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Overhead, high in the mighty heavens, still and silent watches the Mistress of the Night. On this night she is at her fullest, thus allowing all of her cold, white light to shine on the dark, still world below.

Tonight however she soon sees is different. Far below she can see two castles, two kingdoms, and one land divided. And what's this? Light can be seen shining out of the tallest towers of the two castles, shining like dim stars

Quietly she watches and listens and soon it seems that everywhere is being filled with screams...

Chapter 1


All her life Nabooru had prided herself on the fact that nothing could bring her pain. She had never flinched when snake poison coursed through her veins, and had never yelped as Wolfo claws raked her skin, or as teeth pierced flesh. She was tougher than the harsh mistress, the Gerudo Desert, which had raised her. She was tough and strong, and had been confident that nothing could ever bring her pain.

She did not think that now. For the countless time she screamed as she clawed at the sheets around her as pain too intense for words coursed through every last part of her body. Nothing existed right now to her except the pain. Not the room she was in, not the six or seven women scurrying around it, not even herself.

Just pain. All there was was hurt; everything was searing agony.

"You're doing fine Nabooru," said Scarlett, the only Gerudo in the room that Nabooru had a slightly (very, very slightly) good relationship with. "Just keep pushing."

"I'm trying!" Nabooru snapped in a labored breath. "Cut me some slack, this is my first...and last time." Scarlett smirked at Nabooru.

"Whatever you say...your Grace." Nabooru was about to verbally tear Scarlett's happy little hide to shreds when suddenly her lips uttered their loudest scream yet and for a moment the pain was at its worst. Then, after a few minutes, the pain dropped considerably in intensity, and tiredly Nabooru looked to see Scarlett holding a wriggling bundle in a white blanket. All the other Gerudo girls were crowding around Scarlett; oblivious to their queen.

For a moment, Nabooru lied there in shock, but then, the little bundle in Scarlett's arms began to cry and Nabooru snapped back to attention. "Give me my baby," she ordered, trying not to wince in pain as she forced her birth-worn body into a sitting position. "Now."

Slowly Scarlett looked from the baby-which Nabooru knew Scarlett wished was hers-to Nabooru, a slow smile playing across her face. For a moment Scarlett and Nabooru were locked in a silent glaring match. Finally, Scarlett, still unable to beat her queen, turned away and spoke.

"But your grace, you are tired, and the child needs to be cleaned and clothed," she purred. "And besides," she added dismissing the rest of the women, "someone needs to alert the king." Scarlett turned and began to leave.

Nabooru wouldn't have it. For over nine months she had remained passive and quiet, not using any of her...abilities out of fear of harming the baby. But now things were different. She felt hot energy race through her and just as Scarlett reached the door, baby still crying, a wall of bronze flame shot up, blocking the door completely.

"Nabooru..." Scarlett said uneasily turning back to her queen, knowing she had made a mistake. With a smirk Nabooru waved her hand and everything Scarlett would need to tend to the baby appeared, right in Nabooru's sight.

"Clean and clothe the baby, then give the baby to me, and then you may leave." Silently Scarlett obeyed and after a good twenty minutes the baby, a girl, now wrapped in a light pink silk blanket, was placed into Nabooru's arms. Without even looking at Scarlett, Nabooru waved her hand in a dismissing gesture and everything vanished, including, to Scarlett's relief, the wall of fire.

"Now," Nabooru whispered lowly, threateningly "go get the king and don't let me see your face for the rest of the night, or I'll test my abilities as a sage out on you." To Nabooru, it suddenly seemed Scarlett had grown wings; she practically flew out of the room. Finally, she was alone with her child.

"Hello little one," she whispered, "welcome to the world..."

Ganondorf stood completely still in his throne room, the only visible movement to his body being the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. In a stony, brooding silence he gazed out a window, eyes never leaving the moon. For the hundredth time he felt as if it was mocking him.

"Look at me; I'm powerful and can see all. I touch everything while being untouchable," the moon seemed to taunt. In disgust Ganondorf turned away and sank into his throne, his fingers instantly beginning to drum the armrest in an agitated, restless melody.

Skies above, what was taking so long? Nabooru had gone into labor nearly two hours before sunset, and it was now a few minutes after midnight.

