she finally cutting her ties with Finn and deciding that the chase just wasn't worth it in the end? Was she finally admitting to herself that a relationship with the tall quarter-back wouldn't work? Because that's what it really felt like to Rachel. In fact, she was slightly disconcerted. Because she had been chasing Finn Hudson for so long now that she couldn't even imagine a life of peace and mutual friendship settling over the choir room. Thinking about it, she realized that she genuinely didn't want that. While admittedly giving up on her feelings - although almost non-existant now - for Finn, she realized that she still wanted to be with someone. She liked having the thrill of chasing someone and being yearned for in return. But she now realized that that saga between her and Finn was now over. It was someone else's turn now. It actually mad her slightly sick as to what she was thinking.

Luckily, Jesse had helped out once more.

"There is nothing to be ashamed about, Rachel," smirked Jesse, pouring some of his father's Merlot into a wine glass. "It's just the way we are."

Rachel nodded, before eyeing his movements warily.

"Should you really be drinking that? Won't your father know it's missing?"

Jesse shrugged casually and leaned back against the bar. "He doesn't care."

Rachel knew that probably wasn't true, but she conceived that they were in Jesse's house and if he wanted to drink he could.

"But like I said Rachel, there's nothing wrong with wanting people to want you." He looked self-assured as he said this.

Rachel shook her head in protest. "But I've told you what happened and what I've already done. I think I've caused enough damage and should just stay out of it -"

Jesse interrupted with a sneer. "Stay out of it? Please! You need to go back there and you need to show everyone what's yours."

"She wasn't even mine in the first place," protested Rachel, gesturing her hands wildly.

Jesse just smirked and expertly twirled his wine glass in his hand. He took a sip of it and looked contemplative. That's one thing she did appreciate about Jesse. He was a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the boys at McKinley High. He was sophisticated, and he was academic and talented as well. That, and while something about him rubbed her as odd sometimes, he helped her when he could. He reminded her a lot of herself; ambitious, admittedly opinionated and obnoxious, almost more so than her, and undescribably talented in the arts. But there was one thing about Jesse that was different than Rachel; he admitted that everything he did was in his own selfish right. He admitted that if it took anything to make him the male lead and bring down another potential, then he would blackmail and use any dirt that he could. And while Rachel admitted to being selfish at times, she was also considerate of her team at other times.

She could never see herself purposely blackmailing a teammate to win a solo or a competiton. Because that was one thing about her; when she wanted things she wanted to feel honourable when she won fair and square. She wanted to prove her talent and not just cheat for it.

Of course, Jesse immediately made her contradict herself.

"You did that to win Hudson, remember?" He smirked.

Rachel couldn't even defend herself.

And then Jesse pushed her for her real self.

"You're Rachel Berry!" He grinned emphatically, obviously a little buzzed in his alcohol consumption. "And admit it Rachel Berry, you want her to want you! You want everyone to want you!

She felt like a selfish monster when she realized how right he was.

Of course it would take a person just as similiar as herself to point out how she really was.

She had hated the drama that had gone down over the past two months. Because she felt like she wasn't in control of the situation. She had had her eye on the prize, which was Finn. And she hadn't wanted any obstacles - namely Quinn or Santana - in her way. But after the secrets were revealed, and everything as out in the open, she admitted that a small part of her liked the power she had over people when it came to emotions. Because Rachel had never been wanted like this before by anyone, and now that she had it by several people it had hit her all at once and made her feel overwhelmed. But a small part of her selfishly loved it. It was the small part that Jesse said existed in all human beings one way or another.

And that's when the small part of her also sympathized with Santana. At least the girl could admit that she was a manipulative bitch at times. At least the girl could admit to wanting and loving the attention she got from everyone pertaining to sex and infatuation. Rachel guessed that it had been hidden in herself all along, just waiting to be let out and fully explored.

And like she had said before, she really should have payed attention in order to stop all of these self-realizations from happening.

She really should have accepted Quinn when she had the chance, because now the girl was with Noah and probably wanted nothing to do with her.

