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Chapter 5

The Chosen Ones of Fate

Luna was very certain nothing could upset her as she walked the halls of her castle, making her way to her room. Today had been perfect; she had made a new friend, managed to sneak out, and meet a nice guy.

A very HANDSOME, nice guy.

If father really wants me married off so badly, perhaps he should start choosing boys more like Aieden, then I may not be able to choose! Normally the thought of marriage made Luna upset, but from what she had seen of Aieden...

True, she had just met him, but she couldn't help but like him. He had been kind, courteous, and completely respectful without being boring and he didn't act like a vain, swaggering peacock. As opposed to all my other suitors,she thought, not paying attention as she rounded a corner. As a result she bumped into someone; hard.

"Well, there you are." Luna stiffened as she looked up at her father. Much to her surprise he looked calm; never a good thing. "You're in trouble," he said a moment later before walking away. Luna just shrugged it off when he disappeared without another word.

So far, all seemed fine. She continued to head for her room, trying to remain cheerful, but a bad feeling crept into the pit of her stomach, souring her pleasant mood immensely. I'm sure it's nothing, she chided herself before suddenly feeling as if she were being watched and coming to a halt. Looking around, she finally spotted a pair of haughty red eyes gazing out at her from a dark corner.

"Vaati," she said flatly. Her brother stepped from the shadows.

"So, what did you do this time sister?" he demanded.

"None of your business," Luna snapped. What was putting him in a bad mood?

"Really, because father is quite upset with you," a cold, female voice said from behind. Luna turned to see Crystal standing a few steps away, flanked by two Stalfoes. Whatever her punishment was must be bad if it had the mellower half of her younger siblings so riled up.

"As I said, it's neither of you two's business, and because I'm your older sister you two can and will respect my privacy." Crystal, looking immediately bored, just turned away, but not before saying:

"Being older means being closer to death. Try not to provoke it, lest you wish for it to pay an early visit." Shortly thereafter, she was gone.

"You know, she's right," Vaati whispered, still smirking.

"Oh, about what? Enlighten me, he who is so wise," she returned sarcastically.

"About provoking Death. Best not anger it... or him to be more accurate. Enjoy your misery sister," he said before shoving past her.

I have such a great home life, Luna thought in mock cheer. No wonder I always stay around. No doubt about it, she was sneaking out tomorrow or going to die trying. Her taste of sweet freedom today had made her more courageous than she had ever been before and she was eager for more.

Finally she rounded the last turn before arriving to her room and froze immediately. So this was her nasty surprise, her punishment, the reason why Vaati and Crystal-who normally left her alone- were harassing her.

Master Iron stood motionless before her door, not moving in the slightest. She hated Iron Knuckles, but Master Iron was in a class all by himself. She absolutely despised him; her father's most trusted extra pair of eyes and ears. Normally he stayed on the lower levels of the castle, guarding things like the King's Treasury...

Drat, Luna realized, not quite sure what to do, I raided that earlier... Lovely, now this was personal as well; she had made him look like a fool and that was never a good thing.

Not feeling very courageous now, by trying to appear as if she was, she took a step forward. Nothing. Another step. Nothing. Third step... movement.

"Oh, I-I thought you were asleep." Luna tried to sound calm, but she couldn't hold back a slight waver.

"Hello highness, enjoy your day?" Master Iron replied, his voice laced with anger. Best to just get to the point, for both their sakes.

"How long?" she questioned.

"Until your father says otherwise." He moved aside and motioned to the door. "In. NOW." Instead, Luna backed away.

"I don't think so," she snapped back, nervousness now replaced with annoyance. There was no way she was going to give up her all freedom so easily. If she had to be locked in the castle, there was no way she was going to stay locked in her room; that went far beyond what she found to be acceptable. Then again, that was what her father was no doubt hoping for; he loved punishing her by keeping her locked up like an animal, mostly because he knew it was effective.

Still, he had never had Master Iron keep watch over her and she thought it was too extreme, and she intended to make that known.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me." In the blink of an eye, she was running back the way she had come. She was going to talk with her father, but perhaps having her mother present when she did so could be of help.

"How was Hyrule Ruby?" her father repeated, his voice deadly calm. She didn't move; she was too busy wondering just how much trouble and or danger she was in. Probably a lot, but then again, she practically got in trouble for breathing.

"Not going to answer? Well then, I guess I'll just have to remind you about how to show me respect." With surprising speed he bent down, grabbed her by the ear, and hauled her to her feet. Without another word he began to drag her inside.

"Oww, oww, oww! Let go, let go, LET GO!" Ruby yelled, but he ignored her and her pain and continued to drag her. Suddenly, without warning, he stopped and let go and Ruby sighed in relief, gently rubbing her now very sore ear.