"How much longer?" he growled. He was getting so impatient and he was beginning to wonder if Nabooru was purposefully prolonging his arrival up to their bedchamber just to have the baby, which he knew was a girl, to herself.

No, he instantly thought, Scarlett won't put up with trash like that. It was about that time, with that very thought in mind that the throne room door opened hesitantly and a very nervous looking Scarlett entered.

Instantly Ganondorf knew she had been threatened by Nabooru, both by the fact that she was jumpy and that she bowed lower than normal.

Ganondorf didn't hide his smirk. He knew Scarlett adored him along with every other Gerudo girl in his kingdom (except for the one he was married to), but she was by far the boldest in her attempt to win his affection. All in all, he didn't mind seeing Scarlett being put in her place.

"Your Majesty," Scarlett muttered. "Her Grace is ready to see you." Without a word Ganondorf stood and purposefully stretched his arms, knowing the movement of his muscles was clearly visible under his thin shirt. Then ignoring Scarlett and her pleading, lustful eyes he left the throne room, ready to meet...his child.

Tonight was definitely a night of Nabooru being proven wrong. Before this night she thought it impossible for her to be in pain.

Yet this night had brought her pain in ways she never imagined.

Also, before this night she had never thought it possible to be...happy or perhaps even just content.

Yet this moment was making Nabooru the happiest woman in the universe. For the countless time she gazed down at her daughter who was now blissfully asleep.

"That's right honey," she murmured. "You just keep on sl-." Nabooru was cut off by the sound of the door opening. Then he appeared, the door closing silently behind him. He stood there, completely still, forever cursed to be a slimy piece of pig flesh in Nabooru's mind. Suddenly, he opened his mouth to speak, but Nabooru beat him to it.

"You better get this and get it the first time. Her name is Ruby; no exceptions, she's my daughter, not yours and you get one look, and then you are leaving," Nabooru growled lowly. For a moment Ganondorf looked surprised, but all too soon his usual cocky smile returned to his face and his regular glare reappeared in his eyes.

"I beg your pardon Nabooru? I'm afraid you have a few things wrong. The first being that she is 'our' daughter; not 'your' daughter," Ganondorf said as he came closer to his resentful wife and newborn child.

"You are the one who has things wrong," she hissed back furiously, refusing to feed his desire for visible fear, but holding Ruby more protectively just to be safe.

"Must you always fight me?" I'm starting to find this whole marriage tiring," Ganondorf said in a pretend tired sigh as he sank down next to her on the bed in an exaggerated fashion.

"If that's true then you should have married someone else; like Scarlett!" Nabooru returned, her voice rising slightly. Ganondorf just laughed.

"Scarlett isn't who I want; you know that," Ganondorf said, trying to look at the baby, which Nabooru would not have.

"Now, now Nabooru, she's mine too. After all, she wouldn't be here if it weren't for the both of us having so many nights of...pleasure," Ganondorf said in a tone that would have seduced any other Gerudo. For Nabooru however, it only made her burn with anger.

"Pleasure?" she repeated through gritted teeth. "I recall no night of pleasure, for you could never please me in anyway; especially when it concerns intimacy. The only nights I recall were nights that started with heated words and ended with you raping me."

For a moment all was silent and Nabooru realized that was no doubt the most she had ever said to Ganondorf at once. Oh well, she thought. It won't kill him to hear the truth, her mind added as an afterthought.

If only it were that easy for him to be killed. Suddenly she noticed Ganondorf slowly reaching out to take Ruby into his arms. Nabooru hissed as well as any desert cobra she had seen over her life as she pulled Ruby away. "Don't: I said you could look, not touch." Ganondorf shifted closer and continued to reach for the baby.

"I'll bite," she growled, deciding to be merciful and give the pig a fair warning. Ganondorf, choosing to foolishly brush off Nabooru's threat as empty words, still continued to try and take Ruby. When he was closer than she was comfortable with, Nabooru carried out her threat and struck faster than a serpent, her teeth sinking into the hand closet to her mouth.

With a slight yelp, Ganondorf yanked his hand away, instantly rubbing it and glaring murder at Nabooru. For a moment, she just watched, feeling very satisfied until the taste of blood and Ganondorf's flesh became too much for her to bear.