She really should have had half the mind to stop yet another scheme from taking place.

Rachel gaped. "So you'll transfer to McKinley just to help me out?"

Jesse nodded. "Of course. We're friends, aren't we?"

That ulterior motives siren rang in her head loudly. But she did her best to ignore it because she needed all the help she could get.

She smiled brightly and he smirked back.

"Okay then, " grinned Rachel. "What will be the first course of action? Should we make a powerpoint or take some notes just in case this plan doesn't work well and we have to resort to plan B? Or should -"

Jesse stepped forward and covered her mouth with his fingers, smirking. "Just introduce me to your little New Directions and I'll take it from there."

Rachel nodded. "But how will I get Quinn to want me again?" Her voice sounded humiliatingly meek.

"Sweetie, she does want you. When I get there she's gonna realize what she's missing out on."

Something wasn't right. Rachel's sixth sense was ringing and telling her that Jesse wouldn't just switch from Vocal Adrenaline to New Directions just because he was her friend. And her gut told her that this little ploy would probably make things even worse than they already were. But she ignored it and prayed to God that she was wrong.

She took a shaky breath and shook his hand.

So that very next week Jesse had transfered to McKinley High School.

She knew that there might be a little suspicion for his sudden transfer, but she didn't expect a major backlash of epic proportions.

When Mr. Schue introduced who he was and that he was a new member, everyone seemed excited. But then Jesse had to be his pompous self and make corrections and it made the club question his arrogance and his knowledge and talent. That was when he sang and then told them that he had formerly been at Carmel and had been the lead male for Vocal Adrenaline. That had instantly raised an uproar by everyone in New Directions. Mr. Schue tried valiantly to calm down his team and try to get them to be respectful towards their new teammate, but his effort was to no avail. It came eventually to the point that Rachel's name had been dragged into it. Jesse had just stopped trying to defend himself and pointed out that a friend needed him there. And when the club had been skeptical, Rachel knew she had to intervene. That had not gone well at all.

"Right," snorted Mercedes. "You expect us to believe that you transfered out of our biggest enemy school for a single friend at McKinley?"

Jesse just shoved his hands in his pockets and shoved his nose up in the air. "Yes."

The entire room pointedly scoffed and shook their heads. Mr. Schue was glancing worriedly at everyone in the entire classroom, because there was no way he could break up a verbal quarrel, it was proven just earlier. And while he was a little suspicious himself he wasn't about to blatantly disrespect a new member who actually had an amazing talent and drive.

"We don't believe you," sneered Finn, an unusual look of distrust on his face.

Rachel finally kicked aside her chair and stormed up to the front of the classroom, standing in front of Jesse and crossing her arms. This was the first time in a while that she had stared at all of them and had actually made a speech to them. Or even talked to them, actually. She realized then how much she had ignored them all after the falling out.

Everyone's eyes turned and regarded her with suprise. It took a great deal of power not to look at Quinn or Santana.

"I think we should stop being so suspicious and disrespectful and rude to our newest member," she stated promptly, looking at all of them with her head up.

Finn looked stunned. "But Rachel, he's from Carmel! He's probably just here to spy on our routines and report back to Vocal Adrenaline!"

Rachel released a breath and turned to meet Jesse's eyes. He was looking down on her with that arrogant look. The look that said, 'are you really gonna let them run the show' and 'remember who I'm here for.' She nodded and turned back around to face the now confused looking New Directions group. Finn was looking torn between confusion and anger. Puck looked a little less caring than the rest of them, but he was still squinting at the boy who was behind her. Kurt and Mercedes were shaking their heads and shooting each other looks, while Artie and Tina just looked plain confused. Brittany had a very uncharacteristic blank look on her face, and Santana was scowling at the both of them. It was then that she finally met Quinn's eyes, who looked as suspicious of the rest. But she realized that she had reached back and had taken Jesse's hand for support, and that's where the blonde's gaze was currently focused on.

The blonde's jaw clenched as she looked at their hands, and Rachel hastily dropped them. She didn't want them to get the wrong idea.

