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Felicita Vargas Carriedo—Spamano
Evangeline Bonnefoy—FrUK
Alec Bonnefoy—FrUK
Adrian Braginski—RusAmer
Mikhail Braginski—RusAmer
Yukiko Karpusi—Giripan, able to perform small bits of magic due to her being the Kansai/Kinki district (this works the same way it does with Arthur's Britannia Angel, explained before in CTD), though her powers are enforced with the past superstitions and beliefs that were alive during the Heian period in Japan. Kiku has lost most of his powers, though, when Japan became modernized many years ago.
Melanie Beaumont
Ellen Mercer—Aloisa's friend
Angelina Allred—CTD character, switched schools, harassed the kids last year

For those unfamiliar with A Midsummer Night's Dream, pairings are:
"Fairy King" Oberon/"Fairy Queen" Titania
(But in the beginning, Demetrius goes after Hermia.)

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Monday, November 28, present, a year after D.C. trip, 2:14 P.M., Drama classroom…

"Miss Bonnefoy, would you please put your laptop away!"

Evangeline Bonnefoy looked up from her screen to Ms. Stevens. She sighed and tucked her laptop into her backpack, wondering why she ever gave in and put Drama down as an elective choice when Aloisa Beilschmidt begged her to. "It'll be so fun, I swear…" Right. This was so fun.

Her brother was sitting on the lap of Adrian Braginski and whispering into his ear, smiling. She hated how Ms. Stevens always chortled at them, Oh, they're doing it for the sake of acting, those two, and how the female population of the class never ceased drooling at the pair. Everyone thought they were only fooling around, but Alec and Adrian weren't acting, not one bit; she knew they were taking advantage of the situation. Adrian was sharing his scarf supposedly hand knitted by his Aunt Natalia (he was reluctant to wear it, but he got used to it when he found out it couldn't be used as a murder weapon) with Alec, wrapping it around each other so they'd look like some dreamy model couple type, Evangeline assumed bitterly.

The French classroom was right next door, why couldn't she have picked French for her elective—oh, never mind, she wouldn't have chosen French anyways, her parents, especially her mom, would never let her hear the end of it. But at least she wouldn't have to watch Alec act gross and this Drama teacher make a fool of herself. The French room and the Drama room were originally one big, joined classroom, until some brain decided to divide them into two by fixing a fold-and-slide wall in between. The wall separating the classrooms was so thin and cheap-looking it was a miracle they didn't fall down by now; delighted shrieks and squeals emitted from the other classroom, which did nothing to improve Evangeline's mood.

Aloisa tapped her shoulder from behind. "I heard that there's a really hot substitute for French today. That's what all the girls were talking about."

Evangeline turned around, her expression bland. "That makes me feel a lot better."

More high-pitched girly screeching came from the other room. Evangeline was ready to tear the wall down and break the substitute's face.

Ms. Stevens cleared her throat. "As you all know, our winter play has been decided, and auditions have already took place. We'll be doing A Midsummer Night's Dream and performing on Christmas Eve!"

The students stared at her blankly.

She continued dramatically, "I'm pleased to announce our very own Aloisa as Titania!"

Evangeline wiggled her eyebrows at Aloisa. "You tried out?"

"Yeah, so my dad wouldn't make me join the track team again. I dragged Felicita and Ellen with me, but the auditions were really strange. Some people who performed better than me were rejected, and I forgot a lot of lines…"

Ms. Stevens bellowed out, "And I'll read the rest of the cast list. Some people have auditioned for the roles, though the main characters I have reserved for specific people!"

"There's your reason why." Evangeline reclined against her seat and let out a deep sigh. School was nearly over, she could sleep for a while…

"B-but that's unfair!" Aloisa sputtered. "That's so biased, teachers can't do that—"

Unfortunately, Ms. Stevens's voice was too loud for Aloisa to shout over. "Evangeline Bonnefoy will play Helena, Alec Bonnefoy will play Demetrius—"

Evangeline's eyes snapped open. "What?"