Deciding to add to the insult, she spat the vile concoction onto his face before letting the biggest smirk of her young life grace her lips.

For many long moments, the room was tensely silent, and then suddenly Ganondorf started to reach for his daughter again, his face now expressionless and his hand now healed (stupid Triforce of Power) as he continued his advance.

Nabooru tried to strike again, but this time Ganondorf pulled his hand away and then used the same hand to slap Nabooru across the face. For a moment, she sat there, dazed by the force of the blow, but that was all the time Ganondorf needed, and in an instant Ruby was out of her mother's arms and in the arms of her father.

"So...Ruby is your name is it?" Ganondorf murmured as Ruby stirred slightly his arms. "Not bad I suppose, even though Kotake or Koume might have been a better choice."

At the comment Nabooru snapped out of her dazed state with a growl of disgust. "As if I would allow my precious daughter to be named after one of those two old, ugly, wrinkly hags. Now, give her back," Nabooru added trying in vain to get her daughter.

"No, not now love. It's daddy's turn; besides you should rest, start building up your strength so we can soon start trying for more children."

Nabooru was about to let loose a string of comments that would have had a pirate turning red when all of a sudden, Ruby's eyes opened, exposing her newborn blue irises to the light of the chamber. For long seconds, Nabooru watched quietly as father gazed down at daughter and daughter gazed up at father.

Then the tears came, accompanied by sad cries and whimpers. Surprisingly, Ganondorf remained calm, unlike Nabooru who was growing slightly uneasy.

"Give her back-she doesn't want you," Nabooru pointed out quietly.

"She'll just have to learn then, won't she?" Ganondorf returned as the cries grew more intense, each one causing Nabooru's heart to rend in two.

Wow, this mother instinct is stronger than I thought. Suddenly, Nabooru was snapped out of her thoughts by a horrendous sound and the sight of Ruby coughing, gagging to be more appropriate.

By now, Ruby was turned slightly in Ganondorf's arms, as a result of her own squirming. Her face was practically on his chest and her gagging only got worse when suddenly Ruby gave one more violent gag before spitting up onto Ganondorf's tunic, no doubt getting his chest wet through the thin material.

For a moment, Nabooru just sat there, utter shock causing her daughter's resumed cries to fall on deaf ears. Suddenly, she began to giggle as a look of disgust appeared on her husband's face. Soon she was in an all-out laugh that was shaking her whole body. Between his stained shirt and the bloody spit still on his cheek, Nabooru actually though he looked somewhat decent.

"Take...her," Ganondorf said in a chocked voice ripe with disgust. Still laughing too hard to speak Nabooru gladly obeyed and took the crying baby into her arms.

"It's not funny," Ganondorf said angrily as he furiously wiped his cheek on his sleeve before removing his shirt.

"Oh get over it," Nabooru sighed, laughing instantly gone at the sight of her husband's bare chest. "It's going to happen."

"It's disgusting," he growled as he stood and walked over to the fireplace. "And I can't wait to see how you react when she does something gross to you," he added, his shirt going into the blazing flames.

"Nothing she does will disgust me. Now why are you still here? Don't you have...something you need to do?" Nabooru questioned, the room taking on a tense atmosphere as a slow, cruel smile donned Ganondorf's face.

"Quite right my Queen," he mused. "After all...he and his weak willed queen, though they are our enemies, should know of our triumph, our blessing. Fear not my Queen for he will know; our skies shall not remain silent like his."

"Don't overdo it; don't provoke him, please. And don't you dare call his wife weak...Those words do not befit Zelda," Nabooru hissed, Ruby now asleep. In silence Ganondorf gazed at her, his molten gold predatory stare illuminated by the room's flickering light.

"I will do as I desire and provoke any one I choose. If I want to call someone weak then I will. Now get some rest and you needn't fear Zelda's wrath." Ganondorf turned and headed for the door.

"You know it is not Zelda's wrath I fear, but her...husband's," Nabooru whispered, still sad at the fate that had befallen her only remaining friend, a fate far too similar to hers.

"Fine," Ganondorf said, standing in the door. "I promise you needn't fear Zelda's wrath or the wrath of her husband...Vaati."

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~Moon White Rose