She straightened her posture. "Jesse is my friend. He is here because I asked him to be here."

You could hear a pen drop.

Finn leapt out of his chair and stormed up to them. Rachel's eyes widened as Jesse hastily put her behind him and met the larger boy's glare head-on. She clutched the back of Jesse's vest as he stood his ground against Finn. Finn was breathing harshly and glaring at the both of them.

"Rachel, d-don't go running to him because you need something. He's going to turn on you," Finn growled out. "Apparently my words have had no affect on you whatsoever because you've gone running to another person."

"Hudson, isn't it?" Jesse smirked and stated as if Finn was the ground he walked on. "Rachel's a big girl and I'm honestly here because she needs me here. Your team needs me here too, because after what I saw at Sectionals, your team is gonna need more than just pure luck and mediocrity to move on and win a Regionals title, let alone Nationals."

Rachel inwardly groaned. Now was not the time for Jesse to be a pompous ass. Because besides what Finn just said and his distance from her as of late, she still considered him her friend. And at one point he had genuinely meant something to her; he still did but it was significantly smaller. And that actually did mean something to Rachel. So she really didn't want Jesse to step in and immediately judge and disrespect her teammates, especially now that they were walking on thin ice as it was. Jesse seemed to feel her tenseness behind him, so he courteously backed down from the taller boy and crossed his arms, looking at Rachel for the next call. Luckily, Mr. Schue had stepped in as well, patting Finn's shoulder and gesturing him back towards his chair. Finn just gave up and turned away from them, walking back towards his chair and plopping down with a sour look.

"Really, Berry?" Santana had a sneer on her face. "You expect us to believe that your little boyfriend here won't report back to those little Carmel bitches?"

Jesse huffed next to her, and Santana gave him a daring look. "You got a problem there, pretty boy?"

Jesse opened his mouth to defend himself but Rachel hastily cut in. "He won't report back to them. I trust him."

She patted his arm reassuredly and he gave her a nod.

She was suprised when the sound of a chair screeching hit her ears.

She watched as Quinn hastily made her way down the steps of the choir room, clutching her binder to her chest and looking at the ground. The blonde ignored Puck and Finn's calls for her name as she made her way to the front. Rachel could see that familiar sad look on the blonde's face she walked closer to them. What the brunette didn't expect though, was the blonde's intentional rough collision of their shoulders that knocked her back into Jesse. Rachel swore that she saw the beginnings of tears in the girl's eyes, and it made her stomach flip. But it also made a part of her slightly angry at the girl's gall.

She released a breath, and turned around to go after the blonde. She was halfway there when a strong hand grasped her arm. She whirled around to see the anxious face of Jesse. He shook his head, and she tried to pry her arm out of his grip. When she failed, she turned back and forcefully glared at him. He just shook his head once more and pulled her head close and whispered in her ear.

"Not now. She needs to cool down and we need to go according to plan."

The brunette eventually receded and stopped struggling against the boy. He looked down and nodded at her approvingly, giving her a reassuring look. She nodded back.

And she could only watch numbly as New Directions hastily grabbed their things and walked by the two without sparing them glances. Except for Finn and Puck. Finn glared at Jesse and gave him a good shoulder check as he passed him by. He then turned to Rachel and just shook his head. It fueled Rachel's anger at the boy. He had no right to go along and judge her and Jesse like that. She almost wished she had let Jesse continue to bait the boy. And Puck passed by and eyed Jesse with a look of cockiness, looking at Jesse as though he was a little boy who could easily get his ass kicked. And he narrowed his glare on Rachel as he finally passed her by as well.

If Jesse hadn't of stuck with her after that then she probably would have receded into that familiar depression.

Because now she someone who was on the outside with her.