Ms. Stevens exhaled as if she was talking to a dim-witted kid. "Evangeline Bonnefoy will play Helena—"

"I didn't even try out!"

"I know." Ms. Stevens nodded. "I chose you."

"W-what—you can't do that—!"

"Sure I can. If you look the part you can probably play the part."

Evangeline's mouth opened and closed in disbelief. "That's the dumbest logic I've ever heard!"

Alec hollered out from across the room, "Afraid to kiss Demetrius, Evangeline?"

She whipped around, "Yes, I am. Now go back and suck face with Adrian, I'm talking here!"

Ms. Stevens retorted, "I've picked you for the role, you should be—"

"Ms. Stevens?" called out a voice. "I could play Helena if Evangeline doesn't want to."

Ellen Mercer gave a small, hesitant wave at the blond. Evangeline recognized her as Aloisa's friend, the junior from varsity for cross-country. She was the one that obsessed over her brother and Adrian together with Aloisa. Evangeline smiled at Ellen as Ms. Stevens coughed and scratched out her name with a pen on the role sheet.

"Then Evangeline can be Hippolyta," Ms. Stevens concluded, seeming bent on having Evangeline in the play.

Evangeline stared at Ms. Stevens furrowing her eyebrows into a single, bushy line. "You need to ask me for these types of things, stop assigning random roles, you great big—"

Aloisa pushed Evangeline back on her chair before she went into a full-blown rant and continued for the girl, "Ms. Stevens, what she meant was that you need to ask for permission before you give people a part in the play—"

"That wasn't want I meant at all!"

Melanie Beaumont rolled her eyes at Evangeline. Being promoted to cheerleading captain only added to her enormous, insufferable ego. It was no secret that she wanted Adrian to date her, the way she hung on to his shoulder when Alec wasn't present, and it didn't seem like she was going to give up anytime soon. "Shut the hell up already. You got dragged into a crappy play; you don't have to announce it to the world. Your voice is totally killing my ears, you know that?" She examined her heavily done makeup in her compact mirror and reapplied her lipstick, smirking at her reflection and Adrian's reflection in the corner. She scowled at Alec and snapped the mirror shut.

Evangeline turned on her, belligerent. "Like you sound any better, bi—"

"My voice is ten times better than your screeching—ow, ow, let go, let go! You're going to mess up my hair!"

"Girls! G-girls…! Don't—"

"You auditioned for Demetrius?" Adrian asked incredulously. "Of all the people who would've—"

"I didn't audition," Alec replied, nimbly hopping off of Adrian's lap and returning to his desk, ignoring the commotion Evangeline and Melanie were causing. "She chose me. Why?" He leaned across, grinning slyly through his bangs. "Jealous?"

Adrian's hand shot into the air and Alec stared at him. "What are you doing?"

"Ms. Stevens, I'd like to volunteer for the role of Lysander."

Alec grabbed Adrian's arm. "Are you crazy? You said you hated Drama!"

"Why do you think I took it?"

Alec's cheeks flared up. "T-that's—"

"Then I volunteer to be Hermia!" Melanie suddenly cried, wringing away Evangeline's hand and forgetting her initial declaration. She released her clench on Evangeline's shirt and belted out to the frazzled teacher, "Put me down as Hermia and Adrian as Lysander, right now! Can't you hear me, lady? Do I have to spell everything out for you?"

Aloisa buried her face in her hands. "You'd think the school was only big enough for one Angelina."

Evangeline crossed her arms. "It is. Melanie's the new one."

Ms. Stevens looked frantically at Adrian then Melanie then Evangeline, her pen poised. "O-okay, okay! Just give me a moment—"

The door tapped lightly, three times, accompanied by a bout of muffled snickering on the other side. Melanie instantly raced for the door, hissing, "It's the French teacher from the other classroom! Shut up, everyone!" She then made a big show of fluffing up her dyed auburn hair and readjusting her bra before she slammed the door open.

