The Duke and the Musician
chapter 6

Joyd didn't know if he should laugh or not. In the café shop at Aquila, Joyd saw Thalia drinking a nice cup of coffee while Wisely looked all messed up. Joyd thought they had a wild night.

"Did you have a nice night?" Joyd asked smirking, only for Wisely to glare at him while Thalia grinned.

"Oh yeah, Will was such a great partner last night. And I had no idea he had a big…"

"He doesn't need to know any details!" Wisely interrupted Thalia, the Noah of Wisdom blushing in embarrassment.

Then, Joyd cleaned his throat, getting their attention and changing the subject.

"Aham…. Anyway Miss Thalia, you said you knew about my dreams?"

Thalia blinked confused before she snapped her fingers, exclaiming she remembered something like this as she asked Joyd what his dreams were like. Joyd tells her that in her dreams he was in the forest and in the forest was a wolf wanting him to follow it down a trail. That the end of the trail he saw a woman with white hair and wearing a white dress, a hawk was perched on her shoulder. Joyd also tells them he couldn't see the woman's face because it was covered by shadow.

"And the woman in my dreams said 'I'll be waiting for you, Tyki'."

Now Thalia was quiet as she was trying to figure out the meaning of the dream. She asked Joyd that in any of his pasted lives, before Lucas, was he called Tyki? Joyd answered that he never had the name Tyki in any of his past lives.

"That means the woman in your dream is someone you still have to meet." The red haired gypsy said to the Noah of Pleasure.

"Hum?" Now Joyd was confused. "What do you mean?"

"If Tyki is not a name from your past, then that means it's a name from your future. That's all I can say to you."Then Thalia left some money on the table as she got up, preparing herself to leave. But before she leaves, she says something to the two Noah. "Ah, and one more thing. The time when your Earl will have to make the biggest decision of his life is coming soon."

"What?" Wisely and Joyd looked confused at the gypsy.

"And this decision will change the history of the Noah forever." with this Thalia left the room.

Wisely and Joyd tried to follow her but they could not find Thalia in the other room. It was like she had vanished into thin air. Both the Noah were now worried, what had she meant by that their Earl was going to be making a decision which will change their family's history forever?


Meanwhile at the circus, Mana had just entered his tent that he shared with his sister. He was a little tired since he had been practicing new tricks with his colleges for the tomorrow show. He just wanted to rest for a few moments before heading back out.

"Man I am tired. Lilith, I think I will rest for a little bit, can you wake me up in 30 minutes?" Mana asked as he entered in the tent.

But he didn't get any answer, Mana realizing that this was weird. The ringmaster had told him that Lilith was feeling tired and had gone to their tent to rest a little. Could he have misheard the ringmaster? Then, he saw a figure lying on the ground, the figure was his sister Lilith, with blood coming out from her month.



Outside of the circus, Millennium Earl in his human form was humming very happily. He was holding a bouquet of daises. This time he planned to ask Lilith to go to the opera house with him. He was pretty sure Lilith liked operas since she seemed to enjoy the theater play at Aquila two nights ago.

"Good afternoon." a man around his 40's greeted him. It was the ringmaster of the circus. "May I help you?"

"Oh yeah, I came to visit Lilith. Is she around here?"

The ringmaster looked at him confuse. This man wanted to see Lilith the she-devil? Then, he remembered that Mana and the other clowns had mentioned a weird guy being interested in the famous she-devil, and Lilith had said she now had this weirdo stalker. Could it be this man?

"You're not her weirdo stalker are you? " The ringmaster asked.

"Weirdo stalker?" Earl sweetdropped. He was called by many names by his enemies, but being called a weirdo stalker was a new one for him. Well, in a way it was true because he was stalking Lilith since the moment that he first met her.

"What's your intention towards Lilith?" The ringmaster asked, folding his arms. Lilith may have a very difficult temperament but he still didn't like someone outside messing with his crew.

"Well, you see I…" Started Earl but he was interrupted by Mana's voice.


Earl's eyes widen in horror when he saw Mana running towards them, with Lilith in his arms; covered in her own blood. The ringmaster looked at Lilith's limped form in horror as Mana shouted that they needed to take Lilith to a hospital. Earl was quick to offer his coach to take them to the hospital.


Mana ran his fingers through his messed up hair. He was sitting in the hospital hallway outside the room his sister was checked into. Earl walked up to him and passed him a cup of water.