Then she saw, and heard what had caused him to stop.

"Daddy!" Garnet yelled happily, running up to him and wrapping her slender arms around his leg.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" Ruby snarled crossly before her father could say a word. She was already annoyed enough; the last thing she wanted, or needed, was a fight with "Daddy's Favorite."

"Shouldn't you shut-up?!" Garnet yelled back, now in her father's arms.

"Why, you little r-"

"That's enough Ruby," her father interrupted in a low growl, glaring. Of course, he would take Garnet's side.

"You are so mean!" she whined as she was set down. "Why are you so mean to Daddy? He's wonderful!"

"Wonderful?!" Ruby asked while laughing in disbelief. How could her sister be so... completely, utterly stupid? "I don't know what your basing that statement off of, but it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Grow up." A look of pure rage appeared on Garnet's face and with a scream of anger she kicked Ruby in the knee as hard as possible. Instant pain flared up and she fell to her legs gave out, tears pricking her eyes. The moment she was level with her sister, Garnet spat in her face.

That was it.

"You're dead you little monster!" Ruby yelled, lunging. Garnet barely dodged, and "crying", ran to their father.

"Daddy! Make Ruby stop being scary! Punish her! Please Daddy, please!" Garnet begged. Ganondorf picked her up and kissed her head.

"Don't worry, Daddy will take care of it, now off to bed," he said, setting her down.

"Okay! Love you Daddy!" And with that she disappeared around the corner, catching Ruby's eye and sticking her tongue out. There was no way her night could get worse after that. She started to walk off without so much as a glance at her sire, but then she felt his firm, painful grip on her shoulder.

Great, she was wrong; things WERE going to get worse. How, she couldn't see and she didn't want to find out.

"What?" she demanded. The grip tightened.

"We're not done yet. Time for you to learn a lesson you'll never forget," he replied. He let go of her shoulder, and as if she weighed nothing, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

"PUT ME DOWN!" she screamed as he started to walk. "PUT ME DOWN NOW!" No doubt the whole castle could hear her, so where was her mother? Why wasn't she coming to rescue her?

"PUT M-"

"Keep yelling and I'll kill Sand and feed you her raw flesh on strip at a time," he growled, silencing her immediately.

"You wouldn't," Ruby hissed.

"I would. Now, it's your choice. What will it be?" Dead silence. "Good girl," he praised mockingly as he resumed walking. Ruby had never felt so humiliated in all her life. Regrettably though, she had the feeling things were only going to get worse very soon.

She only felt this to be even more true when they didn't pass a single soul, monster or Gerudo, on their way to the throne room. The silence made her immensely nervous; whatever he had planned, it was going to be bad.

"You've been very bad Ruby, so now it's time for you to get what you deserve." Then he pushed the throne room doors open and deafening roars and jeers flooded her ears.

The room was filled with Gerudos, Hylians, and monsters, lots of monsters. Oh great, this IS going to be bad, she thought as her father strolled through the crowd. Everyone laughed and pointed at her, some bowing mockingly.

"Hello Princess Ruby, it's an honor," a voice sneered. Nari. Ruby just glared.

"Yes, thank-you for gracing us with your presence," Tor added in a cruel laugh. Zabel stood with them, but other than a very small smirk, said or did nothing.

All too quickly her father reached his throne and he sat, forcing Ruby to sit in his lap. Someone kill her; it was already way worse than she could have thought. The yelling continued for a moment, then her father held up his hand and the crowd silenced almost instantly.

"Now," he began, "we all know why we're here, to teach someone a lesson. Ruby," he said, as if he were talking to a three year old, "you were a very bad girl for sneaking off and going to Hyrule. Do you know what you did was bad?"

He had to be kidding; this couldn't be happening. She didn't respond, just glared down at her clenched hands.

"Ruby?" Though it came out as a question, she could hear the warning tone beneath.

"Yes," she finally replied through gritted teeth. Low laughs immediately sounded, but they were stopped by a death glare from her. After all, she couldn't stay here forever.

"Yes what?" he asked, still talking to her as if she were a baby.

"Yes... sir." He shook his head.

"Yes what?" he asked again. Ruby glared at him.

"You're kidding," she hissed. His haughty gaze told her he wasn't. Taking a deep breath, she once again looked down.

"Yes... Daddy."

"You did, yet you still did it anyway?" he asked, as if he were surprised.

"Yes Daddy."

"Ruby, that's a big no-no. You could have been hurt, and we don't want that. After all, who loves you?"

"Moth- you do Daddy," she muttered when he gave a sharp yank to her hair.

