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Birthday Tiiiiiiiime


Naruto woke up in an excellent mood... At five a.m. Normally he and his raven haired boyfriend would share a bed. He had been living in the Uchiha household ever since he and Sasuke got together. Well, about a week after when he accidently met Itachi (who knew the blond from previous embarrassing -on Naruto's part- encounters) when he and Sasuke were kissing and the elder Uchiha ordered his younger brother to bring his blond boyfriend over to meet their parents. Nervously, and contemplating the idea of running away, the blond met his lovers parents who at first looked a bit skeptical before his mother choked him in a hug.

He was invited - intimated into - having dinner with the family. Innocent question had arose about calling his parents to tell them where he was, or did they know yet. Sasuke, who was also curious about the blonds family as when mentioned before the younger boy would instantly close up, waited patiently for an answer. What they got was nothing any of them expected. When he was one his parents had been murdered and he was sent to an orphanage because he had no other living relatives willing to take such a young child in. He had been hated as people believed his parents were evil and involved in underground things so they had been murdered. Naruto, not really understanding and having no one who knew them to tell him if it was true or not had just taken it. When he turned seven they decided he was old enough to survive on his own and he was thrown out onto the street with nothing more then the clothes on his back and his mothers necklace.

He had lived for two years with no home, relying on stealing and little jobs to get him along with a few penny's thrown his way from strangers who pitied him. He couldn't go to school any longer as there was no way they'd accept him. When he turned nine he found a employer willing to take him on and soon had his own apartment. He returned to school but had missed a lot. He tried to catch up but the teachers didn't like him so neither did the students so no one was willing to help him. He made his first friend out of a dog loving boy when he saved the boys dog from being hit by a car and they became good friends. He soon switched schools and was introduced to many other new people wanting to be friends.

Sasuke's mother was the first one to react, launching herself across the table to smother the blond in hugs, cooing to the boys all the while of how he was such a 'poor, poor baby!' and how 'mommy will take care of you' and finally 'you can stay here with us! I'm never letting you go! Right Honey. He can live with us.' The glare in their mothers eyes said if their father were to refuse he'd be a dead man. He replied with a 'Of course Sweety. It's not like we don't have the room.' The blond declined their offer, saying he didn't want to impose but Itachi had suddenly stood up announcing 'If anyone were to ever harm his Otouto's blond again he'd kill them in the most painful way possible and if the blond didn't hurry up he was going to get the boys possessions from his apartment alone.' Scared, the blond had scurried up, not willing to disobey Itachi's orders.

Sasuke was left sitting there, alone, and wondering 'what the hell just happened.' His family were actually being nice to someone outside their clan. It was scary. When he heard the engine rumbling from the garage he sprung out of his seat to race to the car his brother and koi were in. Of course, when he got there they were at the gate to their estate and he was left home. He was too late.

Anyways, back on topic, he and Sasuke normally shared Sasuke's bed even if he had his own room. After their nightly... activities... neither were willing to move and both were very grateful for the soundproof walls. But last night Sasuke hadn't wanted to share a bed, saying he was tired and closing the door in his boyfriends face. Naruto was left alone to wander to his own dusty room and slipped under the unused blankets. He was lonely but slept fairly decently as his excitement lulled him to sleep.

Why was he excited? Today was a very, very special day. It was his birthday and he couldn't wait to see Sasuke. He knew he'd most likely get a present, not that he cared too much, all he wanted to do was spend the day with his bastard of a lover. His last birthday had gone by unnoticed as he never told Sasuke, embarrassed. He didn't want to make Sasuke think he was expecting a present. The raven had blown up when they reached school and Kiba shoved a wrapped gift into the blonds arm the moment they arrived in the classroom and sat down, the brown haired boy bouncing in his seat as he demanded the blond open it rather loudly.

Sasuke wasn't the only one angry at not being told it was the blonds birthday along with his other friends and angry at himself for never asking. It seemed the only one who knew about it was Kiba. The two explained that it wasn't his actual birthday but since Naruto couldn't remember his real one they said October 10 would be his birthday because it was the day they met and the day Naruto got his very first friend. Sasuke had been jealous at their close bond but decided since Kiba was the blonds first friend he'd have to allow it.

