Rainspiral: Hi every one did you miss me?

Nations: NO!

Rainspiral: . . . Well. . . okay I guess. . . you know I really should not have expected different particularly from France and England in this one.

England after reading: Oh Bloody Hell.

Rainspiral: Yes. . . welcome to Atlanta Georgia!


England and France had driven down threw to Georgia and had all so spent a considerable amount of money on allow and gloves.

"I remember those two now. . .I should have been suspicious from the start." England said annoyed.

"Ah you should have, for I know your nieces and nephews even better than you do no?" France said, "And I mostly was off trapping furs."

England not wanting to start there 355 argument of the day let the comment slide but made it a point to make things as inconvenient for the French man as he could. Mostly by not giving him any thing to eat or drink. France was actually relived by this as it was mostly scones he had purchased in a store.

Once they reached Atlanta and had parked at a very nice Hotel the two, much to there relief split up to search for Georgia.

England found him self eventually out side the Georgia Aquarium, the most boat shaped building he had ever seen. Deciding it could not hurt to have a look inside England ventured in to the aquarium after by passing security.

In side unsurprisingly, there were fish. . . surprisingly they were the biggest fish he had ever seen.

"What in the. . . is that a fish? I say. . ." A huge manta ray swam over head in the tunnel. A different fish swam up to England and looked at him, "At this point I can't tell. . . are you looking at me or am I looking at you. . ." the fish seamed to glare before swimming off in a huff. (or should it be gulp? Splash? Squirt? What is the word for when fish swim off in an agitated fashion?)

England kept looking around the aquarium and discovered a very interesting fact he had no noticed so much. Marine life of any kind hated him.

There for it was not the wisest of choices to go to the touch pool.

After getting his shark bites tended England left quickly from the hospital.

France was having a nice time in an expensive shop flirting with girls. Most of which could giggle and blush in unison. France attributed this to his skill. The girls attributed it to the fact he looked like a moron.

Well, so long as every one is happy.

When England and France finally came across each other again, there first sighting of Georgia was spotted. She was reading in a book store a novel about the history of Scotland much to England's dismay. The two followed her discreetly for several blacks until she entered a place with a lot of coke-o-cola memorabilia. Following her inside France and England flinched.

The coke-o-cola head courters, the factory and museum. The demons layer to the both.

"Of all the places to wander no?" France said weekly.

"For once I agree toad." England said.

Georgia looked around and smiled at the both.

"Oh! Hi Uncle Iggy, umm France right? Been ages since I saw either of you two!" the peppy little short brunet said, "Isn't it wonderful here!"

"Actually I am not that big a fan of coke I prefer Pepsi." France muttered out loud.

The tempters in the factory dropped to freezing and the power went out.

". . . Prepare to die." Georgia said coldly.

France paled along with England amazed at the change in attitude.

*For those who do not know in the South there are strong loyalties to beverages. Particularly to Coke and sweet iced tea. In fact there is said to be a scale based on sweet tea to tell how far south you are. If you are on the border they will ask if you want sweet or un sweet. If you are further down you can still request un-sweet and find it cold. If you are in the true south and you request for un sweet it will be warm because they just made it, and it may of may not have had ice melt in a tower of rage.*

The two nations fled quickly out the door and into the book store where England saw on the shelf a little gold bottle of coke.

"Well that went differently than expected."