Author's Notes: Hello, one and all. XD; Yes, I'm at it again. This time I've come up with what I think is a bit of a doozy. A random idea inspired by music and my love of the old World of Darkness RP system, I've created this. Just a warning - Though I will be pulling from Frozen Teardrop for background info (such as Heero and Treize's parentage), THIS DEVIATES FROM FROZEN TEARDROP. Big time. Heero was never frozen, etc.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise, Sotsu, Bandai, etc. Old World of Darkness belongs to White Wolf. Bai Mianxi, Morwen, and Glen are my brain babies.

The Black Road

by KaidaPoi

Chapter One: A Prolouge of Sorts

'They think they have peace. But they have idea about the truth.' Amber colored eyes watched the crowd passing their owner, a lithe Chinese girl dressed in clothing best described as punk-gothic. Her hair was kept long, reaching her waist and unbound. She closed her eyes, breathing in and smiling slightly. "Shinigami." There was a chuckle as a Caucasian young man leaned against the same wall the girl was. He was tall, easily six foot, and slightly tanned. His cobalt eyes were amused and his chestnut-colored hair was nearly knee-length and kept tightly braided.

"What brings you here, Bai Mianxi?" The girl sighed and looked to him.

"It's time. Jacqueline is calling the sentai together again. We need our second Leaf. We need our Shinigami." The man nodded.

"Should have figured I wouldn't have peace for too much longer. Things have been the bad sort of quiet lately. Any Kinfolk Hilde and the kids can stay with? I'm not leaving them unprotected." The girl nodded.

"Jacqueline's Kinfolk is taking in the families. We're gathering in New Port City, in Sanc." The man frowned, but nodded again.

"Alright. I'll need to be careful than. I know people in Sanc who aren't part of my network. And though they're tough as nails...I don't want to test if they can stand up to a fomor or Black Spiral."

"Understandable. We shall keep this in mind." She moved away from the wall, as did the man, and they started through the crowd. "How are Hilde and your pups?" The man smiled.

"They're well. Hilde's been spending a lot of time with the kids since it's the down-season for the scrap yard. And she looks a lot happier for it. Morwen is still getting into everything, and Glen is trying to be rebellious...but he's too much of a momma's boy to really succeed at it." The girl laughed.

"Haven't changed a bit since I last saw them." The man smiled, and it wasn't long before he was letting them into a large apartment.

"Hey Hil, I'm home! Brought some company with me!" A dark haired woman peered out of the kitchen and smiled.

"Well! What a surprise, Bai! It's good to see you again." The woman turned to her husband. "Call ahead next time, Duo! You know wha-" Suddenly, two small forms burst out of a hallway and barreled into the Chinese girl, hugging her legs.

"Auntie Bai! We haven't seen you in person in a loooooooooong time!" The girl chuckled, pulling the children off of her and kneeling down.

"Well, I've been a very busy Fox. Buuuut...I have presents, if you'll forgive this Koryo her wanderings." The children, a boy no older than eight and a girl no older than six, nodded vigorously, and Bai started pulling wrapped boxes from the bag across her shoulder.

"I take it she's not here for all pleasure, Duo." The man looked to his wife, then sighed and nodded.

"Jacqueline is calling the sentai back together. We're gathering in Sanc." He moved to hold her smaller hands between his. "Hilde...Jacqueline's Kinfolk are taking in everyone's families. I want you and the kids with them."

"I know, Duo." He blinked. Hilde smirked. "I knew you'd end up recalled eventually. You're not the only one with contingency plans, Duo Maxwell. Your wife has a few herself, including a trained replacement to watch the scrapyard while we're gone." Duo laughed and hugged her.

"Smartest move I ever made was marrying you, Hil!" She laughed.

"Damn straight."