Chapter 2: Confronting Her

Finn's POV

I drove to her house hoping she was still there. After I parked my car outside her house I ran towards her front door. I knocked and waited. No one answered. I knocked again and still no one answered.

I saw her car was here but her dads' car was gone. I tried looking through the window but I couldn't see anything. I walked around the house to the gate. Rachel has always left it unlocked in case I decided to visit her on late nights when we used to date.

I pulled on the gate and was satisfied to hear a little click. The gate opened and I walked to the backyard. I instantly knew which room was Rachel's. I pulled out my phone and called Rachel. The anticipation for her to answer was killing me.

It went to voicemail. I silently cursed and decided to climb the tree leading to her room. I landed on her balcony with a loud thump. Her drapes were covering the glass window doors. I knocked on them and for a brief moment no one answered. Then her face peaked through the drapes.

"Finn?" she asked surprised to have found me standing on her balcony. She opened the doors and closed them meeting me on the outside.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Rachel, I'm terribly sorry! When I heard you dropped out of school, I went ballistic on Santana and I ran away from the choir room. Quinn came out and talked to me and I realized that I still love you so much Rachel Michelle Berry," I spat out at her in quick sentences without taking any breaths.

"Finn…I'm…I'm sorry," she said looking down. My heart broke more at her face.

"What do you mean you're sorry?" I asked.

"Rachel?" I heard someone from inside her room. That voice sounded familiar. Then the door opened and the man standing in front of me became my worst nightmare.

"Jesse?" I asked in shock. I looked to Rachel. She stood there not saying anything for awhile.

"Jesse came back to help train the new Vocal Adrenaline members for Regionals," Rachel explained.

"What does that have to do with you?" I asked.

"Well Finn, she's joining Vocal Adrenaline since New Directions doesn't seem to appreciate her talent," Jesse spoke up.

AN: Sorry for the short chapter but I'll be hopefully updating more soon.