"Hello, Mr. Bo—" She smiled flirtatiously, but was instead greeted by a slender, blond sophomore, her face red with laughter; behind her gathered the entire French class. Melanie put both manicured hands on her waist, obviously disappointed. "Who the hell are you?"

The girl giggled obnoxiously. "M-my teacher was wondering if you guys had any extra roses left over from last year's play, Romeo and Juliet."

Ms. Steven set her roster down. "Roses? Whatever for?"

"A d-demonstration," she snickered. "He said he was going to show us a trick—"

The substitute popped in and strutted into the Drama classroom. "Roses! La fleur d'amour et de passion! But if you don't have any, which is very unfortunate, I think I should give you one…" And he reached into his sleeves and pulled out a single flowering rose, which he threw into the air. All the girls squealed and dove for the falling flower, while Evangeline and Aloisa took a step back.

"Please tell me I didn't just see your dad," Aloisa whispered to Evangeline.

Evangeline didn't blink. "Please tell me I don't hear his voice getting closer."

"I hope all of you lovely ladies are doing well, non? If you aren't, maybe you'd care to pay a visit to Big Brother Francis…"

"His voice isn't getting closer."

"Thank you."

Aloisa saw the entire female population crowding around Francis with glittering eyes and expectant faces, but Francis was making his way across the room. Alec had dragged Adrian to the end of the room and behind a closet, successfully evading his dad. Evangeline was attempting to slink away and join Alec; she was currently halfway out of the underside of her desk, her back on to the floor.

Wrong move. Francis saw the motion and climbed on top of Evangeline's table, his lips curved in a knowing smile and second rose offering out. "Ma cher, why would a lovely girl like yo—wait, Evangeline?"

Evangeline was equally surprised. "My dad is the hot sub? What a disappointment…"

The surrounding girls choked a disbelieving, What?, when they realized the handsome, young, supposedly single Mr. Bonnefoy they'd been hoping to go out with was married and had children. "Well, thank you for supposing that I was hot, but what are you doing here?"

"This is my classroom."


The blond sophomore, who was too far to hear Evangeline, surged to where Francis was and wrapped herself around his arm. Up close, Evangeline noticed that her skirt was way too tight and revealing, especially from the angle she was at right now. "Can we go back to the room now, Mr. Bonnefoy?"

Francis immediately shook her off. "You may go back by yourself, I will come back later."


Evangeline wasn't stupid; she and Francis both knew it was an excellent opportunity for her to blackmail him. He helped his daughter up, whispering, "Don't tell your Maman."

"What's in it for me?"

He searched in his pocket and emptied the contents on her desk, looking at her imploringly. "Fifty cents and a pack of gum."

"Not good enough." But if she hadn't been so pissed about Melanie, she would've cared less and agreed. It wasn't like her dad really did anything too serious ever since the D.C. trip, in terms of sexual harassment, since her mom would without a doubt slaughter him and feed his remains to Flying Mint Bunny or something.

Ms. Stevens, having composed herself, came up to Francis angrily with all her prima donna fury. "What do you think you're doing, Mr. Bonnefoy? Please return to your own classroom and let me resume my class!"

Francis picked another rose from inside his sleeve (Evangeline swore that one day she'd take apart that shirt and see where the heck he stored the flowers) and gave it to the flustered Drama teacher as an apology. "Je m'excuse, ma cher." He threw a worried look at Evangeline before making his way to the door.

Evangeline called out after him, "I won't tell Mum, but only if I get the house to myself this afternoon. My friends and I are going to do a read-through of our play." She waved a stick of gum at him before pocketing the rest.

Francis pursed his lips and caught the dimes she tossed over in midair. "Certainement, ma lapin."

Needless to say, the French class was a lot quieter than it had been.

5:21 P.M., in Evangeline's house…

"I can't believe she still put me down as a character in the play," Evangeline fumed, smacking her dad's gum. "And I can't believe you deserted me when my dad came around."

Aloisa shrugged, her arms laden with textbooks. "Sorry."

Felicita Carriedo locked the door. "I can't believe your dad was the sub for French." She glanced at the scripts Aloisa was holding. "And I don't know why I'm here. I'm a tree in the play, I don't have any lines."

