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Chapter One. News & A Song...

The crisp snow tumbled rapidly past her bedroom window. Real snow, not caused by a spaceship blowing up in the Earth's atmosphere. Proper snow. Crystal white particals of clear water, fresh and icy to the touch. She pulled a thick coat over her jumper and ran down the stairs, pressing a woolly beret to her head of curls and placing some black gloves over her already frosty fingers. She exited her home quickly and ran to her car, which wouldn't start. Bloody freezing temperatures must have frozen the engine.

She rummaged through her handbag and tried to find her phone, which is extremely difficult when your wearing heavy knitted gloves. She eventually found her phone and tried dialling. It took her a few minutes, but once the numbers were punched into the keypad the phone rang. She could see her smoky breath in front of her, remembering as a child how she used to find that so entertaining. The phone continued to ring, no answer. But, she was patient and she would wait, she needed to wait. While the phone rang she tried to get her engine started again, but to no avail. The car buzzed as though it had a terrible cold. Strangely the radio began to work, the engines must be defrosting. The six 'o' clock news hummed quietly. She turned it up, still holding the phone next to her ear.

"And this just in, the whole city has turned into a musical. Children have been seen singing songs of teddy bears in toy shops, Accountants singing songs about numbers and weather men singing of today's forecast. Something is trying to bring the whole city Christmas Joy. After so many tragic Christmas's some wonder is filling the world once more with hope and music. Who ever you are, we thank you." the American news reporter stated.

Holding the phone further from her ear, she listened carefully to the radio, rushing to turn it up louder and accidentally hitting her knee on the frozen steering wheel. She cried out in pain, rubbing her knee. Something wasn't trying to bring the world Christmas joy as the news reader stupidly thought. They were making people confess what they were thinking and feeling. The death rate had increased rapidly over the month of December. The people who were deceased were found covered in ash. But, that was where the scientists were wrong. They weren't covered in ash, they were ash.

She had managed to sneak into one of the research centres, undercover. She examined the burnt bodies with her communicator. Some sort of spirit had taken over them, just for a second. Later that day they had broken out into song and because they weren't strong enough to fight off the music they had burnt. Those people were all related in the way that they were all blood group A positive, but that was the only similarity. A voice chimed through her phone, already knowing who had phoned them without needing caller ID.

"River. How may I help you?" the Doctor grinned, she smiled on the other end of the phone. Warm breath tickling her nose. She got out the car and slammed the door, going towards the front of her car to look at the engine, which was covered in sparkling frost. She shivered and he heard her teeth chattering.

"There is s-something r-really strange g-going on here." she stuttered, resting the phone in between her shoulder and cheek as she blew into her woollen hands. She closed the bonnet of her car.

"What's wrong?" he asked, still smiling as he heard her stutter. He didn't know why he found it so entertaining to hear her need his help. It was probably because he really wanted to see her again. It had been to long since their last adventure.

"Just h-hurry up and g-get here." she snapped, sitting on the front of her car. The phone disconnected and River pushed it into her bag once more, hugging her arms to try and keep warm.

Moments later, the sound of the TARDIS materializing was heard. River sighed as she knew he'd purposely left the brakes on. She ran to the TARDIS door and entered without knocking. Slamming the door shut, she leant against it, loving the warmth the TARDIS possessed. The Doctor grinned, the snow clear on her black beret, which she discarded and threw on to the near-by coat hanger.

She climbed the glass stairs and chucked her thick coat onto one of the metal barriers surrounding them. The Doctor just smirked to himself, continuing to mess with the controls on the TARDIS, giving her quick looks. He pulled a lever down and moved to turn a tap, she pulled the same lever up. This annoyed him more than he liked to say, but he did notice that his action was wrong and her's was right. His smirk faded and her's widened.

"A frozen River." the Doctor joked. River laughed, running her fingers over the controls. She pulled off her black stiletto heels and placed them on the bar underneath the monitor, as she always did. The Doctor gave her a puzzled look, had she worn stiletto heels in the snow? She must have.

"And a strange Song." she added, getting ready to tell him everything she knew about the events that were occurring. The Doctor's confused expression grew deeper and the lines on his forehead became thicker, his hair fell over his face.

Amy and Rory stood quietly, listening intently to the conversation between the two time travellers. Amy watched the Doctor's expressions as they changed like the weather. Rory watched River as she span slowly around the console, obviously in a way to try and tease the Doctor even more than she was already. Amy and Rory were married now and they had been on the way to their honeymoon, until River showed up and insisted on needing help with whatever mystery that needed to be unravelled.

The Doctor had told them it must be an emergency if River had phoned him and he promised to take them on their dream honeymoon after they solved yet another riddle. Rory was slightly put out by this. He knew the Doctor was fond of River and he knew the Doctor would probably want Amy's help, but all he really knew was that he wanted a honeymoon and it didn't seem as though he was going to get one.

"What do you mean? OH! News reports! News-y-news-y-news. It's the song. Song! Sooongg! Yeah." the Doctor nodded, placing a hand on River's head, tilting it backwards and forwards as he tried to think. He stood exceptionally close to River, not even thinking about personal space. River didn't bother to move, in fact she seemed to move closer to him.

"People are burning up. They are being taken over, but only for a second and then the spirit or whatever it is just disappears. Later that day, people with the blood group A positive are setting on fire and turning to ash. The death rate each day is increasing by two percent. Not all A positives die. Just the select few." River informed him. The Doctor stared at her face. He grabbed her chin and tilted her head from side to side.

"You're so young.-" he stated, looking over her youthful face. "-You're... twenty. Nooooo!... Twenty one years old. Yeah... twenty one. Wha'do you think Amy?" the Doctor asked, moving away from River to stand next to Amy, who just nodded and pouted her lips at the Doctor.

"Yep, I'd say twenty one. Far to young for you, Ay Doctor." Amy joked, leaning against the console with a flirtatious grin. Rory's mouth was dropped slightly. He knew Amy was the flirty type, but she was his wife now. He'd have to speak about that with her later. Much later. Maybe not at all, yeah. Didn't want to make Amy angry or upset with him.

"I'm the Doctor and you're all far to young for me." the Doctor replied, messing with some buttons on the console randomly. They didn't need to be pressed, but he wanted to find something to distract him from Amy's pointless comments.

"I very much doubt that, Sweetie." River whispered into his ear. He laughed and span round on his heels. He clapped his hands, rubbing them as a smile ran from ear to ear.

"Right! Lets see what we have here.-" the Doctor grinned, running towards the TARDIS doors, opening them with a smile, before slamming them again as his face got cover in snow from the blizzard outside. "-Ahhh, bit of a problem."

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