This year would be different. Naruto knew that because this year Sasuke knew it was his birthday. He knew the raven would probably do something big but he didn't care as long as they spent it together and with their friends. Humming a upbeat tune, he bounced to the bathroom to take a shower before changing into his clothes which was a pair of grey/white jeans and an orange shirt with a black hoodie with no sleeves. He pulled his mothers necklace out from between his shirt and chest so it hung over the orange shirt with the black jacket's sides flapping beside it. He then made his way downstairs where Mikoto was making breakfast.

"Naru-chan! Happy birthday!" She smiled and rushed over to squish the blond in a hug. "I made you you're favorite breakfast! Sit down!" She gently shoved the blond down into a seat before placing a steaming cup of hot chocolate in front of him on a little plate with a pink napkin, a heart shaped spoon and a small chocolate on the side. The top of the chocolaty drink was mini-marshmellows all soft and sticky as them melted.

"Hot chocolate! Thank you, thank, you, than you!" The blond cheered as he sipped the drink, burning his tongue in the process but still in heaven from the delicious drink.

"No problem Naru-chan! I know it's your favorite!" The black haired women smiled back at him, motherly love shining in her eyes.

Itachi came down a few minutes later followed by Fugaku who each greeted Naruto with Happy Birthdays before settling down with strait black coffees placed in front of them instead of Naruto's sugary drink. They smiled at the blond as they spoke.

"So, where's Otouto?" Itachi questioned.

"I don't know. I haven't seen him since last night." The small blond answered, softer then normal.

"Wait. Last night? You didn't share Sasuke's room?" Fugaku questioned as he tore his eyes from his newspaper to look at the boy his son dated and had become sort of an adopted son to himself.

Naruto looked down at his drink, stirring it as a distraction and a way to avoid the pairs of black eyes staring at him. His legs were swinging back and forth under the table. "Eh.. no. He said he was tired." And to assure them it was no big deal he forced a smile onto his face. Itachi smiled back even though they all new the blond didn't truly mean his.

"Are you boys talking about Sasuke?" Mikoto asked from where she was flipping pancakes. "He left early this morning, around 6.30. He said he had some business to take care of and he'd meet you at school, Naru."

Blue eyes darted around the room nervously, trying to find an object to focus on. He needed something to catch his attention and distract him. He now had no one to walk with until he met up with the others. Just as he decided he'd go to the Hyuuga house early so he wouldn't be so lonely a loud boom echoed from outside. "Eeeek!" THe blond squeaked as he ducked under the table, latching on to the first thing he found which just happened to be Itachi's legs.

"Naru-chan!" Mikoto cried as she darted across the kitchen and crouched down to peak under the tablecloth. Wide blue orbs laced in fear stared back at her. "Come here!" Her arms opened for the blond to crawl into but his grip only tightened on Itachi's legs, who was now also looking under the table at the blond.

"Would you like to sit next to me Naruto?" Itachi asked as he drug a chair over and patted it. The blond only nodded. He hadn't gone to Mikoto because he was use to being comforted by Sasuke and Itachi was a lot like Sasuke so he felt drawn to him when his boyfriend wasn't here. Slowly, he inched up into a sitting position beside the raven. Whenever the sky flashed or thunder boomed through the heavy rainfall the blond would flinch and grip Itachi's side even harder. Itachi didn't mind. Naruto was sort of like a little brother to him now and he would protect his new little brother.

"I'll give you a lift to school. No point in walking in a storm." Itachi offered once they finished breakfast. The blond smiled as they got up and headed towards Itachi's black car. Naruto snuggled down into the back of the chair, as if trying to let the chair eat him. He hated driving in a storm way more then he hated being inside during a storm. The raven drove as close to the school as possible before letting the blond out.

Naruto opened the door and planted his two feet outside before pausing. He leaned back in the car and placed a kiss on Itachi's - his adopted older brother's - cheek, a habit he always did before he left the car to any of the older Uchiha's. He then twisted back around and placed his hand on the door handle, ready to push himself out of the car. Right as he began to stand lightning struck the sky, followed by booms of thunder. On instinct the blond flinched and slammed to door close to protect himself. He instantly cried out as he closed the metal door on his leg, the door slamming on the one closest to the hinge and barely touching the other one. Before he knew it warm tears were streaming down his face, dripping down onto his white jeans leaving circular marks.