Aloisa followed Evangeline and Alec down the hall. "Don't worry about that, you did better than me in the auditions. Ms. Stevens is totally biased."

"Of course, being forty-three, single, and having taught at this school for fifteen years can make anyone biased," Alec added, fiddling with Adrian's scarf. God, he should wear one to school tomorrow, they were so adorable.

Felicita would say that Evangeline's house was around the same size as Aloisa's. The ceilings were ten feet away from the ground and rows after rows of paintings adorned the walls. Evangeline set her backpack on the dining table and flipped through her script. "I think I only have three or four lines…"

Alec surveyed the cluttered mess scattered around the kitchen counter. "Maman must've been cooking again—wait, he left a note. Gone to meeting with Alfred and Kiku, be back at six. Food is in the oven. That's it, I'm not practicing here. And nobody touch the oven." Adrian quickly removed his hand from the oven handle.

"How about in here?" Mikhail suggested, opening a door. "There is a staircase that leads down…"

Evangeline switched on the side light, which feebly fizzed with a yellow glow. "That's only the basement. Why are you here, anyways?"

"I have a part in the play."

Aloisa gathered the scripts and went in, chuckling amusedly to herself. "Really?"

"Yes. She gave me the part of Oberon."

"Really?" Aloisa stopped smiling and the stack of scripts she was holding dropped to the steps and disappeared to the basement floor with a muffled thud. "Aw, damn!"

Evangeline held out a hand to stop Aloisa. "I'll go down first and turn on the main lights. You can trip and die if you don't know your way around here."

"I'm supposing that's an exaggeration," Felicita said.

Evangeline paused, then, "No. Not really."

She skipped down towards the basement until the darkness engulfed her. Besides the clank-clank her shoes were making on the metal staircase, there was no indication that anyone, or anything, could be in there. But soon the lights crackled to life and Evangeline gestured for them to follow.

The basement did not look like what Felicita would imagine a basement to look like: the floors were carpeted and the entire place reeked of newness and The Home Depot. There was a fitted chandelier in the center of the ceiling, nothing too fancy, but it was huge and lit up the entire place; bookshelves and cloth-covered furniture were lined up against the wall. A giant, lone clock hanging on the left wall ticked monotonously, with simple, black numbers printed neatly on its face.

Evangeline's files, the files that contained the Jeanne d'Arc letters that had scared her so much when she read it again, were lying on the table, untouched and resealed. She had almost forgotten she'd left them there. Evangeline covered them with the scripts in alarm and opened the one last one she picked up. She didn't dare to open them again, at least not now.

"Wouldn't it be easier if you could turn on the lights before you came downstairs?" Adrian said.

She apprehensively scanned the script, her heart pounding but trying her best to sound casual, "Nah, the technician was being stupid and said that it was too difficult put a side switch. But I think he may be right. I don't remember the staircase being that far down…"

Alec was busy tangling Adrian's scarf around both of their necks. "You have a scarf too, Mikhail?"

He shrugged. "Aunt Katyusha gave this to me." Their aunts had sent their scarves in a little brown box last week. He remembered his папа had panicked and taken the package to the front lawn to smash it flat with a pipe when he saw the return address. It's not like Mikhail blamed Ivan, perhaps it really was necessary, but the neighbor from across the street gave him a weird look this morning when he walked to school.

Aloisa whipped out her cell phone and took another picture of Adrian and Alec. "That's a great pose, guys. But this play has Lysander with Hermia and Demetrius with Helena. A pity, but that's how it works."

Alec pulled away, leaving the scarf hanging loosely around Adrian. "Oh, right. Lysander gets to have all the fun with his Melanie. I bet when you volunteered she took it as a date offer."

"It's not my fault she—"

Evangeline whacked Alec upside the head. "Alright, just shut up! Hippolyta has a line on the first page, so I'll start off. Res tempus valet quantum vendi potest—"

Felicita cocked her head, reading her own script. "I thought she was supposed to begin with, Four days will quickly steep themselves in night, and so on."

