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Okay it is official, I cannot pull off a Prussia. Any way hello and welcome to my new Hetalia story. Why am I doing this? Who knows! Either way, love it, hate it, flame it if it so makes you happy and a better person. Or meh just read.

How Canada Got Noticed And The Story Started. . .

The World Meeting was going as normal with France disagreeing, Japan agreeing, Greece sleeping, and America saying stupid ideas. Another normal factor was that America was being ignored again. . .for the moment.

"In other words I am the Hero!" America said, "I all so wont take any disagreement."

Canada fidgeted in his seat and the movement caught America eye.

"Hey dude when did you Get her Mattie been ages since I saw you!" America said.

"I have been here the hole time Alfred." Canada said and agitated at the American mumbled a bit louder then he meant to, "You certainly saw me during 1812 though . . ."

America paled a bit and the room went silent. Russia looked most curious.

"What is it you are mentioning . . ." Ivan asked trailing off at the name.

"Canada. And well . . . there was this one particular battle in 1812," Canada started.

America spoke up, "Mattie don't go there . . ."

"No way man the Awesome Prussia is curious now." Prussia said with Gillbird on his head, "Go one Canada!"

Canada a little more confident in the attention continued, "Any way America new Capital. This was back when the White House was pink as well. I kind of regret that part of the battle. The color suited the building well." Canada chuckled a bit at the memory, "Alfred treated the thing like a safety blanket for ages. Long story short though in the war I set the capital on fire, and the white house nearly burnt to the ground. They had to use this thick white Paint to take care of all the burn scars and thoughts the White House became white."

The room rose up into laughter.

England spoke up, "I had forgotten about that. I could hear him yelling from my house."

"I remember to ahh Canada my boy, so quiet but so clever on the battle field." France said and he cuddled Canada causing him to blush a bit.

"Well it is not that had a trick to pull. America did the same thing to Atlanta in his civil war. . .In fact he basically set the entire south on fire." Canada said remembering.

America at this point was kind of twitching on the floor.

"But I suppose as the only Nation of his stability to not have national health care it makes sense. By the way papa, I checked the standings a few years ago and congratulations on being ranked number one." Canada said to France. Turing to England he added, " But I hear that the serve used might have been flawed."

This started England and France up on another debate and got France off of Canada's back. Russia applauded a bit.

"Comrade we have much to talk about," Russia said smiled, "After the meeting da?"

Canada nodded.

Alfred could not take being ignored any more, "Well I suppose Canada does have that for him. But I doubt that any of you put together could handle my States. "

England looked up, "I took care of them just fine thank you, there are only 13 of them."

America smiled, "There WERE 13 of them."

France thought back, "I took care of Louisiana and he was such a big state."

"No, we divided him up into smaller states and let him have New Orland's. Iggy should remember that." America said.

Spain looked up, "I had a fair chunk with Mexico to right? Ahh little California such a lovely sweet girl . . . So much like Romano."

"Accurate with him, Cally is a lot like Romano in terms of temper." America agreed, "But Texas is the easiest to rile up. Besides you are still forgetting about 2. Not to mention territories."

Russia spoke up, "I sold you Alaska da?"

America nodded, "One more. Come one some one here I KNOW has heard of this one. Used to be Sandwich Islands."

Japan a bit embarrassed mumbled, "Hawaii."

"BINGO! Now put all of them together, I will even take off Territories for you, and all of you put together could not handle them."

And so . . . the challenge was declared.

*Insert the Hetalia opening with the dramatic music and such*