"Naruto!" Itachi called, quickly getting out of the car and running around to the other side, ignoring the pouring rain and other schoolchildren. He pulled the door all the way open and kneeled before the small, bent over blond. There was a deep gash a little above his ankle and by the looks of it the ankle was broken. "Shit! Naruto. Naru? Can you hear me. I'm going to take you to the hospital, okay. But we got to get you inside the car. I'm going to left your leg into the car, okay. It's going to hurt but it'll be better soon, okay." Hoping the blond heard him he gently grabbed the blonds calf and ignoring the cry of pain placed it into the car, doing the same to the other just not as carefully. Naruto was still dent over, chest against thighs and hugging his knee's. Sobs could be heard coming from his shaking body.

Dripping wet Itachi got into the drivers side and sped away towards the nearest hospital. He ran so many red lights and stop signs it was a surprise they didn't get pulled over or in a crash. When he arrived he gently picked up the blond, one hand on the small of his back and the other under his knee and rushed the light blond into the hospital. He was immediately taken away and a nurse was left to question the raven as she batted her long lashes at the Uchiha in hopes he found her cute. He ignored her advances.

"Is his leg broken?" Itachi questioned once she stopped talking.

She looked up at him, slightly hurt. "We won't know until the doctor comes out. He'll call your name."

"Okay. Thank you." And with that he walked away. Grabbing his phone from his pocket he flipped it open and dialed a number. He waited for a few minutes, phone pressed against ear before someone answered.


"Hey otouto."

"Itachi-nii-san? Have you seen Naruto? He's not at school yet. Is he walking in the rain! I'll go pick him up." Sasuke fretted.

Itachi sighed. "Sasuke, Naruto's at the hospital. I think he broke his leg."

"WHAT! I'm coming. Which hospital!" Itachi could hear his brother packing his stuff and his friends asking him what was wrong.

"Konoha Leaf Hospital. It's on 9th st-"

"I know where it is! I'm on my way. What happened?" Sasuke snapped.

"It was raining and there was thunder so he was slightly spooked. I of course wasn't going to make him walk in a storm so I dropped him off. He was getting up when thunder sounded and he slammed the door on his leg."

"Fuck! I don't want him spending his birthday in the damn hospital."

"You didn't seem to mind him spending last night and breakfast alone."

"Shut up! I was trying to get some things set up for his birthday! I had to do things for his party tonight! I was trying to make this his best birthday so far!"

"You're an idiot otouto. I wouldn't doubt if his last birthday was better then this one, never mind being in the hospital. He'd rather be with you to celebrate his birthday then have some big, unnecessary party he won't even care about. He would have liked to wake up next to you, have breakfast with you and go to school with you. He doesn't care about presents or party's. Sure, he'll appreciate it but if you're not there with him it won't be as special! Goodbye otouto." Itachi shook his head in disappointment. He understood why Sasuke wanted to make this birthday special but he was going over the top.

"Uchiha! Is Itachi Uchiha here?" A shrill voice called and the raven quickly walked over to the nurse calling his name. "Ah, Uchiha, correct?" Itachi nodded. "Well, Naruto's wound had been stitched up and his leg put back in place. He's currently asleep on pain meds and won't be awake for a couple of hours. We have put a cast around the break but it will take about 8 weeks to fully heal. He can come back in 6 weeks to get the cast off and replace it with a wrap. Any questions?"

"When can he get out and can I go see him?" Itachi demanded, face blank.

"Um. He might be able to leave today if he's careful but he'll have to take pain killers every few hours and I can take you to his room now if you'd like."

"Can you issue his release. I'll take him home once he wakes up and thank you." He followed the nurse through the halls until they reached door number 174.

"This is his room. The doctor should still be in there to talk to you." Itachi nodded before entering. Naruto was lying on a white bed. He looked nearly as pale as the bed sheets which was unusual for the tan skinned boy. There were marks on his face from his earlier tears and his leg had a orange cast around it. Itachi was curious as to whether the blond told the doctor to make it orange or if the doctor just did that cause he felt that it should be the obnoxious color.