"But it says 'Hippolyta' in fancy cursive here," she protested, pointing to a word.

Mikhail peered over Evangeline's shoulder. "That says Hodiernus. And that is not Res tempus, it is Res tantum."

Aloisa took the book from the blond. "What exactly are you reading?"


"This is Latin." Aloisa patted the cover, causing clouds of dust to fly up. "And really old."

"Well, how do you know Shakespeare didn't write Latin?"

Aloisa checked the cover for a title, but found none. "This isn't even Ms. Stevens's book. Where did you get this?"

"On the ground along with the other scripts."

While the girls began arguing whether if Shakespeare studied Latin, Alec was whispering into the basement phone that had rang when Evangeline started to rattle on. "I don't think you can come home yet, Papa."

The phone squeaked, "But why not? I've been doing nothing in Starbucks for three hours—"

"We're, um," Alec wetted his lips, "figuring out some technical difficulties. Evangeline is having trouble reading the script, I think." He twirled the cord around his finger and wondered why his Maman even thought about installing a phone set to the wall in the basement. Who was going to use it—okay, fine, he was using it right now. He gazed at the second hand of that huge clock silently travel around and around and around.

"Surely she has forgotten about it, I'll explain to Arthur, he's about to come home anyways. They needed a French substitute, I speak French, they called me—"

Evangeline slammed her palms on the table, a challenging glint in her eyes. "I can say it three times fast, Mikhail: Res tempus wallet quantum vendi potest, Res tempus—"

"It is Res tantum valet quantum vendi potest," Mikhail replied testily.

"Fine, be that way. Res—"

"Guys! Why are we even trying to memorize this! Focus, focus! We need to get this over with because I need to go home before my Vati kills me! Either that or my mom might get a panic attack…"

The receiver crackled, "…what was that?"

Alec laughed nervously, "Technical difficulties?"

"May I come home now? It is past six."

"Wait, I'll have to talk to Evangeline…who is right…here!" He lowered the phone and gaped at the group. They were standing around in shock, but he couldn't spot his sister. There was no way she could've gone upstairs without him noticing. "W-what—where's Evangeline?"


Aloisa stuttered, "S-she…she disappeared. Like someone had erased her—ah!"

And with that little outburst, Alec watched Aloisa grow transparent until he could actually see through her. In panic, Felicita jumped on Aloisa, hoping that she could keep Aloisa from dissipating, but once she made contact, both girls vanished completely.

Adrian was frozen on the spot, watching his brother dematerialize in horror. Mikhail inspected his see-through hands with glassy eyes. "This is…"

Alec dropped the receiver and ran towards Adrian. "No! Wait!"

Adrian seemed to regain some sense took one step back, frantically yelling, "Get away—"

Alec lost his footing and crashed into Adrian, knocking him back onto his brother. Alec managed to grab Adrian's scarf right before Adrian fell onto Mikhail, but just as he touched the fabric, his eyes wandered to the minute hand on that ridiculously sized basement clock and saw it stop and move backwards. He wondered if he was dead, or in the process of dying, because there was absolutely no way that would happen unless he was delusional. It was as if they were moving through gelatin, falling so slowly they were almost suspended in midair; Alec was about to scream, but his voice seemed to have dried up. It didn't feel like he was the one evaporating, it was as if he was observing from above, seeing his own futile attempts to grasp onto Adrian and looking at the clock spin out of control and watching the three of them fade into nothingness…

The receiver was still swinging on its cord, exactly where Alec had left it, the Shakespeare novels and that strange Latin booklet scattered on the ground and the table. Once again, the basement was dead silent besides the tick-tick-tick coming from the erratic clock. The minute hand slowed to a halt and started to turn itself back to the correct time; then it moved one block: 6:13.

6:12 P.M., on the way to Evangeline's house…

"That took a little longer than we'd expected, Arthur-san."

