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'Tis the Season

Chapter 1 –

The air is crisp, just like it always is this time of year in Tree Hill. The tree is up and decorated and lights are strung all along, inside and out of the Baker household. Lately, all Brooke Baker can do is walk around the house with a huge smile on her face. This holiday season seems to have her more jolly than usual, and that's because this year's different. It's different in a good way; a great way actually.

It's their first Christmas as a family. A real, complete one; baby and all. And it feels like forever ago this reality seemed like an impossible dream. But her husband had kept his word. Julian did give her a baby. A beautiful baby; the baby she always wanted.

Brayden Baker is the reason his parents are extremely grateful this holiday season.

"Is my Brayden excited about Santa coming tonight?" Brooke gushes to her six month old son. "You're gonna get lots and lots of presents."

The adorably chubby infant smiles blissfully unaware and babbles nonsense that makes his mother even more excited.

She hears footsteps come from the staircase and is greeted by Julian who surprisingly has his car keys in his hands.

"Morning, babe." He walks over, wrapping his arms around her in a tight embrace, and places a delicate kiss on her lips.

When the kiss breaks, he still has his arms wrapped around her and she takes it all in. Her wonderful husband, her wonderful son, and she knows that she can go through every morning just like this.

It's almost too perfect as Julian goes over to pick Brayden up when Brooke realizes once more that he's got his keys on him.

She wipes down the counter where she had prepared breakfast. "Going somewhere?" She asks casually.

"Uhh…actually…" He stammers, which Brooke finds slightly odd. "I'm going in for a bit to edit that film we just wrapped up." He takes his eyes off their son and faces his apprehensive looking wife.

"On Christmas Eve?"

"Well technically it's the morning of Christmas Eve."

"Julian…" She answers sternly.

"I'll be home before Nathan and Haley even come…promise."

"Well." She stands contemplating for a moment. "Haley's bringing the kids over a little earlier to bake cookies for Santa and-"

"-Wait, Jamie still believes in Santa? He's eleven."

"No." Brooke shakes her head and laughs. "But Addison, on the other hand, does. And shhh! Brayden can hear you and he does too!"

Julian laughs at his wife's antics and turns back to Brayden who seems to be having a grand old time squishing and crushing the Cheerios left behind on his highchair tray.

"I don't think we have to worry about breaking that news to him for a while, baby."

"Fine." Brooke sighs and places her hands on her hips. "But don't change the subject! You better be home by the time we're done with the baking and before Nathan comes. This is Brayd's first Christmas and our first as a whole family with the three of us and you will not ruin it, understood?"

"Don't doubt me, Brooke Baker." Julian grins and wraps his arms around her once more. He brings his forehead close to hers. "I'll be home by six-thirty at the latest, deal?"

"Hmmm…" She smirks, leaning in closer to his embrace. "I suppose…but my present under that tree so better be worth it."

"Oh, don't you worry. It will be." He kisses her and then pulls out of the hug. "But I better get going if you want me to be home in time."

Brayden grabs up at Julian and giggles as his father turns around to face him. "Make sure your mommy behaves."

"Very funny." Brooke replies. "Now go before I change my mind."

"I'll see you at six-thirty. Love you!" He declares, walking out of the room, once more leaving mother and son.

Brooke watches curiously as he walks out of the kitchen towards the front door. Something's not matching up. Something doesn't make sense. And she just can't place her finger on what exactly it is. Yet she just knows that Julian definitely has something up his sleeve and it's not work that he's going to.

"Daddy's up to something, Brayden. He's definitely up to something." She informs the baby who's smiling up at her.

"Well this should be an interesting Christmas Eve."

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