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I've realized that there are few fanfics about Peter in comparison to other characters, for obvious reasons…but I don't think that he was a bad person from the beginning. I think his story is simply the story of someone who was torn apart by the war, maybe not entirely because of his own fault. Of course, that doesn't forgive him for what he does, but anyway, it's fun to write. :D

This'll be a series of 32 oneshots, I think, some really short and the rest a bit longer. Actually, I suspect that my AN is longer than this chapter o.o Hope you enjoy!

The air feels like spring, and he's walking through the gates of Hogwarts for the last time, on his way out, arms slung around Remus and Sirius' shoulders, feeling the comforting pressure of their arms on his shoulders as they stride out victoriously.

Secretly, Peter Pettigrew knows that they're not quite sure what they're celebrating. The world is at war, now, and the way out of the grounds of Hogwarts is lined with Aurors who look around them with an intensity that even makes James nervous, because it's the kind of intensity that tells you that the Aurors want to find someone, and the Daily Prophet is evidence that the Ministry doesn't really care who they catch, as long as it looks like they're doing something.

All in all, it's not the best moment for Peter to feel accomplished.

But he does. He really, sincerely, deeply, does feel accomplished. He feels victorious. Because he's passed his NEWTS with the best grades he's ever received, after months and months of working hard and making Sirius and James laugh at how he's nearly more studious than Remus, after long droughts of Sleepless Potion to ensure that he didn't die in Transfiguration Class after nights of doing homework. Because he has friends, and not just any friends; he has friends that will die for him (and it's not an exaggeration, Peter can see it in their eyes when they look at him, and can feel it in his own when he thinks of them), friends that love him and care for him and help him whenever he needs it. Friends that make him laugh and whom he himself can make laugh.

It's magical. Even more so than spells, or hexes, or potions, or Quidditch. Their friendship is magical.

Yes, he feels accomplished. Even though he can't flaunt the fact that he has a girlfriend, like James does every second he's with Lily, or that he's the best student in his class, like Remus can, or that he's the guy all the girls want, like Sirius does…no, Peter Pettigrew isn't all that special, but he still feels accomplished.

And he likes that; he really does.

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