Arthur huffed, "Well, if Alfred didn't have to stop by and go to McDonalds—"

Alfred, currently decked out in one of his tight-fitting dresses, waved a fry at Arthur's face. As usual, his make-up refused to smear no matter what he ate. "Not cool, Iggy. This was necessary, I got hungry."

"I brought scones. Someday you're going to pop a button on your dress."

"I'm not going to kill myself with your cooking, and you just wish you had figure like me."

Arthur only sniffed. "My figure is ten times better than yours, but I don't need it because I'm not wearing women's clothing, am I? Don't tell me you got use to it."

Alfred strode ahead in his four-inch heels with Yukiko Karpusi, Kiku's daughter. "I've been dressing like this since I had Mikhail and Adrian. What do you think?"

Yukiko grinned back at Arthur, "I think you look pretty in a dress, too, England." In her arms were little gift boxes she had prepared for the teens. Outfitted in a yellow chiffon party dress Annelise Køhler had sent her this summer, she looked no older than six. It's been a while since I saw them, they must have changed a lot…

"Is everybody in Evangeline's house?"

"Think so," Alfred answered breezily. "Francis told us that they're practicing for a play, though I don't know if Adrian or Mikhail can act…well, maybe we can make them decent American food, Iggy probably left them some horror in the kitchen—"

"You call your food decent? Your kids are going to get diabetes at this rate—"

Yukiko beamed at the American, tittering, "My dad showed me how to make milopita, we can make that for dessert."

'That sounds fancy. What is it?"

"It's apple pastry, but it looks really cool when it comes out of the oven. I think we should make three and give two to Miss Katyusha and Miss Natalia—"

Then Yukiko felt something inside her snap. She stopped in her path and stared at the packages in her hands. What was the matter with her…there was a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. Perhaps it was from being around Arthur, she could sense little bits of magic like his ever since she became the Kansai district, but no, this felt different, like something was missing—

"What's wrong, Yukiko?" Alfred inclined his head and peered worriedly at her. "Did you get sick after eating Iggy's scon—"

"I-I…" The girl swallowed and hugged the gifts tighter. "They're gone."

Kiku hurried to his daughter and knelt by her side, startled. "Who's gone?"

She closed her eyes and frowned. "They were in the house before, I'm certain I felt that. But…they're not there anymore." Her eyes opened and she ran to the house, swiping her hand over the doorknob. The front door clicked open by itself and Yukiko dashed in. "The boys are gone!"

Kiku gripped his daughter's arm before she barreled downwards. "What is happening? Why—"

Yukiko wrenched away and led Arthur down the staircase to the basement. "Okaasan, they're gone! Their children are gone!"

Arthur skidded to a stop once he reached the bottom and picked up the Latin book on the ground. "This is my book…I thought I put all my spell books away…" He turned the page. "But this isn't a spell book, it's a reference on time traveling, it's not supposed to do anything…" He set it down and his eyes wandered fearfully to Yukiko. "You're right. I can't tell where my kids are. Do you think…but time traveling isn't possible! No one has ever accomplished something like this—"

She stared at Arthur. "This room is stained with traces of…you used to practice magic in here before you remodeled it, am I right?"

Arthur nodded, mortified. "But they're all gone now. I put them in these bookshelves years ago—"

"What is left of your magic is detectable, although very faint. It couldn't have been possible to do much with that, but…but I think this triggered it." Yukiko set her gifts on the table next to the scripts. She pulled the files out and showed them to England.

Alfred took one from her and examined it. "That's the info file we gave our kids. What's wrong with this—?"

"It's the same as my pin. Objects or information that stays with countries long enough are tainted with the owner's identity to some degree. And if Arthur had if before you gave it to your kids…but I-I don't exactly know how your children left, there's too little—"

Alfred dropped to his knees and shook Yukiko's shoulders in terror. "Where are my boys?"

Yukiko stood stiffly, frightened. "They're in this world, but in a different time period."

"Where are they?"

Her eyes bore into a spot on the carpet at something that wasn't there. She almost seemed to be thinking, straining to relate to the impossible.

"1960." Her lips quivered slightly. "But…I think they're separated."