There was in fact a doctor in the room. She had light brown hair and hazel green eyes. She smiled at him when he entered the room. "Ah, you must be Naruto-kun's brother, although you don't look much alike." She giggled, but not in the way his fan girls normally giggle. She wasn't head over heals with him but she still smiled.

"How is he?"

"He's fine. Maybe slightly traumatized. I offered to put him to sleep when we were putting his leg back in place but he refused. He said he'd rather not be oblivious. I got talking to him. He's nice. He was telling me all about you and... Sasuke-kun, I think it was. And about your parents and how nice they were. He even told me about his friends and how worried they'd be." She informed him before following his gaze to the orange cast. "Ah, you noticed the cast I see. He told me his favorite color was orange so I pulled a few strings to get him that cast. Wasn't easy either but I'd do anything for such a sweet, innocent boy." Her hazel eye winked at him and he was amazed that it didn't turn out to be slutty or repulsive to him.

Itachi sent her a smile for being so nice to the blond. "So, can I take him home today? It is his birthday after all."

She gasped. "It's his birthday! Poor boy. How terrible! Of course you can. As long as he rests and takes pain killers regularly then that'll be fine. What happened?"

"He's scared of thunder and was exiting my car when it boomed. He slammed the door close on himself. Gave me the scare of my life." Itachi explained as he took a seat next to Naruto's bed.

"Ow. That must of hurt. Well, I have to move on but I'll be back in two hours. He should be awake by then and I'll give you instructions about his care." She smiled again before leaving the room. Itachi sighed as he watched her leave. This had never happened before. He had never been this interested in a girl. Sure, he had dated but never actually watched them leave! Before he could think about it any more the door slammed open and Sasuke rushed in, followed by Kiba.

"Naruto!" Sasuke cried as he sprinted to the bed and leaned over the blond. Gently he caressed the whiskered cheek as he noticed the tear stains. When he looked up again Kiba was on the other side of his best friend. "How is he?" Sasuke demanded.

"Fine. He can leave today but can't walk and needs to rest with plenty of pain killers." His older brother said in a monotone voice.

"I ruined his birthday! Now he can't even go to the party!"

Kiba looked up. "Maybe we could have it at my place, or yours. Our friends could come over and just have a little get together kind of think. He could sit on the couch the whole time and we'd play a movie, have dinner and some popcorn before bringing out the cake and presents. He'd like that." Sasuke looked back at Kiba. Honestly, Kiba probably knew Naruto better then he did. He didn't like the idea but knew it was true. They had only been together a bit over a year while he and Kiba had been friends forever. If Kiba thought Naruto would like it then he most likely would.

"Okay, I guess. It'd be easier to give him my present then anyways."

Sigh. "I'll call mom."


Sasuke sighed as the hours began to pass by and the blond on the bed still remained asleep. Kiba was snooring beside him and Itachi had left to help their parents set up the party. Kiba had already told everyone what happened and that the location had been switched. Now they were just waiting for Naruto to wake up so they would leave.

The raven sighed again, face in palm and elbow leaning on armrest. After Kiba had fallen asleep it got quiet and boring. His black eyes bore into the figure on the bed. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the pale hand twitch. He instantly switched his attention to the soft face and fluttering eyes.

"Naruto?" Said boy groaned before deep blue eyes finally opened. They darted around the room in a haze like state before settling on him.

"Suke?" The blond slurred, eyebrows drawn in confusion. The raven tenderly grabbed the blonds hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"Yea. It's me. How do you feel?" Sasuke smiled the smile he reserved only for his blond.

"Whaz goin' on? Wherez Itach'? He'z drivin' me ta schoool." The blond questioned.

"He went home. You broke your leg, remember. Do you want to leave now?"

"Oh yea! I wanna go home. It hurtttts!" Naruto whined.

"Okay. I'll go get the nurse. Kiba will keep you company, right Kiba?" His question was only met by more snores. He smirked before elbowing the brunette in the side. "Right Kiba?"

The dog lover shot up in his seat. "Wha! Where? Oh yeah... Oh! Naruto, you're awake man. How do you feel?" Kiba anxiously scooted closer to the blonds bed.