New Directions hadn't been very welcoming of Jesse at all. It didn't help that he was much like Rachel when it came to battling for every little solo. And it didn't help that he corrected Mr. Schue's every little mistake. She had to admit that she was glad that he had her back when it came to someone who was challenging her or just plain out insulting her. Which at most times was Santana. Those two hated each other more than Rachel has ever seen two human beings hate each other. And she thought her and Quinn had been quite rude towards each other; Santana and Jesse easily surpassed them. Finn occassionally jumped in and threw a comment at the boy, but most of it was the latina. And Quinn was just difficult to even look at, once more. The girl had seemed to lose the little peacefulness and happiness that she had retained when Rachel had been occupied with Jesse. Now it was completely back.

And Finn and Puck had not seemed too happy about it, either. Their glares on Rachel increased even more so.

Until finally that monster inside of Rachel just got so angry that she eventually snapped and talked to Finn about what had happened between him, Quinn, and Puck.

"I tried to make her wait, you know? Just to see if she somehow had a chance. So she did, and you never came around and she just went for the one who did want her."

"Why was she mad at you, though?"

"She thought I had my own motives at asking her to wait. She seemed to think I might want you too. W-which I did at the time, but I would never do that to her."

"I-I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean to mess everything up between you three."

"Well, you did. Congratulations. Are you gonna go bake some of your 'I'm Sorry' sugar cookies now?"

Rachel realized the full brunt of how she destroyed their friendships and their hearts. She felt like a monster.

She had conveyed this to Jesse, but he just shook his head and had little to no sympathy.

He had congratulated her on going after what she wanted and pursuing it with vigor without the thought of the consequences. In fact, he seemed impressed by all the carnage she had left behind in her wake. He called her, "Heart-breaker Berry." Now, she loved Jesse as a friend, despite his major flaws that contained his apathy for just about any human being, but it was admittedly difficult to talk to him about everything in her life. Especially matters of the heart, because like she had mention previous, his little apathetic problem. It was a challenging friendship, to say the least.

But then sometimes she remembered why she stuck with his friendship when Santana would be on her tail.

Eventually, after plenty of slushies from freshmen and plenty of taunts thrown their way, Rachel confronted her.

"You know," exclaimed Rachel, throwing her hands up, "I don't know what your problem is when you're the one who started this entire damn thing in the first place."

Santana stopped applying her lip gloss in the mirror and met her eyes throught the reflection. She smirked.

"I just started a rumor about us banging, Berry. You did the rest of that shit all on your own."

Rachel huffed and stormed towards the sink at which the latina was occupied. She felt that familiar blaze in her chest. Because deep down she knew the latina was right. Plus, she even admitted to Jesse and herself that she had liked the attention that she had recieved as a result of all of this madness. She had liked the power it had given her. True, she had not gotten Finn, but now she had her sights aimed elsewhere. She had her sights aimed at the one that she should have given into in the first place, because that was now the one that she really wanted. But she certainly wasn't going to admit her flaws to someone like Santana Lopez. She didn't want to compare at how the two were vastly alike more than anyone had ever imagined. And the completely uninhabited part of Rachel, the part that she deemed insane because of all of this, screamed that the Cheerio still wanted her, and that she could take her if she wanted to.

She tried to ignore that part as she looked in the taller girl's eyes, who was looking at her with a rasied eyebrow and a smirk on her scheming face.

She really needed to talk to her therapist, because she could hear a voice in her head that told her to give the taller girl a taste of her own medicine. To taunt her completely.

She complied.

She slid in closer until she could feel the other girl's breath on her face. She hesitantly reached her hand up and ran the back of her knuckles across the latina's face. She watched Santana with rapt attention; her eyes fluttered the smallest bit, so small that if Rachel hadn't of been so close she would have missed it, and the girl's mocha eyes darkened ever so slightly. Oh yeah, it as still there. She felt confidence rise up and she traced her knuckles from the side of the latina's face to running her manicured nails over the girl's jawline. The girl let out a noticeable shiver. Rachel had to give it to the girl, she had terrific composure.

The smaller brunette traced her tongue over her lips and watched Santana's eyes trace it hungrily.

Rachel smiled and leaned forward, gently easing her tongue off of her lips and on to Santana's, tracing the outline of her lips and then licking the girl's upper lip. She then pulled the girl's bottom lip into her mouth with her teeth and bit down softly. She reached out with her hands and cupped the girl's neck, making sure to scrape the back of the girl's neck with her nails.

