Realm, Part Two

A strange collaboration between Emerson Bradley and Genine Silverio… He wrote me the dialogue and me over here in boring old Pearland writes the context, while adding dramatic lines and scenes from the Big O series! Though I did change a lot of things in the story! LOL!

SETTING, before the RESET. In cockpit of BIG VENUS. ANGEL is in the pilot's chair, ROGER is leaning against the wall of the room, arms folded, staring off into the distance. Two of Roger's fingers are pressed against his forehead; he appears to be having a bad day- an understatement, at least, for anyone and everyone in Paradigm City.

ANGEL stares at the main screen, her deep eyes elucidating some sort of blank expression, it seems. On the screen is a word processing software. She is editing the script of METROPOLIS. The rules and guidelines of Paradigm City's Existence as well as its citizens are within the fulfilling script. She is mainly focusing on one sentence out of all the paragraphs of the fateful tome, a sentence comprised of three words. There is however no punctuation at the end of the sentence; there is only a blinking insertion point, waiting for the conclusion, for the final approval of the DIRECTOR. But what conclusion?

There are many other television screens on the wall in front of her. They simultaneously display various scenes of BIG O SEASON 1, though not in any chronological order.

ANGEL: (Her eyes not moving away from the screen) It's truly a descriptive self. You didn't want to change anything at all; in fact, your new existence may as well be your past one. Are you sure you want to be the same way as you are now, in the future?

ROGER: (Eyes closed) Shut up. I've been here for 25 years. And who knows how long the Universe has been resetting.

ANGEL: Well, would you like children? Little Roger Smiths running around? That'd be a sight. I'd laugh. Madness! Do you want some notion of continuance, your little own personal creations and investments in the future? I could write anything in life that you want, anything at all. After all, I am the writer of your own destiny. I am your Creator.

ROGER: I'm not that hungry. The only thing I want is the One.

ANGEL: (assumes that she is the One… raises eyebrow and smiles) Again? Give me a cigar, please.

ROGER: (Removes a smoke out of his pocket and tosses a smoke to her. His eyes flicker open, but he stares at the wall opposite from him, not anywhere near Angel's direction) Kill me.

ANGEL: (Lights the carcinogen and places it to her lips, then exhales, the fume dispersing in the room, the gas first visible then transparent) Better yet, let's kill ourselves.

ROGER: Fool! You still think that's possible?

ANGEL: Why not? Anything is possible. I even just smiled, just a few minutes ago.

ROGER: Liar. So when?

(ANGEL presses a key and on the main screen the scene with VERA, her mother, and ANGEL during her childhood begins to play. ANGEL had always imagined the scene in her mind, yet watching it on a television screen as a third person makes the memory a more real experience. ANGEL trembles, makes an inward sigh, and cranes her neck forward at the screen, deeply focused. Throughout the memory, ROGER still stares at the wall, stoic and unmoved.)

VERA: You know, these marks on your back are special. They're the sign that you're the reincarnation of a little… angel. I know that you'll live a very happy life and I want you to believe that, alright?A bird whose wings have been plucked will shed all its feathers, and turn into the beast it was before it evolved into a bird.

ANGEL: (eyes watering and trembling, she is on the verge of tears but the tears don't come out… yet) When… is truly the endless transfiguration? (her voice shows not just sadness, but traces of extreme anger)

(The memory on the screen seems to skip like a scratched DVD, pixilated, then arrives at a certain scene. At the sound of his own voice in the memory ROGER stirs, then walks next to ANGEL, turns to stare at the screen. ANGEL is surprised that ROGER had finally moved, and showed emotion. Instead of staring at the screen during the memory, she stares at ROGER, reading his facial expression… Tears stream down her face like a waterfall when she learns the Truth… It is the scene where Dorothy's android body had shut down, and she was lying on a table like a human corpse at a funeral, and ROGER confessed his feelings to her. )

ROGER: Dorothy, since you first came to live here, I feel like I've known you forever… You know, I never had answered that question that you asked me a while ago, did I…. You had asked, if you were human instead of an android, would you and I have fallen in love? If things have been different like you said, then maybe we would have… That's my answer to you… And please don't tell me that I'm dodging the issue…. Right now I can't seem to commit to one Truth, but I know I won't waiver in doing what needs to be done or going down the Path that I have to take… Wait for me….

(The memory stops playing when the screen freezes to a close-up of Dorothy's lifeless face.)

ROGER: (With emotion) It isn't so bad, living, when you are with someone… (His hand caresses against the television screen as he remembers DOROTHY. ANGEL watches, still crying.)

ANGEL: (softly) Quite the truth… Humans. What fallacies.

ROGER: When may I cry?

ANGEL: (full of emotion and tears, raises voice) Isn't it obvious?

ROGER: What is, Angel?

ANGEL: (in all seriousness) That I lov- (She trails off, quiets, pausing. Her eyes show a variety of emotions, love, hurt, then acceptance. Realizing the Truth, her eyes change expression. She then chuckles out loud, coming to terms, trying to find humor in a bleak situation, and yet the laugh is made full-heartedly) You and your delusions with that android…

ROGER: Multiples have perished looking for her… (still caressing the screen, reflecting)

ANGEL: She is who you truly want, isn't she. (It is said like a statement, not a question. ANGEL has one last smoke, then crushes the cigarette butt and disposes it. She then, trembling, moves her hand to a big red button on the control pad, but inches before it her hand stops. She is still crying. )

ROGER: (removes his hand from the screen, stares at it as the screen changes from DOROTHY to the METROPOLIS document script. He then turns his gaze to ANGEL) Absolutely.

(ANGEL removes her edit from METROPOLIS. She removes her name from METROPOLIS and replaces it with the android's so now the sentence on the page reads 'Roger Loves Dorothy.' She then presses 'SAVE.')

ROGER:(in a caring tone, softly) My true affections lie with DOROTHY, but, Angel- I know that I will NEVER lose the you that is now a part of my memories... the you that met me, and the conviction you had in what you felt you needed to do! The you that loved yourself more than anyone else ever could. I'll never forget this woman named Angel, who loved herself, yet was filled with such doubt. (he bends down to kiss her on the cheek. ANGEL closes her eyes briefly, then opens them again and views ROGER's face, then at the screen)

ROGER: Y'know, it wasn't so bad… (he gently grabs her hand and places it on the red button) If you want, we can do it… together… (they both stare at the screen)

ANGEL: (the main screen flickers to a memory of ROGER and DOROTHY having a conversation, then zooms in to ROGER's face. In the memory, ROGER looks very much in love with DOROTHY. ANGEL's eyes narrow in further acceptance and she smiles sorrowfully but contentedly because loved him enough that she was willing to let him go for his own sake)You're right. It really isn't so bad… (a teardrop from her eye pools on her chin and lands on the cuff of ROGER's sleeve)

ROGER: After all…

(ROGER and ANGEL press the button. BIG VENUS spreading the color inversion throughout the gradient, the entire planet. The entire world disappears, implodes upon its very self, with a bright flash of humbling white light.)