"That's right; Daddy loves his baby girl very much." As if to prove that true, he leaned down and kissed her cheek. It took all her willpower to not throw up. "Now Ruby, Daddy does love you, but what you did was bad, so you need to be punished."

Haven't I been punished enough?she wondered bitterly. Without warning her father laid her over his knees, her rear facing a good portion of the audience.

"You can't be serious!" she yelled, trying to get away. He held down and Master Knuckle handed her father a fairly good sized leather strip. Without warning, he pulled down her pants, causing the audience to roar.

"I hate you!" Ruby yelled. "You're a monster!" He tightened his grip around her waist and brought the leather to her rear.

"Would you like it done fully exposed?" he hissed. Ruby fell silent, and when all was quiet, he let the leather fly.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Ruby bit her tongue so hard, she drew blood. She wasn't going to scream, though it was hard not to. He was hitting hard, and very few hits were finding her rear. Most were finding her lower back and soon she felt blood flow.

Smack! Smack! SMACK! Ruby yelped at the leather which did collide with her saddle sore rear. He got her; she hated herself for making a sound.

"YOU WILL NOT DISOBEY ME AGAIN!" Each word came with a cruel hit and tears welled.

"Stop! stop, stop, STOP!" she screeched pleadingly. Since he had got her already, she saw no point in keeping quiet now. No surprise though he continued. Twenty, thirty, forty; Ruby cried at each hit.

This wasn't a punishment; this was a flat out beating. He paused after his forty-ninth hit and she hoped he was done. SMACK!The hit was so hard that if he had not had such a firm hold on her, she would have fallen to the floor.

"All right Ruby, we're done," he said, dropping the bloodied leather strip and roughly pulling up her pants. He stood and set her on her feet. Her legs wobbled, but by some miracle she managed to stand. "Master Knuckle, take Princess Ruby to her room," he ordered. However, before he could obey, the throne room doors burst open. The sound of them crashing against the walls sounded like thunder, silencing the crowd which had resumed their mocking during the beating, and in walked Nabooru, looking every inch a Gerudo Queen.

An immensely angry Gerudo Queen, Ruby noted. She glared, first at Ganondorf, then Ruby, white hot fury blazing in her eyes. Ruby wasn't scared though; she knew this was a false front. The only person she was enraged with was her father.

"Husband," Nabooru said coolly while walking forward, "just what is going on?"

"Nothing, my Queen," he replied tightly. "I'm just teaching our little Ruby a lesson."

"Oh?" she demanded. "What has-... bow." Everyone just gazed at Nabooru, confused. Then confusion turned to horror as she grabbed a Lizafoe by the throat, rammed her dagger first in its stomach, then its heart, before letting drop face first to the ground. Nabooru held the bloody death tool up where it could be easily seen.

"I SAID BOW!" she roared. Everyone dropped; even Master Knuckle lowered his head. Ruby could only inwardly cheer. "Now, what has she done?" Nabooru questioned angrily.

"She went to Hyrule... so she was punished for her reckless behavior." Her mother looked surprised for a brief second, but soon her mask of cold control was back in place.

"Well, you've done your job my king, now time for me to do mine. Ruby, come here. NOW." Trying not to wince from the pain of walking, Ruby left her father's side. Nabooru grabbed her arm and dragged her from the room.

At least it looked like she was dragging Ruby. Once they were well away from the throne room, Nabooru let go, then quickly trapped her in a fierce hug.

"Are you all right? How bad?" Nabooru questioned as she pulled away. Ruby just turned and Nabooru took in the sight of her daughter's bloodied back.

"Add this to the fact that I'm extremely saddle sore, and I'm actually in a lot of pain," Ruby replied sarcastically. Nabooru just shook her head and led Ruby to her room.

"Come on, let's get you cleaned up." Ruby leaned on her mother for support and slowly they made it to her room. Upon entering, both were met with the sight of fifteen year old Kotake curled up in a chair, her nose, no surprise, buried in a book.

Next to her on a small table were two red potions, a rag, and several strips of clean white cloth. "Thank-you Kotake," Nabooru said gratefully.

"Mhmm," was the only reply they got. For nearly the next hour, Nabooru tended to Ruby's back, the room filled with silence.

"Why did he have to do that?!" she yelled suddenly. Nabooru gave a sympathetic sigh.

"Because he's evil. That's the best I can do. Try to get some sleep and I love you. Come on Kotake." Ruby watched them leave, and then tried to get comfortable. It took a while, but finally she started to drift off, thoughts of the day filling her head.