That did it. Game. Set. Match.

Santana growled softly and grapped the girl's hips forcefully, crashing their bodies together. Rachel could barely keep up as Santana's mouth attacked hers hungrily, the girl's mouth wrapping around her bottom lip and sucking it hard and thoroughly. Rachel couldn't help a gasp escaping her lips as the taller girl did this. She felt the breath being sucked out of her lungs as Santana backed her up against the sink counter, shoving her roughly into it. Rachel couldn't help but let out a pained gasp. Santana didn't stop in her ministrations however, she just moved her kisses down to Rachel's jawline as she moved her hand down to the small diva's ass and gripped it hard. Rachel choked a little when Santana moved her hands from her ass to the back of her thighs and pulled her up, attempting to lift her.

Rachel caught on and gripped the sink counter behind her, leaping up this time when the latina attempted to lift her once more.

Once she was on the counter, she let go of her grip on the sink and reached forward and tugged Santana's neck, bringing her back in for another rough kiss.

She wrapped her legs around the girl's waist when the girl's hands stroked her thighs and kneecaps. She began what she hoped was an appropriate grinding motion, rolling and rotating her hips as she moved her lips to Santana's earlobe and took it in between her teeth. She must have done something right, because Santana breathily groaned something in Spanish before roughly slamming her hips into the smaller girl. It was slightly awkward, because of Rachel's angle and both of their eagerness made their grinding sloppy, but the way the were currently fondling each other's breast and exchanging hot kisses made up for it.

Rachel wouldn't deny that she was turned on.

She wouldn't deny that she wasn't feeling guilty.

She wouldn't deny that she was imagining blonde hair and lighter skin.

Glimpsing Quinn in her mind made Rachel just stop in her little revenge scheme. Because she wanted the blonde to be doing this to her, not Santana. While Santana was admittedly gorgeous, Rachel just wasn't attracted to her the way she was attracted to Quinn. Because while Santana's rough fire had left a wet patch on her underwear, Quinn's gentle touch and passionate kiss had left Rachel wondering just who the hell she was.

She must have accidently said Quinn's name aloud, because Santana had snatched her hands off of Rachel's thighs as if they were on fire. She backed away and her features were morphed into pure rage. Her fist were clenched at her side and she was breathing harshly. Rachel hesitantly put her hands on the side of the counter and hopped down, watching the girl in front of her for any sudden movements.

"Of course," sneered Santana, her face still twisted in rage. "Everyone always wants Fabray, don't they?"

Rachel could only watch the girl in front of her warily. She had expected to maybe make-out with Santana to give her a little taste of her own medecine. She planned to suddenly pull back and give out a witty line before leaving the girl to stew and think about what she started, but all of that had spun out of control, obviously. And now she felt guilty. She felt guilty for Quinn, because she was honestly trying to win the girl over and she was doing quite poorly so far. She felt like she had cheated on the girl, and that didn't sit well with Rachel. And then she felt guilty for Santana, who even though was a bitch in every aspect and had made her life hell, she still seemed to feel something for Rachel. Even if it was barely there and the girl covered it up with insults and slushie attacks. Because she had been there, and still was there to be honest. She would probably always feel something for Finn, even though it was hardly there now, but it was still something. And even though her wanting and yearning had moved on to his gorgeous ex, the roots of first love would always be there, no matter how small.

That wasn't to say Santana loved her. She knew that the girl loved Brittany, that much was obvious, but it was obvious that she did feel something for Rachel.

"I-I'm sorry, Santana," murmured Rachel, earnestly.

The girl just continued to sneer at her as she backed up against the wall of the bathroom, straightening her messy ponytail.

"Whatever, Stubbles," spat Santana, now walking towards her and bumping past her to get her make-up bag.

Rachel gripped the girl's arm and it took all of her power to turn the girl to face her.

