The Duke and The Musician
Chapter 1: How they met.

Summarily- a pre-sequel of my story LadyHawke. This story is EarlxFem 14th What happened before Lilith going rampage and killing the other Noah except for Millennium Earl and Road? This is their story before Ladyhawke.

A/n: since the events happened before the original series, I am going to use the noah's name since removed their human names before the beginning of the series.



Millennium Earl noticed that Lilith had lost her conscious; she was now in a deep sleep. The first Noah used a little bit of his last strength to embrace his beloved 14th. Imagines of the happy times with her came to his mind before that fateful day where they stared to fight each other.

"If…. I had known …about your pregnancy… things ….would be….. different…"Earl whispered as his eyes were closing. "I will….. see you ….in my dreams….. my beloved….. Neah Lilith Walker….."

With that, Lilith and the Millennium Earl sleep in a field of flowers, in the arms of each other. In their deep sleep, they started to dream about their past: of the time they met, of when they fell in love and also that fateful day when they tried to kill each other.


The Millennium Earl was in his special room and kept swinging his chair as he continued to stroke Lustful's fur. Today was a little slow, there were not many calls from the brokers around the world and he feels a little bored.

"Millie!" Road cried out as she hugged the huge man from behind him.

Lustful narrowed her cats eyes at the Noah child. Why can't she greet him in a more mature way and not so childish? Road giggled as she looked at the patriarch.

"Hey Millie, there's a new circus in town." Road said, smiling. "Wanna go with me?"

"A circus hun? What about the others?"

"Joyd and the others are busy with the sub-human stuff. There's no phone calls from the brokers today and I bet you're bored. Please, Millie, a day off will not kill you and I have no one to take me there."

Lustful sweetdropped as she saw Road making puppies eyes with her big child yellow eyes. Of course , you have to do more than puppies eyes to convince the duke to do something that he might not want to do. Millennium Earl chucked.

"Sure. When will we go?"

Lustful dropped her head as a bigger sweetdrop was formed. How can Road convince their patriarch only with puppies eyes?


When they arrived at the local town, Millennium Earl and Road were in their white form. Road whined when she saw the size of the line for the tickets. Earl just chuckled as he petted Road's head.

"Don't worry Road –chan, I will get the tickets without needing to be in the line. Being a noble has its advantages."

"Alright, I will stay here and wait for you. But don't take long and don't get yourself lost." Road said to him.

Millennium Earl sweetdropped. Thought he was more 7000 years old, the Earl has a very bad sense of direction and he gets himself lost easily, he even got himself lost in the Ark a few times. That's why he has his golem Lero to keep him in the right direction. He was looking for the other circus staff to see if he can get tickets from them when he suddenly he heard a voice.


Suddenly something fall into him and his face meets the dirty ground. He groaned , why did this type of stuff always happen to him? Then he heard a female voice,

"I am so sorry!" she apologized, with an embarrassed tone. "Are you alright, sir?"

When he lifted his face, he saw the most beautiful thing he ever seen. She had a long dark hair and beautiful silver eyes. She offers her hand to help him to get up from the ground.

"Yes, I am." Earl said , removing the little bit of the dirt from his cloths. Then, he looked at the girl with a big smile. "For a moment I thought an angel had fallen on me."

The girl's blush was even redder as she narrowed her eyes, folding her arms.

"If you're trying to charm me, you should know you failed."

"Really? I thought it worked." He grinned "My name is Adam Millennium, can I know the name of the angel who fall on me?"

"Stop saying that. You're making me sound like a fallen angel. Anyway, my name is Neah Lilith Walker, but you can call me Lilith. And this is Mana Walker, my brother."

Then Adam took Lilith's left hand and he kissed softly, as Lilith blushed even more.

"Nice to meet you, Lady Walker"

The girl named Lilith blushed even more. It was the first time someone had called her a lady. The young man, Mana was just staring at the scene before him. He was surprised to see his sister being this quiet. But the moment was kinda ruined when a clown was passing by and saw everything.

"Hey dude, you shouldn't call Lilith a lady. I mean, she's not a lady anyway."

The next minute the clown found himself inside of the cage of the lions. All the circus staff sweetdropped as the beast tamer tried to calm down her precious lions to not eat something they shouldn't while Mana tried to rescue his poor comrade. Lilith just ignored the screams as she gave the duke some tickets before going back to her tent. Millennium Earl who saw everything couldn't help it, he grinned.

"I guess I found someone really interesting." Millennium Earl grinned as he left to find Road. Of course, they still could hear the screams of the poor clown.

To be Continue.

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