"Fine. I'm gunna go home. Suke said I could!" Naruto smiled at his best friend.

"I'll be right back. I'm going to get the doctor." Sasuke reluctantly left to find the brown haired women who had come in only a half an hour ago to check on his blond. He found her quickly and they returned to his boyfriends room.

"Hey Naruto-kun! How are you?" The women smiled as she entered.

"Hiya Hikari-chan! I'm goood!" He smiled goofily at his new friend.

"Ah, a little high on medication I see but the effects will soon wear off and you can take regular pills. You ready to go home?" She giggled.

"Yep! But I'll miss you! Will you come see me?" Innocent blue eyes met hers.

"I don't know if I can but when you come to get your cast taken off if you ask for me I'll be more then willing to do it for you!"

"Okaaaaay! Are we goin' home now Suke, Kibs?" Naruto held his arms out to Sasuke and confused at the strange jester - when Naruto wanted to be picked up he usually jumped on his back or hung off his neck or when he decided he wanted to pick the blond when they were... eh, never mind - Sasuke picked up the blond bridal style.

"Would you like a wheel-y chair?" The doctor asked.

"Naw. It's fine. Mr. Tall, dark and handsome here is perfectly capable of carrying him to the car." Kiba smirked.

"Okay. Well I already told Itachi-kun what you need to do and prescribed him some pain killers. Could you give him this?" Hikari asked, handing Kiba a slip of paper. "And happy birthday Naruto-kun!"

"Thanks! Biiii!" Naruto called over Sasuke's shoulder as they walked away. When they reached the car he gently placed the blond in the passengers seat while Kiba clambered into the back and Sasuke took the drivers seat. The rain hadn't stopped at all and the streets were beginning to flood but the thunder and lightning had stopped. When they reached the Uchiha mansion they had to rush inside as there were loads of cars blocking up the garage. Sasuke had cursed their friends as Naruto wasn't suppose to get his cast wet.

"Why are there so many cars Sasuke?" Naruto asked. He had sobered up and hated it as the pain returned.

"I don't know." The raven deadpanned. He struggled with the keys as he tried to open the door and hold the blond.

"I got it." Kiba said as he snatched the keys from the Uchiha and slipped them in the hole, turning the key and the door opened with a click. All the lights were off and Kiba and Sasuke shared a knowing glance before entering.

Nothing happened. Confused, they walked in further, wondering where everyone was. Just as they entered the living room the lights switched on and everyone screamed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Naruto, in response screamed - like a girl, not that he would admit it - and buried his face into his boyfriends shirt.

"They're trying to kill us! Save me Suke!" The blond cried.


"Were not trying to kill you idiot! It's your surprise birthday party!" Sakura growled as she walked over.

"Surprise birthday party?" The blond asked, puzzled.

"Yes! Happy birthday!" Ino cheered as she bounced over.

"How are you, Naruto?" Shino asked.

"Fine. My leg hurts but other then that I'm good."

"W-we were a-all really w-worried about y-you!" Hinata stuttered out, a blush lining her cheeks.

"Aww, thanks guys!"

"Now! Who wants to watch Role Models!" Tenten asked, holding up the DVD.

"I think we all do." Neji mumbled.

"Geez, try to be a bit less enthusiastic." Tenten growled.

"Shut up."

"Can you put me down on the couch, Suke?" Sasuke did as told before claiming the seat beside the blond.

"Naru-chan! How are you?" Mikoto asked, rushing over to the blond.

"I'm fine."

"Leave the poor boy alone and let the kids watch their movie Mikoto." Fugaku sighed.

"Fine, fine. I'll get you kids some popcorn, kay!"

"Kay," They chorused. With soda and popcorn at their disposal they started the movie. Sasuke and Naruto shared one side of the couch with the blond snuggling against his boyfriend. Gaara sat next to him, close enough to be a bit too close but the two had a weird friendship. They were so close they were like boyfriends but at the same time had no romantic feelings. Next to Gaara was Neji. Leaning against Neji's legs was Tenten and lying in Tentens lap was Ino. Ino's legs were in Sakura's lap who was leaning against one of Naruto's legs and one of Gaara's. Lee was lying against her legs with Ino's legs next to him. Shikamaru shared a love seat with Temari with Kankuro and Hinata each on one side of the couch leaning against it. Kiba was lying in Hinata's lap and Shino was sitting over Kiba's legs. Next to Kankuro was Choji was was munching on the popcorn. Itachi was sharing a couch with Deidera and Kisame. About half way through they paused it for cake, ice cream and presents.