"Thanks." Mana said, taking the cup. "I can't thank you enough for taking us here as fast as you did."

"I like your sister, you know." Earl said as he sat down beside Mana. "Any word from the doctors?"

Mana shook his head. He was worried about his sister's well being. He knew his sister wasn't feeling well lately but he never imagined she was that sick. He just hoped she didn't have anything serious. Then the door opened and the doctor came out from Lilith's room. Millennium Earl and Mana didn't like the grim look on the doctor's face.


Millenniun Earl was in his room on the arc, with a grim look on his face. He never thought that the girl he liked had tuberculosis. To make things worse, Lilith refused to stay in the hospital because she wanted to die at the circus in the company of her circus family, the woman preferring that over being alone in a cold hospital room. Mana was in despair because it was the same illness that had killed their mother before they joined to the circus troop, and now Lilith could die at any moment from the same illness. The duke didn't know what to do. He was going to lose someone that had just filled what he had been missing in his heart.


Millennium Earl turned around and saw Joyd in the door way. Joyd had found out from Road that Lilith was very sick and there's nothing much they could do about it.

"I heard about Lilith's illness from Road." Joyd said to the Earl.

"There's nothing we can do about it?" Earl asked suddenly.

Joyd sighed. He knew how happy Earl was when he found someone that could fill that spaced on his heart that he didn't knew was even there until he had met Lilith, even if this girl had a she-devil personality. And now the girl he had fallen in love with is dying from an illness that had no cure.

"I know I may sound cold for saying this Earl-sama, but there's nothing you can do about it. Soon she will die from tuberculosis, an illness without a cure." Said Joyd to Millennium Earl. He hated sounding cold towards to the patriarch. "Tuberculosis is not like innocence poisoning where you can heal us using your blood."

Then, Earl's eyes widen in realization. How come he didn't think about this before? But he was not sure if it will work since he never used his blood on ordinary humans (since he really didn't care about them, except for his Noah family) but it was a worth shot. Its better risking this, than doing nothing after all. Millennium Earl got up from his rocking chair and rushed towards the door.

"Joyd, I will be out for a while. I will return before dinner." Earl said before leaving the room.

Joyd was now confused. What was Earl up to? For some strange reason, he remembered Thalia's words when she said that the time where Millennium Earl would be making a choice that would change the Noah family would come soon. He had a bad feeling about this.


Mana was sitting next to his sister's bed and dunked a towel into a bowl full of cool water, wringing it to get rid of the excess water and folding it before placing it on Lilith's forehead. Lilith was having difficulty breathing as her fever was still high. Mana feared for the worst. He doesn't want to lose his only living relative. Then Millennium Earl (in his human form) entered their tent.

"How's she doing?" he asked worried.

"Not good." Mana answered to the duke. "Her fever has worsened this morning. The doctor said I need to be prepared for the worst."

Millennium Earl gritted his teeth as he closed his hands into fists. After 7000 years, he finally found someone who filled the solitude in his heart. He would not lose his beloved now.

"Adam is that you?" Lilith asked as she opened her eyes. Her voice was horse.

"I will leave you both alone." Mana said, leaving the tent. He knew how much they liked each other, even if Lilith did not admit that she likes the noble.

Earl holds his maiden's feverish hand as he looked at her with soft eyes.

"How are you feeling?"

"Like I am at the doors of death."

"Don't say that." Earl said to her "You will live and get better. In a blink of eye, you will see yourself performing again."

Lilith couldn't help but smile at him.

"I have tuberculosis, Adam." she whispered. "My illness has no cure. I lost my other friends from the circus and my mother from the same illness. I already have accepted my fate. But I will die happy because you and Mana have given me good memories. I will die in peace."

Then, she put her hand over her mouth as she started to cough. She coughed a few times before she stopped. Uncovering her mouth, she saw there was blood on her hand. Earl only looked at her with sadness in his eyes. He will not lose her!

"As I said before Lilith, you will live." Said Earl taking from his sleeve a syringe, filled with a black liquid. Lilith looked at him confused as she saw the syringe. The duke only hoped it would work.

To be continued.

Finally we reached one of the biggest parts of the story.

Next chapter will be Lilith's transformation and Millennium Earl facing the wrath and thanking of a she-devil. I wanna thank Kithren for helping with the chapter ^^