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After a few hours of howling, Kate and Humphrey began walking down the hill to the Alpha den. Both saw Winston, Eve, and Lilly sound asleep. Humphrey was glancing at Kate who was staring of into space.

"Something wrong Kate?" Humphrey asked, causing her to turn her attention to him.

"No, I'm just feeling cold", Kate replied as she was starting to shiver.

Humphrey smiled and began to nuzzle from Kate's neck to the side of her face, causing a relaxing sigh to escape her throat. Then Humphrey poked his cold wet nose into her ear, causing Kate to make a surprise jolt and tilt her head in the opposite direction.

"I can fix that", Humphrey said as he starred in the depths of Kate's golden eyes.

As both starred at each other romantically for a few minutes, Kate then began to nuzzle on Humphrey's neck.

"I'd love that," Kate replied happily.

Humphrey then turned his attention down the hill and began to lead Kate to his small den down the cliff right under a tree at the edge above it. As soon as Humphrey walked in, he turned around and sat while Kate soon entered as well. She then sat next to him and both were touching faces as they stared outside.

"Thank you Kate," Humphrey all of a sudden said.

"For what?" she asked.

"For making me the happiest Wolf in the world, I love more than anything Kate," Humphrey finished.

"Same with me, I love you too so much Humphrey, I haven't been this happy since I was little," Kate replied, and then licked the side of Humphrey's muzzle.

Humphrey then stood up and walked ahead a few steps with a smirk on his face, still facing away from Kate.

"What's wrong Humphrey," Kate asked concerned.



"Wolf pile!" Humphrey yelled as he did a 180* jump and pounced on Kate, making her shriek playfully from the unexpected action. Then, both wolves where beginning to wrestle playfully, and nip at each other's ear.

Kate's growl was really turning on Humphrey, more than her laughs. Then with all her strength, she pinned Humphrey to the ground with her paws on his and starred at him with a victorious smile.

As Humphrey starred up at Kate hovering over him, panting, that was only making him more aroused. Then he felt his flag rise to the highest limit, as he took a quick glance to check, he thought the idea about mating with Kate [which was a long time fantasy for Humphrey], he wanted her to be comfortable about the idea as well. Even though Kate hadn't noticed, Humphrey was feeling embarrassment, and was worrying of her reaction.

'Oh god, I've never been so turned on in my life, what do I do? If she see's me like this, she'll think I'm a pervert. Okay, I'll go to the creek to cool down and come back', Humphrey thought.

"Okay, you win, I got to get some water, be right back", Humphrey said in a fast way as he escaped Kate's grasp and walked out of the den with his tail between his legs to hide 'himself' from her. Kate watched as Humphrey walked down the creek with a raised eyebrow, knowing that something was wrong. After all, she did invent that excess. Kate then got up and left to follow him.

Kate found Humphrey at the head of the creek near the lookout cliff. As she hid behind a bush to see why Humphrey wanted to get away from her, she was thinking it had something to do of how she acted towards him. As she watched Humphrey make his way to the water edge, Kate noticed that he still had his tail between his legs.

Then as Humphrey was entering the water, he moved his tail and was exposed for 5 seconds before reaching neck deep in the cold water. During those 5 seconds, Kate's eyes enlarged and had her mouth half open and was totally shocked at why Humphrey was feeling embarrassed. As she was quietly making her way back to the den, Kate covered her mouth with her paw to hide her laughter as she was blushing from the affection of Humphrey she witnessed, and by-o-means, caused.

'Oh my god, I've never knew Humphrey that way before, I didn't think of being just a little playful would turn him on so much. He probably was just embarrassed of how I would react, it defiantly could have been worse, he could have mounted me before I could say something,' Kate thought, then Humphrey returned.

"Feeling better?" Kate asked in a sweet caring voice.

"Yah, I'm cooled down now," Humphrey replied with a sigh of relief.

"I bet," Kate said with a smirk, making him blush.

"Cause it's quite a workout to wrestle an Alpha, especially for an Omega," Kate finished with a laugh.

"Yah, that was fun Kate," Humphrey replied sharing her smile.

"I thought you always have fun," Kate replied sarcastically as Humphrey sat down next to her.

"Well yeah, but it's 1,000 times better when having fun with you," Humphrey said as the duo lay down in close quarters.

"Thank you so much Humphrey for your love, it's the most warming feeling in the world, you've really made the happiest an Alpha girl can be," Kate said after she snuggled against his chest, feeling the warmest happiness in her life.

As for Humphrey, he had the biggest smile to be ever been put on his face. He felt truly amazing for making Kate the happiest in her life because of his love to her, and no doubt the he felt the same way from her affection towards him.

"I love you Kate," Humphrey said as he wrapped his paws around her ribcage, and was starting to fall asleep.

"I love you too Humphrey," Kate relied as she was drifting off as well, both with loving smiles on their faces.

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