"You guys really didn't have to. Just being here would have been enough!" The blond smiled. Everyone had given him a present, well, everyone except Sasuke, not that he minded.

"Geez, just accept the presents and stop making such a big deal. We want to finish the movie!" Temari ordered.

"So troublesome." They continued on with the movie and by the end half of the people were asleep, Mikoto coming in not too long ago with pillows and blankets. Sasuke looked down at the blond with drooping blue eyes and gently stood up, leaning the half asleep blond against Gaara who just nodded at him.

"Suke." Naruto whispered, his hand latching onto the Uchiha's.


"Where you goin'?"

"Bathroom. I'll be right back."

When Sasuke returned to the room the blond was nearly asleep. He walked over to the blond and stood in front of him, trying to avoid the pink haired girl below him. Holding his arms out he released the object in his hand to land on the snoozing blond. With a jerk he awoke, looking around frantically. His eyes shot down to the moving, breathing thing in his lap and instantly melted as emerald green eyes stared back at him.

"Meow!" The thing cried out.

"Sasuke! You got me a kitten!" Naruto cheered as he looked down at the grey and white fur ball. It's whole body was grey except the tips of it's ear, one eye and around it's pink nose. Also, one of it's front paws was white too. All in all, it was adorable.

"Yea. Thats why I didn't want you in my room last night. It wouldn't sit still. And this morning I left early to buy some supplies for the cat. Anyways, happy birthday. I... love you." Sasuke answered as he snuggled back down beside his koi. The grey cat mewled again as it snuggled into Naruto's lap, already in love with the blond.

"Thanks Suke. I love you too." Naruto whispered as he kissed the Uchiha's pale cheek. "And I love him. You're the best. But, I thought you didn't like cats."

"I don't, but you do and I thought you would like to have a pet or something. But I'm not taking care of that flea ridden thing."

"Don't insult him! You'll hurt his feelings!"

"He's a cat! It doesn't have feelings."

"First of all, he's not an it and second of all yes he does! How would you like it if some giant had you as a pet and said mean things about you!"

"Irrelevant, I would never be a pet. I'm an Uchiha!"

"Nu-uh! A giant would be huge! You couldn't stop him!"

"Shut up and go to sleep!" Kiba barked.


"You hurt his feelings! Say sorry!"

"Oh My God!" Ino screamed.


"Just apologize!" Choji urged.

"Yea Suke! Apologize!" Naruto repeated as he held the cat from under it's arms up to the ravens face.

"Make me!"

"Sasuke. If you don't apologize I'll cut your balls off in your sleep and shove them up your ass!" Gaara threatened.

"Such a youthful proclamation!"

"Youthful my ass! That was a threat!" Kankuro snorted.

"I was sleeping, un!" Deidera whined.

"Shut up!" Sasuke growled.

"Geez squirt! You're annoying." Kisame growled, flashing his sharp teeth at everyone.

"Just apologize Sasuke before you give us all a headache!"

"Please Suke." Naruto cutely blinked up at him. "He's sad now!"

Sasuke couldn't say no to the big blue eyes. "Fine... Sorry." He muttered.

"Thanks Suke!" Naruto cried as he reached up and wrapped his arms arouns Sasuke, giving him a big hug which Sasuke returned. As they were pulling away Sasuke leaned down and kissed the small blond who immediately returned the kiss. It was just getting good as Sasuke nibbled down on the plump lip and Naruto opened his mouth to the wandering tongue when a mewl sounded from below. Naruto instantly pulled away.

"I'm so sorry kitty! Not in front of the children Suke!" Sasuke sighed.

"I'm already regretting this!"

"Don't worry kitty. Sasuke doesn't mean it! Right Sasuke."

"Not again!" Sakura shouted and elbowed the raven in the leg as everyone groaned in exasperation.

"Shit! That hurt!"

"Go. To. Sleep!"

"Yes Nii-san!"


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