"I didn't mean for it to go that far," admitted Rachel. She took a breath. "A-at first all I wanted was Finn, you know? I didn't care if you kissed me or hugged me because it made him jealous. B-but then I found out about Quinn and I just wasn't ready to deal with all of that. Finn didn't seem to want me but I still tried. And then Quinn and I kissed in the choir room and this whole thing spun even more out of control and -"

Santana rolled her eyes. "We all know what happened between you and Quinn."


Santana growled. "Duh, Grendal! Finn told everyone! Why do you think the club hates Jesse so much? Everyone thinks you two are fucking."

"W-what? Jesse and I are just friends!" Rachel was angry now, angrier than hell.

"That's not what he says."

"Please," shouted Rachel, frustratedly. "Are you seriously going to believe something that Finn is delusional about?"

Santana looked confused. "I was talking about Jesse."

Rachel stopped breathing.

Rachel was mind-numbingly furious. She had never felt anything like this in her entire life. Her stomach was twisted so horribly she thought she might throw up, and her teeth were grinding so hard that she would probably have a trip to the dentist the next day. Her body was coiled up as she stormed down the hallway and to the choir room. She could see Santana running down the hallway in an attempt to catch up with her, which she finally did. But that didn't stop Rachel's rage-filled power-walking. She was breathing harshly as she repeatedly tugged her elbow free of Santana's grasp as the latina kept trying to slow her down and talk to her. She finally whirled around, her eyes blazing.

"What?" Rachel winced when she heard the volume of her own shout.

Santana's eyes widened, before they narrowed on her. "Maybe you should think about this before you run off and do something stupid. Which you've been doing a lot of lately."

Rachel hissed in anger. "No! I'm tired of running from my problems and scheming and stabbing people in the back. I'm gonna confront him."

She whirled around and continued her raging strut down the hallway until she got to the door of the choir room, where she could hear singing. She tried to take calming breaths before she entered the room, but they were working to no avail. Her stomach was bubbling in rage and she felt just about ready to explode in this very moment. She closed her eyes and clenched her fist, desperate for control. Was this what Finn and Quinn felt like? Betrayed by someone they thought they had? Lead on by someone they thought was their confident and friend. If so, she didn't know how they survived. Because Rachel was ready to fucking lose it.

She ignored Santana as the girl watched her failing tactics at calming down.

"What?" She snapped.

Santana just raised her eyebrow. "You're really fucking hot like this, Berry. Too bad I didn't get to fuck you senseless before you pussed out."

Rachel just stared at her with narrowed eyes.

Santana winked at her and smirked.


"Don't tell Brittany about this and I won't tell Tubbers. That is, if she takes your sorry ass back after the shit you've pulled."

Rachel felt herself getting riled up even more as Santana laughed mockingly at her as she opened the door and strode through it, swinging her hips.

She just clenched her fist and tried to calm down once more. She wanted to have a civil conversation and not immediately rush into the room and start screaming her ass off. Even though the monster in her was definitely riled up and pushing for that. Because it hurt. It hurt more than she ever imagined. She had lost Finn, and she probably had lost Quinn during this whole shindig. And now she had lost Jesse, the one person who actually had been there when no on else had been. She didn't just lose her friend. She felt like she had lost her mediator and her calm. Because although he had been a dick and had now apparently lied to her, he had helped her with everything she needed help with musically. And whenever she had a bad day he would immediately put his smug face in the air and tell her that she was better than all of them, and that she would leave this town.

She felt pain race down her spine and to her legs. She had to stop her vision from getting blurry. And her heart felt broken.

So yeah, it hurt.

But still, she wanted to walk in and have a civil conversation. She wanted to talk this out.

She was Rachel fucking Berry.

She straightened her posture and blinked back her tears. She took deep and calming breaths and mentally began singing showtunes.

She tilted her head up smugly and prepared for her diva walk.

She walked in the doorway and straightened her argyle vest.

She opened her mouth to say Jesse's name quietly.

But of course, that monster reappeared as soon as she landed her eyes on him





















What did ya think?

So...who wants to see a kickass confrontation and a happy Faberry ending? Raise your hand class!