Title: Broken Promises

Author: Tali

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Naruto or the fandom. I am not making any money off of this story. This is a work of fiction in no way resembling the cannon.

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Angst, slash, het, cursing; violence and graphic description of sex between men and women as well as two men.

Pairing: Sasuke/Naruto; Sasuke/Sakura; Naruto/Shika; Naruto/Gaara & Various parings as the mood strikes.

Summary: Sasuke and Sakura have sex after an attack during a mission. Both immediately realize the mistake they'd made and how much their actions would hurt Naruto their teammate and Sasuke's lover. Their actions change everything and the aftermath might destroy more than their friendship. It has the potential to destroy their alliance with the Sand and the bonds of friendship forged by their entire graduating class. In this fic Sasuke never left the Hidden Leaf.

Author's Note: I'm hoping this will go full circle I'm not a fan of unhappy endings. This story started off one way it was to be a one off, but it appears to have its own ideas of what it wanted to be. All grammar and spelling mistakes are my own. Sorry in advance. FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS ENCOURAGED AND LOVED! :0)

- Chapter 1 – Broken Promises

Racing through the thick trees Sasuke and Sakura were dirty, bleeding and in need of a place to stop and rest. Their Chakra was running on low and their breathing was labored. Sasuke finally slowed then stopped panting as he looked around. He couldn't sense any one following them. This had been a simple mission, go to the Village Hidden in the Sand, collect the scrolls renewing the alliance from the Kazekage, and return them to Hokage Tsunande. On their way home they'd been ambushed 5 to 1 and only just gotten away with their lives. The well trained ninja who'd attacked kept their faces masked. Waiting long enough to be sure what was left of their attakers hadn't come after them Sasuke motioned for Sakura to follow. They moved at a slower place until he found a small clearing that was secluded and dropped into the grass hissing. He was bleeding from his shoulder and side the white shirt dark red on one side from the deep cut he'd gotten in their fight. He was starting to look grey from blood loss.

Sakura bit her lip and moved to his side, "Let me see. Sasuke I need to heal you because I'm not up to carrying you home. This is the LAST time we go with out Naruto, who'd have thought I'd feel safer with that loud mouth around." She smiled at Sasuke expecting to be snapped at for taking a cheap shot at his boyfriend. When he didn't she began to worry even more. "Sasuke, come on… hey look at me. I need to heal your wounds take your shirt off." Finally she managed to tug the shirt off and the Uchiha fell into the grass. Sighing Sakura started healing the worst of his wounds. It was triage really she did not have the chakra left to heal him completely but the bleeding had stopped and his skin came back together on both his shoulder and his side.

Her fingers traced over the scars. "Does that hurt?" Green eyes looked down into Black worriedly. Without warning Sasuke pulled his teammate down and into a deep kiss. Mentally Sakura knew this was wrong, knew neither of them should be doing this, this would hurt Naruto and destroy what he had with Sasuke but she had wanted it for so long. Wanted Sasuke to kiss her, touch her, want her the way she wanted him and while she was able to be happy for her teammates who had finally found peace in one another it hadn't stopped her desire and love for the raven haired man.

The kissing intensified and Sasuke flipped them over, both hissing as their bruises and scraps were rubbed the wrong way. His hands made quick work of her dress and then shorts while her hands worked at his pants, their sandals now long gone. Mouths never parting Sasuke drove into her, gasping at the tight heat, wet and soft...and wrong. She was so soft and smelled sweet and flowery. He'd never wanted a woman before, not even when he was a boy and they were fawning over him, even then he'd been more attracted to other boys. Lifting her legs over his arms Sasuke hid his face as he drove into her, deeper faster it felt good, so different from his other experiences. Sitting up finally he looked down a over the curves and rise of her breasts but when his eyes landed on bright green instead of blue Sasuke closed his own eyes groaning at the images that immediately swept to his mind. Things like soft pants and gentle groans, blunt callused fingers gripping his arms, tan on white, blond hair flashing against the white of the sheets and his back arching exposing his throat as Naruto came apart for him. Speeding up Sasuke swallowed his scream when he came jerking his hips to prolong the pleasure. He groaned when Sakura clenched around him as her own orgasm washed through her body.

Falling to the side Sasuke panted eyes closed letting the afterglow wash over him. He listened for a moment and the only thing he heard was Sakura's breathing the Uchiha allowed his eyes to drift shut. He opened them when a soft body pressed to his, looking down at his nude body and then at the pink head of hair on his chest. Sasuke's heart slammed into his chest. He swallowed down the bile rising in his panic, "Sakura. Sakura wake up! Get… fuck get dressed." He moved from under her gathering his cloths and quickly dressing. "God what… what did we do." He tugged the black cargo pants over his legs and then his blood stained shirt. "What the FUCK did we do. He'll kill us, both of us."

"What? Wait Sasuke… stop! Sasuke…" She was sitting up biting her lip tears in her eyes. "Naruto." The green eyes welled with tears. "Oh no… I'm sorry! I'm so sorry I should stopped it."

"I never should have done it! Fucking stupid. God! I'm so used to… Naruto being there when I get injured. Once my body is healed he heals me inside…" The words were soft as the weight of what he'd done and the repercussions of what he'd done would be. "We uh…" Sasuke blushed.

Rolling her eyes Sakura snorted. "Grateful to be alive sex? Yeah we know… we ALL know Sasuke. Why do you think certain people won't go on missions with you two? Hinata practically had a nervous breakdown last time she went out with you two on a mission. You guys are not nearly as quiet or sneaky as you think!" She snapped turning her back on Sasuke and dressing quickly. Angry he was so upset, Sakura didn't know what she'd expected but for a moment she had allowed herself to think, no to pretend this was meant to happen. Allowed her self to pretend this was what he'd wanted to happen.

Wincing at her tone Sasuke waited until she was dressed to step up to her, hand on her shoulder. "Sakura, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. This never should have happened. I don't mean to hurt you… but I love Naruto I can't lose him."

She flinched as his words cut her deep. She'd thought about Naruto, about how wrong what they were doing was and hadn't stopped it when she could have. Before they'd both done something unforgivable. "No Sasuke, I'm just as much to blame." Sakura whispered wiping her face clean of tears. "We just… this was a heat of the moment onetime thing. It was a stupid adrenalin filled mistake. "I think we should just, pretend it never happened. He doesn't have to know, we don't have to hurt him."

Breathing out Sasuke's initial reaction was to tell her no, something in his gut knew if they lied or kept this from him and it came out later that there was no turning back. They might both lose Naruto completely and forever. The blond ball of sunshine was forging to a fault. But everyone had their limits and Sasuke had broken Naruto's trust too many times and been forgiven all his sins. The raven had no desire to find out what Naruto's limit might really be. The part of his brain rapidly trying to hold on to the life he had agreed completely with Sakura, this was better Naruto didn't have to know and he wouldn't be hurt this way was their chance of saving Naruto from being hurt. "It's the right thing to do." He said the words out loud trying to convince them both it was for the best. Sakura just nodded and gathered the rest of her things silently as did Sasuke. Neither spoke the rest of the way home.