Luna's eyes opened for no reason, which confused her greatly. She should be asleep, so what had...? She blinked, not believing what she was seeing. Up above was not her ceiling, but darkness that seemed to have no end. A moment later she realized there was a silvery light emanating from somewhere she could not see.

What in Hyrule?she thought as she jolted up, looking around wildly. The sight that met her was one she could hardly believe. Everything was either darkness or waterfalls of silver light which she could not see the beginnings or ends of. She was sitting on a white and silver couch that sat on a large flat surface that was made of the same silver light as the waterfalls.

At first, all seemed quiet, but then it seemed as if an unknown tune came from the very air. Luna stood and cautiously made her way to the edge and peered over. Like above, all she could see was never-ending darkness. Quickly she backed away, panic pounding in her veins.

"Hello! Where am I? Can anyone hear me?" She yelled, not overly surprised, but still immensely scared that she heard no echo. What kind of place was this? "Hello?" she whispered one more time, not expecting an answer.

"Long have I awaited your arrival, my Chosen One."Luna jumped out of her skin at the unexpected voice. She looked in all directions, but saw no one.

"Hello? Who's there?" She questioned.

"You need not fear me, Princess Luna, my Chosen. Long have I, and the world, awaited for your arrival,"the voice said in a tone that though soft and soothing, was full of power and authority.

"I, I don't understand... who are you, if I may ask," Luna added quickly, not wanting to disrespect whoever the speaker was. She was starting to realize that this was a place that most likely no other Hylian may ever see; in fact it almost fit the description of the Chamber of the Sages which her mother had told her about when she was younger. Was that where she was now?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a silver fairy appeared, with wings white as snow. The light around the fairy grew brighter and brighter and Luna was forced to look away. After a minute she dared to look, and what, or rather WHO, she saw was even more breathtaking than her surroundings.

It was a woman, whose age Luna couldn't guess; she looked neither young nor old. He skin was pure white and long silver hair flowed down her back, styled elegantly. Her eyes were also silver, as was her dress. From her back sprung large, delicate looking white wings veined with silver.

In short, she was beautiful. Suddenly, Luna felt very self-conscious and embarrassed to be seen in her nightclothes. She must look so bad.

"Take a closer look, for your appearance may surprise you," the woman said with a smile as a mirror materialized in front of Luna.

Her appearance was different, yet it didn't really surprise her... actually, it felt... right. Her night clothes were gone, replaced with a gown of white that hugged her hips and flared out and was trimmed in silver; black stars scattered around the bottom. Soft white gloves encased her hands up to her elbows, and on the front of her left hand...

"What is this!?" she gasped. "Where am I, and who are you?" she asked, her brief calm now gone.

"The mark you now bare will be made clear when YOU figure out its significance. As for where you are, this is my realm, the Chamber of Fate and I, am the Mistress of Fate."The Mistress of Fate? Luna had never heard of her in Hylian or Sheikah legend, but she wasn't going to say so.

"Why am I here, HOW did I get here?" she asked hesitantly. The Mistress of Fate smiled.

"You are here to realize your destiny, your fate. I summoned you here to tell you what you must know, to start you on your long journey."

"My journey?" Luna questioned.

"Yes, but the road before you and those who will help you will be long and hard, filled with trials. All the pain you have endured to this point has just been a small taste compared to what you will face."

"...Oh." Luna wasn't sure she liked the sound of that. She had gone through her fair share of pain... why would she want to go through more?

"Ultimately, the choice is yours, as well as those who share your fate, but for now all you need to know is one thing."

"What do I need to know?" Luna murmured, suddenly feeling calm, darkness creeping into the very edges of her vision.

"In plain sight does the secret hide, always in sight of the Moon's eyes. Lost to all is the door, but by the moon's light shall the way be made clear for its true Guardian. Princess Luna, we shall meet again."Then everything went black and Luna felt as if she were falling into an eternal darkness.

Ruby jumped up, breathing heavily and covered in a light sweat. Her heart pounded violently, but eventually she calmed down.

What a crazy dream, she thought. Oh well. I just wish that light... wait light?she opened her eyes and sure enough there was a faint silver light filling her room. She tried to locate the source, but discovered that her back was healed completely...and that she was no longer wearing her nightgown.

Jumping up, she rushed to her mirror and her jaw dropped. Her hair was up in the regular ponytail of the Gerudo women, but instead of a ruby set in gold, it was held in place by a diamond set in silver. The top and pants she now wore were white and covered with silver designs that were even more extravagant than what her mother wore.

Last of all, she took in the source of light-a mark on her left hand; three triangles, all black, making one big triangle, the center glowing faint silver.

It hadn't been a dream after all. Ruby stared at herself for a moment longer, one thought going through her mind.

"How the heck am I going to hide this?"

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